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  1. Big positive. A one percent deficit in SOUTH CAROLINA suggests to me that EVEN places where the rot is deep can be saved. It also suggests that a landslide for Biden is within reach, which I think in the end is going to be necessary if we're gonna have any chance of Trump voluntarily conceding defeat.
  2. Im a dick sometimes, yes. But I usually apologize when I realize Ive gone overboard. If I dont apologize, then youre the dick lol.
  3. Probably, but I think sometimes choice words have their place. In the end, you agreed with me, you just didnt like the person saying it (me). Which is the intended affect. I dont want you to like having to fight dirty, and I want you to associate people who call for this with a negative feeling -- for later, after the victory, so that we remember to re-set the atmosphere to more civil conditions. But, thats later. The first step to fighting dirty, is to realize that you're getting dirty. Youre not supposed to like it, but you gotta recognize it. Remember the distaste, once you achieve v
  4. Why not? I dunno whats considered so 'holy' about the number 9. Or any number, for that matter. I mean, at some point, too judges is just going to be inefficient, and guess what, we can reduce that number if that happens. Nothing has to be set in stone, the only constant in this world is change.
  5. Its not keyboard jockey ****. Thats loser talk. Republicans are literally preparing for war. Sending 17 year old kids out to shoot demonstrators, and then making him a hero means they are preparing for war. But thats not even what I was really getting at, I was getting at level of seriousness/preparedness for whats coming. Its serious. Save me the moral high-ground B.S., lemme guess you're a twenty something political science major, pontificating on what the world should be like. I recognize that. I used to be that. But the world isnt what we want it to be, and sometimes we gotta do t
  6. Thank you Jumbo, your last line appropriately sums up what Im trying to say. I think at this point, the Republicans have clearly brought this down to the sewer level, so its time get dirty and fight. Thats all Im trying to say, less eloquently than you.
  7. Of course. This shouldnt even be a threat, it should be given that theyre gonna expand the court to whatever number is politically suitable. Seriously enough with the b.s., i aint saying politics havent always been in the sewer, but after McConnel's stewardship, Democrats really need to grow up and start playing for keeps, like the Republicans. Thats the whole point of my post. When the Democrats come in, they should do ever legal thing they can think of to put the G.O.P. into the ground for good. And some illegal things too. **** it, we're already there, its too late to put the cat ba
  8. Moral compass? Have you been watching for the last.. I dunno.. 40 years? Tired of watching the Democrats show up ready for a fight, while Republicans show up ready for war. Aint no morals in war, kid. By any means, necessary. Hopefully, the more moral side will win. But lets recognize the moral b.s. for what it is, when it comes to politics.
  9. What if Biden wins the presidency, but the Republicans manage to hold on to a slim majority in the Senate? I see this as a very possible, if not probably outcome. So does Mitch. Soo, all the warnings about stacking Judiciary are pretty much meaningless anyways. To be quite honest with you, Im not really sure what Democrats are complaining about. Republicans were under no Constitutional obligation to confirm Garland, and they are under no obligation to wait now. As matter of fact, why would they? Because what? They promised? Grow the **** up.
  10. This can be a very frustrating fanbase to deal with. I think anyone who tries to evaluate Haskins fairly up to this point, has consistently said the same things, and nothing has changed since the beginning. To say he has shown no flashes is ridiculous -- the last two games of last year, he showed flashes How can we already forget that, it was only two games ago in the Haskins timeline??? 2 starts, 1 mediocre, and 1 bad, and we've already forgotten what was an elite level worth of 2 games? I mean come on, lets try to keep a vaguely even keel. I know both me and vols
  11. Absolutely love the honesty out of our new coach, and frankly he's actually being optimistic. Right now, this OL is so bad, it makes it difficult to even evaluate other groups on the offense. Its difficult to evaluate DH, makes it difficult to evaluate the WR's, its difficult to evaluate the RB's, and its even difficult to evaluate the TE's other than in their blocking duties. Until we get about two or three more starting-caliber linemen in here, its gonna be pretty difficult to get a real feel for what this offense can do, and thats gonna take at least one more off-season to be quite hones
  12. Cant really control riots, if the anger is enough, any one riot thats put down will lead to an angrier riot the next. Lets not go down the Syria path. We have to prevent them from happening in the first place. Thats whole point of a riot. Its to give powers-that-be, a warning that they are not really as in-control as they think they are. When enough portions of the citizenry would rather just burn the mother****er down then continue with the status quo, the powers-that-be are supposed to get the signal that "they arent asking for change anymore", or as Chapelle quoted, better listen to th
  13. Also like that we got a leader here guys. Didnt play well but found a way to get the win by making the plays that were there for him, when he had to. Im not going so far as to say clutch, but he was calm and collected in the drives that tied the game and the go ahead td score, and that filtered down to the rest of the players. I remember one play some WR was lined up on wrong side of field, DH corrected him audibly, still got the play off in time, and got a 1st down. Thats pretty good stuff guys. Now let the kid try to learn somn behind perhaps the worst OL in the league. If
  14. Maybe Trent Williams had a point when he said he didnt trust this team's medical staff, calling them incompetent and untrustworthy. Or maybe he was just a lazy pothead looking for an easy payday. Or maybe both.
  15. I think, finally, at long last, I can move on from Sean Taylor. Didnt think we would have ever see a generational type talent like that again, in a Washington uniform.
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