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  1. No idea what Beal was thinking with that shot while running at full speed. Something's seriously not right with him.
  2. Thank God we're finally just backing Thomas up in the post over and over again. That should be Plan A for damn near every possession when he's on the floor.
  3. Nope, change the name and they have no right to embrace the Championship past, as they they will have no past to embrace. Just like the Wizards have no standing in trying to claim any achievments by the Bullets. Erm... is this some form of sarcasm that went completely over my head?
  4. That Cinco de Mayo story near the top of the page is absolutely ridiculous. Since when is it "offensive" to celebrate a holiday in particular culture by doing things associated with that culture? Should we stop wearing green on St. Patrick's Day as well? Stop eating sausages and drinking German beers at Oktoberfest events? If I were Mexican, I would have had the same reaction as those students who responded to the letter.
  5. I think I speak for everyone when I say that the opinions of right-wing political pundits aren't helping.
  6. I think the NBA agreed back then. Hell, I think a decent number of our own fans agreed, and we all know better than most how much fans don't like their team names changing. Having a team named the Bullets when your city leads the country in murders is a little uncomfortable. But seeing as that's not even close to true anymore, I'm not even sure if it's legal for the NBA to just refuse to allow the team to call itself the Bullets again. I know that technically the league has to approve a name change, but if Ted wanted to do it with a name that he owns the rights to and was already approved befo
  7. Yeah, but her story was what vaulted the show from "really good" to "best on television" in my mind, although I think you'd more or less have to watch every episode to really understand why. It's worth it if you've got the time/money, though, at least I would assume it is for anyone who's already enjoyed the show. Smith and Moffat both really buy into the "kid's show" angle, but they do it in the style of most Pixar movies—the stuff for kids is woven together with concepts and jokes for adults. This has been really highlighted in the Christmas specials.
  8. Yes, I should probably have mentioned that there's a big divide in the Who fan community between the Tennant lovers and the Smith lovers (and also the lovers of one of the older Doctors), but I think part of that might be because many of the Tennant lovers haven't paid as much attention to the Smith episodes (and justifiably so, because they loved Tennant so much and hated to see him go). As someone who's watched enough of both to understand why the Tennant folks loved him so much, I think I can safely say that if you give Smith and Moffat enough of a chance, they'll drop a nuclear bomb of awe
  9. My second recommendation for this thread: the British television show Doctor Who. You have to be introduced to it a certain way, but as long as that happens, you're probably going to love it more than damn near any other show you've ever watched. It's officially taken over my personal award for Favorite Show Ever. Anyway, about that whole "introduced to it a certain way" thing, here are the things you should know if you want to start watching it: 1. Understand that because this is a show that's been running in a sort of "on-again, off-again" style for 50 freakin' years, there will be plenty o
  10. I dunno, man. I realize that even the boy who cried wolf eventually ran into a wolf, but... this is the country with the single longest record of crying wolf in modern history. Somebody's done his homework. One Internet Cookie for you, sir. By the way, there are also some bigwigs in China who haven't exactly made it difficult to figure out that they value the large amount of trade that China does with South Korea way more than the supposed ideological brotherhood (which doesn't really even exist anymore) that the Chinese government shares with North Korea's. Also, trade in the entire reg
  11. Another big-time Falling Skies fan here. You know how the Walking Dead takes a concept usually reserved for movies, a zombie apocalypse, and translates it into the format of an ongoing television show, only for people to suddenly realize that this might be how we should have been telling stories about zombies the whole time? Falling Skies is like that, except with an alien invasion instead of zombies. The problem with making alien invasion movies is that they have to be resolved within a maximum of three hours (not within the movie of course, but the real-life time limit still restricts how mu
  12. Is it possible to re-activate the original thread with this board software?
  13. Wow, congrats Kool, that sounds like an amazing opportunity. Hell, assuming the place is as successful as it should be with proper execution, we might eventually be seeing you on all sorts of websites and TV shows. Let us know if you ever think you're gonna meet someone like Anthony Bourdain, I think we should have the chance to come up with at least one question that you have to ask, no matter how stupid. :silly:
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