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  1. Koala

    Welp...have we seen enough..?

    Does the Tua injury factor in on our decision making with Haskins?
  2. Koala

    Welp...have we seen enough..?

    Given that accuracy was supposed to be a strong-point for him, Im holding out some hope that the accuracy issues are solve-able, or that they relate more to his lack of comfort right now than they do to his innate accuracy potential. Anyhow, I think the bottom line for me is that it really would be insane to not play him the rest of the season. We stand to gain absolutely nothing by benching him. What is Case Keenum gonna win a few games for us? And how would that, exactly help us. Right now, this is the best possible thing. We are continuing to lose games (i.e. get a high draft pick), while getting to see where we really stand at QB with Haskins. Maybe he continues to stink it up -- good we now know what to do with our high draft pick. Maybe he starts to show improvement -- good, now we have more options, maybe we still draft a QB, maybe we dont, but either we flexibility and more options are usually a good thing. Or maybe he shows that he's more of a backup NFL QB. Good, why throw the baby out with the bath water -- keep him on the roster as our backup.
  3. Koala

    Welp...have we seen enough..?

    Its a dumb question, another dime a dozen Ohio State hater, who should probably STFU unless he's an Alabama or Clemson fan. Cause those are the only two programs in Ohio State's stratosphere in terms of pumping out NFL talent. Besides Brady, who was the last Michigan QB? So were they dumb to draft Brady? Who was the last Wisconsin QB? Were they dumb to take Wilson? Who was the last Purdue QB before Brees? I can go on and on. Who was the last Alabama QB? Who was Clemson's before Watson? Who was Miami's...ever? Who was Florida State's..ever? Florida? No college football program consistently puts out good NFL QB's -- there are simply not enough of those in existence for any college football program to be able to name more than ONE successful NFL QB. Go ahead and try, name me any college football program that has put out 2 or more good NFL QB's in the last 20 years.
  4. Im with you on number 2. If Haskins is the one messing up by not making the correct adjustments at the line, thats one thing. But if a center is repeatedly ****ing up with low snaps, they're getting dumb holding calls at really inopportune times, and they are failing to open up lanes in the running game -- then they need to be talked to. **** those guys with the look of disbelief on their faces for being yelled at. We're ****ing 2-8, getting blown out by Jets -- and they wanna act like everything is all good, business as normal? Well maybe it is business as normal -- and that's the whole problem. Guys coming in from Alabama and Ohio State, are not used to losing like this,m and probably are looking around at all their teammates like how the hell you guys just accepting this?? If anyone doesnt like Haskins doing this -- tough ****. Veterans on a losing team gotta understand they aint got the right to be respected. When your NFL experience consists of a few winning seasons, then okay you got the right to look sideways at a rookie who's mouthing off to you. But until then shut the **** up and listen -- that rookie might know more about winning than your perennial loser-ass. Also Haskins has consistently taken criticism, back to his days at OSU, for not being a vocal leader. Well this is what vocal leadership looks like. Talk about damned if you do, damned if you dont. Haskins made a couple strong throws in the face of pressure -- I dont think he was really what was wrong with the offense today. The O-line simply put in one of its poorer perfomances this year. At least they usually open up some running lanes, this game they really didnt do ****.
  5. I mighta got you mixed up with LKD. My bad but in my defense, it's easy tho get things mixed up, this is a 291 page thread about a guy who'd entire NFL career consists of less than 2 games. Maybe just a bit of over analyzing the kid, who we knew was a project, dont you think?
  6. Your argument is filled with so many holes. The biggest one I cant figure out is, who is this generational talent you keep referring to? Tua is not a generational talent. He's probably better that Haskins, but he's no Peyton Manning, he's not even close to that level. He also benefits from having played on a juggernaut, so how much of that is him and how much is the talent thats around him is another question. The first real challenge he's faced in has career, versus LSU last week -- -- well lets just say he needs to do better to be considered a generational talent. The only generational talent in this year's draft is named Chase Young. I dont think we will be in a position to get Young, which is fine cause we are okay on Line for now. I actually am hoping for Okudah if we get a top 5 pick. He's the closest thing to a cant-miss pick. Im also okay for trading down and getting an extra first rounder. I think we can maybe do this and snag that monster LT out of Bama? and maybe Jalen Hurts too. We dont have to keep all our eggs in the Tua basket. In fact thats the LAST thing we need to do. I am definitely not on the Tua bandwaggon, even if Haskins is not the answer. Thats about the worst thing we can do -- he's like Matthew Lienart redux.
  7. I was pretty high on Haskins and happy we got hi, watched him at Ohio State. And Im still there. I warned he was raw, I remember in one post I specifically wondered if Washington was a good place for him given the impatience of the fan base. I dont know what people thought that I others meant when we said patience was gonna be required for Haskins. But patience definitely means more than ONE ****ING START ihis rookie year. Jeebus people. This franchise is far from being a winner. What is the hurry about Haskins? Do people really think we are one QB away from being a superbowl contender? Let me burst your bubble; we are not. We are at least two full drafts and good off-seasons away from even being competitive. Right now, this team is composed of J. Allen, D. Payne, L. Collins, Scary Terry. , maybe O. Dunbar, maybe K. Holcomb, maybe B. Scherff (i say maybe cause hes played like crap this year and he might be on his way out) -- and atter that is piles and piles of unwatchable crap. We need about 15 more NFL caliber starters than we currently have. Russell Wilson had a good team around him. Ditto Ben Roethlisberger. Ditto Tom Brady. Drew Brees did not have a particularly good team around him and guess what -- he didnt look particularly good his rookie year, and guess what -- he was traded away cause the franchise jumped the gun and drafted P. Rivers. And I feel thats exactly how far away the Chargers have been from winning as SB -- if they had kept Drew Brees and used that 1st rounder on somn else, I think theyd have a ring right now. We have a raw rookie QB, playing on a really bad team, with an interim head coach. If we cant have patience with Haskins in this situation, we dont deserve a franchise QB. And if we just focus on getting another QB ASAP, without filling all the other holes we have, we will just have two busts at QB on our roster.
  8. I have no idea what his reasons where. I'm just saying I'd be surprised if he is contractually bound to receiving medical opinions and care exclusively through the teams physicians, including medical care for non football related injuries. That would make the team physicians waaay more liable to get their asses sued to Mars in a situation like this. T.W. woulda had good case to sue them and the NFL for millions, if they contractually bound him and there was any chance that other legitimate medical opinions existed on how to treat his condition. Im talking like crazy money, put the NFL out of business kinda money, I just dont see any medical malpractice insurance willing to take on THAT kinda liability
  9. Waiting a few months isnt gonna make a big difference, unless it something like a pilocytic astrocytoma, which it wasnt. I thought T.w. is claiming something like 6 years passed. As far as avoiding his contract, I'd be very surprised if that was true. There are in fact a lot of patient rights laws that explicitly forbid an employer from seeking outside medical help from a licensed physician. The employer, and insurance, might not have to pay for it -- but in general, in America you cannot forbid someone from seeking a second opinion from a licensed professional.
  10. Do we know that's we had? If so, it is both a "minor" problem and something that can be removed surgically. So both sides are kinda right in this situation
  11. Okay, I've solved the issue. I think T.W. doesnt understand the difference between having a tumor and having cancer. It's a common mistake, hell I didnt understand the difference until my second year of medical school. All cancers are tumors but not all tumors are cancers. A tumor is benign, or malignant. Generally, a benign tumor has not invaded surrounding tissue, and is therefore not considered cancer. A malignant tumor HAS invaded, and is termed cancerous. Complicating the situation is that, some types of benign tumors are faster growing and have a higher potential than others to transform into malignant tumors, and this -- along with the location of the tumor, influences the decision of whether to immediately remove the tumor by any means necessary, or to just sit back and watch it. And even further complicating this is the fact that certain tumors in the brain, such as meningiomas, are most commonly benign AND in so close to the outer surface of the brain to, to make surgical resection an attractive and perhaps still unnecessary route. Oligodendromas are very slow growing and located so deep in the frontal lobes, that letting these grow is a better option. These tumors are surrounded by controversy medically, and rare enough that there isnt a lot of literature to support any treatment route, including ignoring it, as superior to another. It is not at all unusual for people to live with these tumors for DECADES without experiencing any issues. Often it is more likely that patient will die of other causes or due to old age, before the tumor has a chance to kill him. So some doctors feel it is better to leave well enough alone when it comes to these tumors, others say modern surgical practices have improved to minimize the risk of neurosurgery, so removing the tumor is actually the less risky route. NOTHING HAS BEEN SETTLED. That is, doctors cannot agree on the best way to manage these patients, and in general you have this split seen along the lines of specialty. Oncologists tend to be of one opinion, and neurosurgeons tend to be of another opinion. In my experience, neurosurgeons tend to have a God complex, with a high willingness to take risks and dismiss the opinions of other doctors in other specialties. They make for quite a treat to deal with! Anyhow, I very much envision a situation where Redskins doctors made a medically sound decision not to immediately operate, with the idea that surgery presented more risk than letting the slow growing tumor be and just watching its growth until it became more threatening. They most likely presented this decision to the patient by minimizing its risk, using words like "minor" or "dont worry". The problem is, unless you take the time to explain the medical basis of your opinion, it's really not a good idea to use the words tumor and minor in the same sentence --it makes you look cavalier, and does nothing to reassure the patient. ALL THE PATIENT THINKS IS I GOT CANCER AND THESE DOCTOR DONT CARE. So fast forward a few years. Some hotshot neurosurgeon with a god complex and no respect for other physicians of "lesser specialties", gets a hold of Trent Williams and tells him, "oh those guys dont know what they're talking about, I've removed a hundred if those tumors without any issues. I can get this thing out of you by noon tomorrow", and proceeds to in fact remove the tumor. This leaves Trent both relieved and understandably upset with Redskins staff. IF THIS IS REALLY TRENTS ISSUE, then a well managed organization would have had a sitdown discussion with Trent, the Redskins doctors, and other unaffiliated doctors to explain what they should have explained to Trent from the very beginning-- both medical basis for their original decision, and the fact that there is controversy in the medical field surrounding the best way to deal with this situation. So while they are happy Trent found a doctor that resolved the situation to Trents satisfication -- they stand by their decision medically and were in fact looking out for his best interests. There is simply no cut and dry correct answer in this situation, from a medical perspective.
  12. Koala

    Erosion Of The Redskins Fanbase

    You know how bad things are? I just bought Madden 20, and for the first time ever I'm thinking of playing as someone other than Redskins. That's a new low.
  13. I know patience is not a virtue in Washington, but we're gonna have to have it. Is there any chacne that this team is set up to win the Superbowl this year? No? So chill the **** out and let the young man grow.
  14. Why are people saying this? He didnt particularly put him in a position to succeed, but he never puts players in a position to succeed. This is more of the same from Jay -- insisting on plugging a square peg into a round hole. Hes not the most adaptable guy. But I dont think he's so petty as to try and undercut his players -- hes just that rigid and that bad a coach from this aspect.
  15. Of Haskin's 3 INT's, are any of them truly unforgiveable? I know 3 is a lot, but if you look at them one by one -- I dont see any truly bonehead mistakes, do you?