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  1. Just called best buy and found out for the xbox one they will be having two lines. 1 for the folks that preordered and 1 for me wish I knew which stores have the best chance for extra's. Ugh on me!
  2. Hi folks.. was hoping to find an already started topic on xbox one and ps4. I've already got my mind wrapped around the xbox pretty much because i've been loyal to them since the nice xbox original came out. But this has got me pulling my hair our trying to wrap my mind around the release. I looked on best buy and it says it's 499.99 or so.. Ok so since my wife won't allow us to use "our" house money i've resorted to selling things on ebay and right now i'm at 450.00 so everything will be cool. I checked with estartland today and if you have a good copy of madden 25 (360) they will give you $30. I'm thinking about going up thre in a few days and selling mine and maybe baseball. That way I can buy one or two game day releases (I really want the madden 24 one version. But have you heard any reason why we will need our 360 machines one this is released? Do they link up for any reasons? Otherwise i'm just gonna sell it to them as well for $40'ish.. I'm excited about this new release but just haven't done enough homework on it. I know that you had to pre order them at stores but apparently all those pre orders are filled but that some stores will have a select number of extras on hand. So i'm hoping to go up a few hours early and stand in line I guess. Sorry this is rambing, after my surgery my doctor is having me take 5 xanax + 1 1/2 ambien just to fall asleep, but all it does it make me stoned. So i'm just wondering if A. do I need to keep the 360 B. do you guys know of any local stores that might have extra game consoles for those of us who didn't pre order? Later
  3. I'm wondering why she's feeding them a huge cheese pizza when there is Chinese food already on the table.
  4. Desmond Bryant & Mrs. Honey Boo Boo Mom