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  1. Koala

    Spider Nightmare

    I just wanted to add: **** spiders. By far the creepiest things ever created. I dont blame those people who burned down their hourse trying to kill a spider. Have you ever noticed bug spray doesnt do anything to spiders but make them angry? I discovered this after empyting about two cans of bug spray one time, my eyes are foaming, Im drooling and feeling weezy, slurring my words, and Im all like "**** it Illll geeet a thiriird caaan, one oof ussss gooot to gooooo got to gooo." - but the spider is perfecly fine, like "Bring it biotch, bug spray is just a refreshing spritzer for me." Have you ever noticed that every time you see a spider in your house, it looks its been there...watching you....for a while? Spiders are the serial killers of the insect world? What other creature, besides the Iceman and maybe Hannibal Lecter, store their victims bodies for months at a time???? I dont trust anything that has more foresight and planning skills than I do. Like Im lucky if I manage to remember to take the meat out of the freezing in the morning to defrost it for dinner. If I ever managed to be able to excrete silk out of my ass, I miiiight be smart enough to roll into a ball and try to sell it. But weave a complex web in order to catch food for the winter? Nope, nope, that would never occur to me -- thats some higher level **** right there.
  2. Koala

    Spider Nightmare

    LMAO. reminds me of the greatest ever cold open in Malcolm in the Middle...I died at "Take the keys and go, just go"
  3. Mostly guys just saying wakeup, we are better than this, we all have to play better, this isnt how we won the Cup, etc. etc Sometiemes it indicates lake of trust in the coaching staff, guys trying to rally around each other cuz they dont expect help from the coaching staff, but I dont think thats whats going on here. I think they just realize they are too well-coached, and too talented to be playing as bad as they are, and thats on each of them as individuals to fix. Im happy to see it, I actually trust we got the leaders to get this fixed before the coaching staff or even GM have to step in and do something drastic.
  4. Koala

    The Bruce Allen/GM Thread

    Someone refresh my memory, when are GM's typically fired. I thought they were usually fired right after the team's last game, in order to give as much time as possible for the official search for a new one that can quickly tackle the offseason issues. So should I be concerned that Bruce Allen is still here?
  5. Oops. Wrong number. Ill give you a trophy if you can guess who I was referring to from the description in my post, lol. Holy Sh--- USA CNBC??? I would never even have guessed. No wonder I can never find hockey games on TV anymore...
  6. Wait -- CNN? As in Anderson Cooper, 24 hours-of-the-same-3-stories CNN? When did this happen?
  7. NHL regular season is long. Too long. Hell I get tired just of just watching the games, I can imagine players inevitably get a little bored, especially when their teamis doing fine and the the high from winning the cup is starting to wear off. He's fine, and until recently he was playing the most complete 200 ft hockey Id ever seen from him -- Ill look the other way until after the all-star game.
  8. Both of them have a habit of b.s.ing through the regular season, but making contributions in the playoffs. I doubt we'dget much value for Bura, but #72 might get us some good value but really who's gonna step up to replace him. Im okay with #72 in the playoffs, but if we trade him, that means Orpik and some minor-leaguer get a lot more icetime in the playoffs. That doesnt sit well with me, so Im inclined just to put with #72's lollygagging his way through the regular season -- it is what it is.
  9. Koala

    Trade up to draft Haskins???

    I dont know what you mean by blue chip player, RG3 had the Heisman hype and all-world speed, neither of which turned out to be important to being an NFL QB. Haskins should have won the Heisman but the voters decided that before his last few games, when he lit up (good) competition in ways that made NFL scouts sit up and take note. The media has been slower than the NFL scouts have been to take notice, but in general NFL scouts are salivating over this guy -- more so than RG3 because Haskins has the traits NFL scouts traditionally look for -- accurate, strong arm, quick release, gets the ball out quickly, decisive, natural feel for the pocket, and big enough to absorb hits. The only hesitation on him is his lack experience. However, considering how high a level he was playing at the end of the year, against some of the best defenses in college-, there maay really be no point to another year in college as has already learned and mastered QB at the college level and now needs to play against better competition (i.e. NFL) in order to continue progressing. As for being a blue chip player -- the scouts consensus is that he'd have a strong chance to be the #1 pick in 2020 (meaning they like him more than Tua or Fromm). or a top 5 pick and first QB taken this year. Point is, scouts feel that the best NFl prospect from the college ranks is Dwayne Haskins -- not Murray, not Tua, not Fromm -- Dwayne Haskins. THere is no better QB prospect on the horizon, now the question is what are we willing to pay for that.
  10. Koala

    Trade up to draft Haskins???

    Dwayne Haskins has good size hes at least 220 lbs, and he is definitely a pocket QB, not a runner by any stretch even if hes got decent speed, which he uses reluctantly an. Let's try to get past the knee jerk assumptions about black "running" QBs, Haskins is more Roethlisberger than RG3. Anyhow all of the knocks on Dwayne have to do with the knocks your expect from young inexperienced QBs -- he rushes his throws when facing the blitz, his mechanics get iffy under pressure, he relies on arm strength to fit the ball into tight windows at times. He needs a year or two of seasoning, no doubt, but he gonna be good, now the question is do we have the patience and a plan to build around him? That's where most of my doubt is, not in Haskins, as I'm fairly certain a competent organization could turn him into an elite QB.
  11. Koala

    2019 Comprehensive Draft Thread

    I see where you are coming from, but honestly I don't think you're taking into account one very underrated aspect about Haskins -- he's a very quick study. Ohio State moved from Urban Meyers zone read offense to Ryan Days pro style offense as soon as Haskins started, and they were constantly adapting it right up to the end. So Haskins, aslong with the whole team, were constantly learning a new offense until they perfected it at the end of the season --and at no point did Haskins hold them back, he adapted as fast as the coaches did. That's a pretty big deal to me, and pretty impressive. Honestly I hate to say it, but if he was another skin color, people would be raving about how smart a QB he is, and how well he understands the Xs and Os. But hes not, so they talk about his accuracy and arm strength instead. Which is fine... He makes checks at the line, he can recognize blitzes pre snap, he already regularly uses his eyes to look off the safety, and hes a natural in the pocket. Plus, I think Ryan Days offense, which emphasizes crossing routes, is a good mesh with Grudens West Coast attack. But 1 year of starting experience outside of H.S. means that a little bit of patience will be necessary. Just protect him and be patient like you would any rookie QB, which the Redskins have shown the ability to do since...never.
  12. Koala

    2019 Comprehensive Draft Thread

    I am an avid Ohio State fan, so I can tell you even that is not true. Bout two years ago, ohio state fans were fretting about the WRs, Urban Meyer called them out as the weakest group on the team. The whole country was saying OSUs pass offense sucked. Insert Haskins, and BOOM -- suddenly we got the best WR core in the country, and the most explosive passing offense behind maybe only Oklahoma. It wasn't a coincidence, it was instant fairy dust sprinkled by a 6'3" black man.
  13. Koala

    2019 Comprehensive Draft Thread

    I dont think it would take that much to get Haskins. I dont even think it would take an RG3-level bid. All they need to do is trade up from #15 to the #5 pick. Im pretty sure Haskins will be there at #5, that's Tampa Bay's pick. I dont think theyre desperate for a QB, they need a lot of help on defense, especially defensive backs, which would be a reach at #5,. Package our #15 pick, 2020 1st rounder, 2020 2nd or 3rd rounder. Thats a deal they should take, and we should offer. Since they need DB's it woulda been nice to through Swearinger in there to sweeten the pot, but ah well....
  14. rotflmao. He might have been born in West-Virginia.....
  15. I dont think anyone thinks of Gretzky as the greatest goal scorer ever, its just part of his greatness as the greatest player ever. And its also not fair to compare anyone to Gretzky, even other player from that era didnt approach the numbers he put up, hes just the Great One, noone saw the ice like he did. There werent exactly a bunch of 90 goal scorers in the 80s. Or even 80 goal scorers. Or 70 goal scorers for that matter. But if you ask me best goal scorer ever, I think Mike G, Esposito, Brett Hull, etc., not really Gretzky. And so from that prespective, its definitely within reach, Ovi belongs in the same breath, he;s got bout what 200 goals to go and he'll catch up. He can do that in about 4 seasons -- and I see him playing about 4 more seasons possibly. Now if you want to bring physical play into account, the Canadian will riot if you try to compare Gordie Howe to OVi, but I think its getting to be a fair comparison,