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  1. Who doesn't? I mean, it's almost 2018.
  2. A buddy of mine saw Kylo Ren take his shirt off in the shower, and he said that Kylo Ren had an 8 pack.
  3. Hahaha, first of all, OSU is taking home the 'ship this year.I went to Akron U for a few semesters out of high school but didn't finish for reasons not worth getting into.And no college chicks neither; I came out of the closet about a year ago. I don't have Internet where I live now, just my smart phone, so it's hard to make lengthy, more intricate posts that a forum like this requires. That and I grew tired of the "board culture" more or less (which sucks because I really wanted to be in the 10k post Ring of Fame), but not of the users. I'm still pretty active on the tweets though and I still talk to a few people from back in the day like Toe Jam. I'll try to post more every now and again. Nice catching up, and happy holidays to yall! :cheers: (I have no idea if these board emoticons still work.)
  4. I haven't posted in awhile; is Big Mike still full of rage?
  5. Hi everyone. If you have noticed that I haven't been around in awhile, no I'm not dead, but the offseason bores me so. Has the number of people using ES at any given time dropped lately? I haven't posted in awhile and I noticed there were only like 12 members in the tailgate, with hundreds of guests.
  6. I feel like they're trying to ease their way out of PG. You can't keep calling each other ****es on a PG show every week. ---------- Post added February-5th-2013 at 10:46 PM ---------- I'll try to add my input based on some of these inputs.The Rock can't win at WM if he's not going to be around full time. He's not, and that's why a lot of the IWC is pissed because twice in a lifetime is happening, and Cena is going to win (unless by some miracle Punk wins again at EC). Dolph's MITB contract is for the world title. It can't be changed. Brock is great. But they need to have him around full time, and actually WRESTLING. I wish they would dump the MMA shorts, but this time around I think they might because he hasn't put anyone in a kimura yet. To add to this, a Punk/Heyman/Brock/Shield stable would be INSANE. I like the Shield too, but they need to let them WRESTLE. They have had one match since debuting at SS (I think). The shtick is getting old. Khali needs to go, straight up. He's TERRIBLE. The fact that they put him the Rumble made me legitimately angry. I think Brodus is currently stuck between a rock and a hard place. The Funkasaurus gimmick is getting stale, and a heel turn would put him at "monster heel #3" (you know, what he was originally advertised as?) going absolutely nowhere. Sting will never work for Vince. Especially at this age, I don't ever see it happening. I disagree with you on Cody. I don't know if he's WHC material, but he is a great IC champ. If they plan on splitting up Rhodes Scholars, he should feud with Barrett once he's done fooling around with Bo Dallas. Randy Orton needs to go heel badly. Let him start punting people again. His character right now (wait, what is it exactly?) is stale as ****. Stop it with the "HE'S GOING TO THAT PLACE." BIGGEST NEED OF THE WWE RIGHT NOW: End the brand split. It's done. There is no reason to watch SmackDown anymore when all the top talent wrestles on Raw. After doing so, and getting the stars back on SmackDown again, move it to Thursdays like the good ol' days and blow TNA away with ratings. Competition is good, but TNA isn't near the WWE's level right now. On the titles, yes, they need to do away with the WHC. More specifically, unify it with the WWE title after you do the above. I hoped that Ziggler would win the RR and do this at WM. Keep the IC title in its traditional role as the "2nd highest" belt. Keep the U.S. title to keep the midcard guys fighting for something. Tag Team and Women's (agree, not Diva's) divisions need reignited. Maybe bring back the hardcore title too once we're doing PGing. Speaking of titles, it is high time for a new WWE Championship belt. Go back to two hour Raws. Quality > quantity. More wrestling matches. That's about it I have on my mind right now.
  7. Raw 20 sucked ass. Really, your key moment of the 20th anniversary episode of Raw is CENAWINSLOL? CM Punk gets Brodus Clay in the mid-card? No Austin, HBK, or Undertaker in their home state? Vince, what are you doing? Even the Rock Concert was lame. No bias, but the one I saw in Cleveland was worlds better. See you at the Royal Rumble. Punk/Rock has the makings of match of the year. Two of my favorite wrestlers of all-time going at it for the gold? If they **** this up, see you at WrestleMania.
  8. Maroon/Black/White? Jim Zorn is that you? P.S.
  9. Are you playing the Genesis/SNES version of TSB? The rosters must be based on the '93 season. The NES version has the roster from 1990.
  10. I just noticed I got 7,000 posts not long ago. Wasn't even paying attention.
  11. Change the nameplate to D. Williams, then you'll have the last laugh.
  12. The world didn't end, so that can only mean one thing: paloffs is now.
  13. This guy:
  14. 415. Zach Gowan had his leg stolen at virtually every show he worked in WWE. :rotflmao: Oh my goodness.