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  1. Koala

    All Things "AOC" Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

    I was pretty sure you meant to say that "you want her to have your babies," but then I saw this pic of her ....Not a pretty frowner, Nope.
  2. Well the other option is Boston, so, there is no other option. Plus, its good to see the 'Ole Bruiser having some success, and outside of Philthy none-the-less.
  3. I dunno about Mclaurin. I wasnt really convinced that hed be any good if he wasnt surrounded by other wrs that could stretch the field. Cant really recall him ever beating double coverage, or making a particularly difficult catch. I do remember alot of drops. And one game he damn near cost us by drooping three straight easy catches (in successive series); one in the endzone, one for a big gain, and one on a critical 3rd down. I thought NFL hopes were D.O.A at that point, but Haskins bailed him bigtime by stubbornly coming back to him, until he finally caught one of the the passes that had been hitting him in the numbers all day long, to help clinch the game Pretty much hes another 50/50 without the occasional spectacular grab. Maybe can be a good return man and #4 receiver. Maybe.
  4. Koala

    Game of Thrones Season 8

    Still think Wire is #1 all time, from start to finish it was more consistent than GOT. Never a very high cheese factor, no true wtf moments. Maybe didnt have the crazy highs and stunning lows of GOT's -- certainly never had any episodes like NK episode, or Battle of the ****s. Just consistently a good show episode in and episode, that a told a very believable, very real -- and therefore, at times, very frightening story. Ill say this -- Im glad the show didnt drag on, Id rather put up with the somewhat rushed feeling, than watch a show go beyond its appropriate time (ala the Sopranoes which was several seasons too long, or Mad Men which was about 5 seasons too long). Im done with this series. Dont really care much more to see any more episodes, and there are no episodes, so I guess they timed it well.
  5. Koala

    Some More Cops Who Need to Be Fired

    Just a general thought, but I think the title of this thread is indicative of the problem. We have such low expectations of justice when police are the defendants. The thread title should be, "some more cops that need to be in prison." If you can basically just kill anybody, and the worst thing thats gonna happen to you is that maybe you lose your job (and even then only if there is a national outcry), theres no real incentive not to be an asshole with an itchy trigger finger.
  6. Koala

    Game of Thrones Season 8

    This is the episode that made me realize it was 100% a mistake for the TV series to go ahead of the books. If the author cant finish the books, its because he doesnt how to get to the ending. Knowing the ending doesnt help, hes struggling because he didnt know how to get Dany to become a Mad Targearyn, in a sensical and satisfying manner. Clearly the show writers just decided to go ahead and force it, and we're left with this episode which I think is best descibed as..awkward. Very awkward, I couldnt wait for this episode to be over. I do believe that GRMM always intended to end with Dany going mad and requiring execution (i think obviously thats what the next episode is about). The fact that Dany ended up picking up where her father left off is definitely something that was planned from the very beginning of this series. But the reason why she ended up that way, just has to be better written than she felt lonely and was in a bad mood. I think the GRMM in his books (if he ever finishes) will do a better job of helping us understand Dany's mindset and thought patterns, Jon's rejection of her was the straw the broke the camel's back. I think the book will dwell quite a bit on how betrayed Dany felt, by Jon and everyone else around her. Despite his betrayal, she did pretty much practically beg him back, and so his rejection of her was probably very devastating, destroying what was left of her conscience. Psychologically, what else can you do if a "good guy" like Jon betrays and rejects you? Most likely, you would lose faith in the very idea of "good guys". Still however, we need something more to happen to Dany, with the appropriate psychological impact, to make sense of her going mad. If nothing else, Dany has always showed the willingness to do what she had to do, even if it meant coming down hard on people or sacrificing people -- but since when has she ever elected to do somethign she didnt really have to do?
  7. This is a type of marketing technique -- it doesnt really cost that much, and it can go along way. It also doesnt really solve the problem, which is that the policy must be changed, and whoever wrote that policy or was involved in writing that policy should be immediately fired, and publicly shamed like they tried to shame those kids, IMO.
  8. I dont think there's any real chance of an Iran war, and I think thats been settled for several years now. However, with the nuclear deal falling apart, expect the same old faces and lobbyists (ahem AIPAC) to beat the drums of war, less out of seriousness and more out of geopolitical jockeying. It will fail though, IMO, Iran is is more likely to be persuaded by sanctions than the threat of war. Trump is really a horrible poker player, Iran is calling his bluff on war, and the idiot already played the sanctions card, now hes got nothing and Iran is about to raise the ante by restarting their nuclear program . And why shouldnt they? They mostly abided by the terms of the deal, until the dis-ingeniousness of the U.S. was obvious. The U.S. apparently just wants to sanction Iran, so as to give Saudi Arabia a permanant economic advantage, and their concerns about the nuclear program are really just a convenient excuse for sanctions (notice the news this week that Saudi Arabia jumped to offer to fill any shortages of oil due to new Iran sanctions). I dont even like the Iranian government, but the way the U.S. has behaved under Trump is utter bull**** that makes it look like a liar at best, and a stupid liar at worst.
  9. Urban is now a commentator for Fox sports, he's already mentioned that Haskins has some work to do on that aspect of his game. According to Urban, its why he should sit for a year in the NFL before coming in. But he did mention that flaw is fixable, totally normal in young QBs, and that Haskins has the intelligence and work ethic to make sure its fixed. I doubt Urban would say much more than that. Haskins is the best QB he's ever had, according to himself, and he's quite positive that with good coaching and patience, he will be a star in the NFL. Actually, he specified that he needs good coaching and a patient fanbase -- as if he was calling out Redskins fans, lol...Of course he said similar things about Tebow, so take it with a grain of salt....
  10. 1) Who peed in your wheaties? Oh I see you're a Vols fan, I guess the answer would be every single Vols team since the mid 90s. Thats alotta pee..not alot of wheaties... explains a lot. 2) Unless your father is a coach, educates you, and remains in contact with Urban, your "relationship" to Urban doesnt make you any more qualified than anyone. And btw, Im pretty sure Urban would disagree with your assesment or use of the word atrocious. In fact what Urban has said is closer to what I said, i.e.it a weakness in his game, but is not unusual for young QBs, is something he got better at toward the end, and can be overcome with experience (paraphrasing Urban from his Fox sports comments). Also Im pretty sure youre not really all that qualified. People who are more qualified rarely feel the need to point that out, when discussing with a less qualified person. Usually they just kinda ignore that person, while sitting back with the kind of half-smirk I get on my face when a patient tries to disagree with me based on some WebMD knowledge. 3) I am pretty qualified to advise you on communication skills. Im telling you; use of extreme language such as atrocious almost always is ineffective, and more times than not distracts from and undermines your point, and ends up being the only thing people remember. Just as this thread proves. Haskins is bad under pressure, but extremely unbelievably bad (i.e atrocious)? Come on. You yourself mused that you couldnt understand why your rational arguments were being rejected due to apparently emotional reasons. Well here might be your answer. Use more measured words if you want more measured responses. I, and others, latched on to to your use of the word atrocious, and all responses have centered around that, and not the arguments you made. You have yet to counter our objections with arguments to defend your use of the word, instead relying on ad hominem attacks that only further undermined your credibility and overshadowed your argument. I will admit I liked your later posts, you seemed more balanced and I found myself agreeing. I dont think thats a coincidence.
  11. If Jays plan was to leave the future of this franchise in the hands of Case Keenum and Colt Mccoy, then Jay should be banned from even entering another draft discussion. If he was partial to a plan that included trading for a QB and using the draft picks on other areas of pressing need, then Id say he was pretty wise, except i the case that Haskins or Lock would fall to us at 15. In that case, if he really thinks that we should still have reached for a pass rusher at 15, then he needs to be banned from future draft discussions. We lucked out, it happens that the BPA also filled our biggest need. I dont see how Jay could really have a problem with that, unless he rreally thinks Haskjns is trash. I havent heard anyone, not a sinfle so called expert, that doesnt think we made the right move at 15. But absent a trade, surely Jay didnt really think it was a good idea to just roll out Case and Colt for the next few years. Surely. And he also took Denver to the bottom of division last year while ruining what was left John Elways reputation as a manager. Whats your point?
  12. OSU fan here, Ive seen Haskins play enough to tell you that while you have some good insights about some of Haskins weaknesses, you lose a lot of credibility when you exxagerate and call him "atrocious" under pressure. Try to avoid over the top language if you want people to take you seriously. The only part of Haskins game thats atrocious is his straightline speed. Everything else is, at worst, about what one would expect out of an unexperienced quarterback. As far under pressure, atrocious is a ridiculous description. Overall, he is about average for a 1st year college starter, in terms of handling pressure. He is actually above average if that pressure comes from the blitz, because he has a lightning release, makes quick decisions, and is very good at identifying blitzes and making appropriate adjustments. Granted, he was aided by Ryan Days scheme, which can eat alive man defenses and blitz heavy schemes. But he ran that scheme well, and deservds credit for it. He did well enough against the blitz, that by the end of the year, most opposing coaches shied away from blitzing him. Jim Harbaugh and his #1 defense chose to run a curious scheme of man defense while only rushing 4, largely I imagine because they knew Haskins can handle the blitz pretty well. Where Haskins does fall apart under pressure is when that pressure comes from the front 4. Without a hole created by a blitzing defender for him to exploit, Haskins does appear to...panic..if facing pressure from the front4. He definitely must vastly improve this aspect of his game before he can be a starter. Its also why he I would never put him behind a bad oline, he needs at least an average oline in order to be effective. Luckily, even when Haskins is flustered by pressure, he still wont throw an interception, more likely he will miss an open receiver by a country mile or take an ugly sack. Which is the final reason that the word atrocious is an exaggeration --at least he doesnt start turning the ball over when facing pressure. Finally, if your scheme is to only rush4 behind man coverage, and that rush fails to get there, Haskins will tear you up. Just ask Michigan. If you rush 4 behind zone defense, and the rush doesnt get there, Haskins will methodically tear you up, like he did in the Rose Bowl when he put up 600 yds passing and 5 TDs. Bottom line is that he does well enough against the blitz, is mobile enough in the pocket, and is good enough to exploit rush4 concepts that fail to get pressure, that the word atrocious is truly objectionable : ill give you below average, maybe, but even then its something he can overcome. The word atrocious is for those who are irredeemably bad at handling pressure, Patrick Ramsey after 1 year of Spurrier, for example.
  13. Koala

    Game of Thrones Season 8

    I think there's very little chance Sansa faces any sort of punishment from Jon. They are way too close for that to happen. If the information gets out, Jon has noone to blame but himself -- he and not Sansa is the source of the original leak. I think it shows that some part of him realizes that he really belongs on the throne, not Dany, whether he likes it or not. There is really no other reason on earth to tell Sansa and Arya, knowing full well that he has given Dany the impression that he'd keep his mouth shut. Which I find very interesting, as it is out of character for Jon. Almost devious. The first time Ive really seen him, consciously or subconsciously make a play for the throne. But it also causes me concern. One consistent theme about this show is that the characters who are untrue to themselves, and go back on their word (especially if they are considered trustworthy), are soon to be dead. Ned Stark, Rob Stark, Lady Stark -- all of them seemed to be trustworthy, and all of them lied or went back on their word, and were killed shortly thereafter. It is part of the grim justice that really does govern this world GRMM has created. People like Cersei stick around because they dont claim or pretend to be anything than what they are -- Cersei is openly dishonest, which is actually a type of honesty in and of itself. Cersei has stayed true to herself. But if Jon starts playing a two-way game, letting Dany believe one thing, and then doing another -- then he is soon to be dead. And Daenyrs is soon to be dead herself if she continues to show that she just wanted the throne all along at any cost, and that the whole claim about being the breaker of chains and wanting to make a better world were just B.S. -- B.S. that she may have tricked herself into believing, but will not spare her from the grim justice of GOT.
  14. Koala

    Game of Thrones Season 8

    This episode was a ..symphony. A majestic orchestra that ended with the perfect note; the priestess withering away. Worthy of an Best Picture Oscar, even though its a TV show.
  15. He started well coming in and beating Michigan in his 1st start, next year did well but had a hiccup game against a poor opponent, by the end of the year was unstoppable and shredded that supposed number one Michigan defense for 6 TD's and 500 yards passing, followed by 600 yds passing and 5TDs in his final game in the rosebowl against another solid defense. You really cant ask for a player to finish on a higher note than than that any more than that. Ryan Day runs a West-Cost style pro offense which Haskins performed very well in. I didnt see the value in him staying another year in college cause he was already too good for most college defenses to present enough of a challenge that he could learn much from playing against them.