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  1. Who's Beto? Cant think of anybody who has a snowballs chance in hall of being president named Beto. I think your statement is more likely true assuming Trump stays president. Papa Putin ain't letting him go to war with Iran. And Trump doesnt really want any war on Iran. He showed his hand when he backed down to Iran by calling back those strikes in June. Basically Iran did this because they can. The Saudis are a bunch of cowards, they'll never fight a war against an enemy that can fight back, and so 8f they cant hire someone to fight Iran for them, the just have to sit there and take it. Iran realizing this, and are now openly taunting the Saudis.
  2. 90% of me knows Gruden was joking was this comment, 10% of me wants thinks we may discovered why he is so adept at stealing defeat from the jaws of victory. He probably looks back at WW2 and thinks it woulda been smart to let Hitler deal with Soviets for us....
  3. Koala

    Derrius Guice and the Skins Synergy of Suck

    Somebody done evil-eyed this team when Snyder bought it, probably Milstein, and that's your real explanation for everything, the Synergy of Suck os just MOA of the evil eye
  4. I think people are just getting sick of being yanked around all the time. Once again, greed ruined something that could actually be sold at a reasonable profit to responsible adults for legitimate use. You know, if e-cig manufacturers werent so greedy, they might have had a future as a niche product -- there just had to be some honesty involved somewhere. E-cigs were billed as a safe alternative to cigarettes, a good way to stop smoking. It worked for some people, honestly I used e-cigs to help me stop smoking. Even some physicians debated prescribing them to patients who wanted to stop smoking. But if that's how it's going to be labeled, then the FDA should be involved. The FDA is given charge of ensuring proper labeling on all food products, safety of food products, as well as the medical products, biological, drugs, etc E-cigs didn't fit into any of those categories, so they escaped FDA classification that would have required more stringent testing on the safety of its use. E-cig manufacturers could have sponsored one clinical trial, so we could find out in a scientific setting, what exactly is the amount of harm related to vaping. They might even have identified which chemicals used were linked with increased risk for harm, taken them out of the product, and then been able to sell vaping as an FDA-approved, safer alternative to cigarettes. Even if vaping was found to have some harmful elements, I suspect that in the end it is still faaaaar less harmful than cigarettes and maybe even the nicotine patches, and the FDA may still have approved its sale as safer alternative to cigarettes and nicotrol. But, nope, they had to be greedy, lied and claimed something they had no proof on. Now that's it's not true, they have lost the entire trust of the public and I suspect its only a matter of time before they are banned completely.
  5. Koala

    Skins at Filthadumpia Game Day Thread

    sweet we've caught philly unprepared. to win the game we just gotta maintain what we brought today so far because it's apparently more than philly can handle right now
  6. Koala


    Haskins getting no help from his receivers. But he keeps giving them a chance to make plays. If anyone wants to step up.and make a name for themselves, Haskins is the right QB.
  7. yeah thats why im 90 percent sure its a negotiating ploy more than anything. Id try to negotiate a little with him using a backloaded contract extension so as to free up money to sing Brandon. If he bites, good. But dont trade him for less than a late first round pick or early 2nd. Call his bluff, if he wants to sit out the year let him. He will discover that sitting out a year will murder his market value
  8. That TD throw showed that he is an elite level talent. Under pressure no room to step up, he laid a dime so perfect that Davis had no choice but to catch it. Honestly I aint seen such a pretty since Brunell's 2nd TD pass against Dallas.
  9. Excellent observation. This is more what someone who is trying to strengthen their negotiating hand should say than someone trying to force a trade
  10. Everything you said is profound and true. As a society, the concept of family has dissolved, and with it, seemingly the soul of our society. If you dont want to die alone, you have to raise your children with the understanding that the bond between parent and child is for life -- it does not disappear at age of eighteen. As a muslim I was raised ito understand that my parents took care of me when I was drooling, pissing, and ****ting all over myself, and so I would have to do the same for them. And I did, and there is no shame in that -- ironically there was tremendous pride for both of us in that fact. My father proud he had raised a son who was with him to his dying breath, and for me tremendous pride in having finally achieved his approval. Years of a rocky relationship melted away in an instant, when after helping feed him, he whispered one of his last intelligible sentences; "Thank you. You are a gentleman."
  11. What I gather from that list is that he is very well-connected (politically, socially, economically), from Washington DC to Hollywood. If rumor is true that hes got blackmail tapes on a lot of big names,then loook for him to plea down to 3 to 4 year prison sentence in exchange for keeping his mouth shut.
  12. This kinda thing should be handled by highest levels of the justice department, with additional congressional oversight -- not by local law enforcement. Put Mueller on this now that he's done with Trump. When you are throwing around names like Bill Clinton, you cant have some Joe Schmoe handling the investigation. We should try to keep in mind, that a very thorough investigation that produces absolutely airtight evidence, is the minimal standard when dealing with the rich and famous. Bill Clinton aint going to jail cuz he took a flight with Epstein or cause he had some business ties with him. Nor should he. But it should be investigated as part of a major, broad, well funded investigation that is shielded from partisanship and from corrupt influences. I cant think of too many people not named Mueller who are capable of that type of investigation.
  13. I was pretty sure you meant to say that "you want her to have your babies," but then I saw this pic of her ....Not a pretty frowner, Nope.
  14. Well the other option is Boston, so, there is no other option. Plus, its good to see the 'Ole Bruiser having some success, and outside of Philthy none-the-less.
  15. I dunno about Mclaurin. I wasnt really convinced that hed be any good if he wasnt surrounded by other wrs that could stretch the field. Cant really recall him ever beating double coverage, or making a particularly difficult catch. I do remember alot of drops. And one game he damn near cost us by drooping three straight easy catches (in successive series); one in the endzone, one for a big gain, and one on a critical 3rd down. I thought NFL hopes were D.O.A at that point, but Haskins bailed him bigtime by stubbornly coming back to him, until he finally caught one of the the passes that had been hitting him in the numbers all day long, to help clinch the game Pretty much hes another 50/50 without the occasional spectacular grab. Maybe can be a good return man and #4 receiver. Maybe.