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  1. Koala

    Welcome to the Redskins Chase Young DE Ohio State

    Its a foregone conclusion that the 2nd pick will be Chase Young. It SHOULDNT be a foregone conclusion WHO makes that second pick. Just step back and think. Look at all the gaping holes we have on defense. I draw your attention to particularly the middle LB positions and the outside CB positions, where you will see black holes where a football player should be residing. Now look at the front lines, the front 4. You know, basically, in a normal situation, this should be a pretty darn good line already. And I dont think adding Chase Young will add much value to that -- nor does Chase Young's addition make the 2 blackholes at MLB and CB less destructive. But...Chase Yooung can fill those two black holes...if you trade down and get Isiah SImmons and CB in the 2nd round.... Or does that make too much sense?
  2. Koala

    Correcting the fan interest problem

    I get all that, but I just wonder if Dan is so obtuse as to not really understand why gambling is so controversial, and probably not something he wants to jump headlong into at a time when he's trying to win back fans. I highly doubt that turning FEDEX into a mini-casino is gonna win him more fans than its gonna lose him. A large section of the Redskins fan base is family oriented, and probably have moral, personal, and religious objections to gambling. I know MD is one of the few states where some form of gambling is legal. But its also still illegal in the majority of U.S. states, because I think the majority or close to the majority of the population simply do not want major gambling operations in their backyard. Therefore, I dont think it takes a genius too see how attempting to strong-arm local officials into allowing gambling at FEDEX, is likely something to further deteriorate relations with his shrinking fanbase.
  3. Koala

    Correcting the fan interest problem

    Its like he's actually trying to lose fans.
  4. Agreed. Like I said, the #2 most powerful guy in a country getting assassinated usually leaves the #1 guy and the former#3 pretty happy --- leadership is either in on the plot, or green-lighted the move through a mutual benefactor (i.e. Vladmir). The whole ordeal has a pre-determined, staged feel to it. Just look how quickly and eager Iran was to declare their satisfaction with the "revenge" missile strikes that were very obviously for show only. And how quickly Trump was to accept and agree that Iran had "stood down". Seriously I dont think the fires had even beet put out yet, but somehow everyone has agreed that this the end of things for now. Its not even been a full week, and the whole situation wont even be front page news by tomorrow. Step back and think about that for a second --and think if you would have thought that this was possible one week, when people were freaking out like WWIII had just started.
  5. Im just waiting for Trump to say, "Itd be a shame if the Iranians hacked our elections <wink wink>"
  6. Not really, just a gut instinct. Having lived in a 3rd world country, Im pretty familiar with the modus operandi of these type of people -- gangsters in government. The only people they see as threats are those that directly threaten their personal business interests (they dont give a damn about threats to the country), and when they kill, its to hush someone up, get rid of a rival, or get rid of a threat For example, Kissinger and Bolton are evil SOBs ,but they arent just gangsters like Trump. Somewhere in their twisted minds, they actually believe they are protecting the country. Not Trump. Anyhow, the only evidence I have is some article that linked the Trump organization to some money laundering operation run by an accolyte of Soleimani that was trying to acquire ICBM technology. Apparently he couldnt get any US organization to do the laundering, except Trump which was considering it as late as 2016, but apparently dropped it once he got in office. Or say they say. My hypothesis is they didnt really drop it, and thats why this general is dead. Or something like that. Point is, we need to investigate everything Trump does, with the assumption of a criminal motive. The link to this article is on reddit worldnews page somewhere, 1st page I think, Ill look it up at some point today. Edit: Never mind, just scroll up and read Cooked Crack's posts. Thats what those posts are referring to. Basically, Trump organization may have laundered money to help Iran get ICBM parts and technology. Waaaay bigger than Ukraine, this is flat out treason-hang-him kinda stuff.
  7. I wish people would stop trying to understand Trump's motives through political reasoning. He's a gangster. This Iranian General was killed cause he knew too much. What he knew about Trump, should be everybody's focus. Follow the money, they say....
  8. Am I the only one that doesnt think that this is that crazy a move from Trump? Im not saying I would advise this, Im generally not a pro-assassination type of person, but all in all, my only really worry about this move is that itll succeed in helping Trump's reelection chances by shoring up his support from establishment republicans (i.e. military/industrial complex), and giving his base their scheduled dose of dead muslims. It also throws a bone to his favorite but somewhat ailing ally -- MBS. Iran's options are pretty limited here, really what can they do? It has to respond in some way to save face, but the response has to be limited to ensure that the U.S. is left with the option of not going to all out war. All out war is not an option, because they will lose, and they know it. This immediately precludes any action that likely leads to all out war, such as shutting down the straight of Hormuz, or a massive attack that shuts down oil installations for a prolonged period of time. I doubt that any high level Americans are within Iran's reach. They could go for a Saudi prince, but thats a confused response unlikely to satisfy the "revenge' calls. Iran cant enlist the support of its allies to join them in a direct conflict with the U.S. We all know that this assassination never happens without the implicit approval of the most powerful man in the world -- Vladmir Putin -- so that take's Russia off the table. The Iranians are left with China. And China is not going to war with U.S. on behalf of anyone, period. I also think that the Iranian regime -- which is only concerned about its own survival -- is unlikely to risk that by putting themselves in the crosshairs, so again, no all out war. I also believe that whenever the number two most powerful man in a country is assassinated, the number one and formerly-number-three most powerful men are pretty happy, though they can never admit it. I know Khamenei supposedly liked or trusted this guy, but then again maybe he was getting too powerful and Khamenei took heed of what happened with Sissi and Morsi in Egypt. So with the now-two-most-powerful men in Iran secretly smiling, Irans not doing anything bat**** crazy.
  9. Koala

    The Bruce Allen/GM Thread

    IF its true that Bruce is ONLY around to work on the new stadium deal, then Im actually totally fine with thisBecause, I dont really want a new stadium right now, and I think Bruce is pulling Dan's leg about how much influence he really has politically, and ]]]]Im almost positive that he's whispering into Dan's ear, "We're Damned Close.". So Bruce staying on is actually a good way to make sure a new stadium is not in the near future. As for why I dont want a new stadium deal, its a laundry list of things. But basically, it boils down to this. I think that Dan thinks that a new stadium will magically somehow forgive the past 20 years of resentment that have built towards this organization for it ineptness and generally sleazy modus operundi. Dan needs to understand that the fundamental problem is not Fedex (Gibbs II had that place rocking at times) , its the whole money-grubbing culture AND the product on the field. Work behind the scenes to actually become a part of the community -- I dunno donate some money to fix schools, finance some scholarship programs, etc. etc. At the same time, donate to the campaigns of whatever officials would be in charge of voting on a new stadium, and give them something to work with through your charitable contributions to the city. At the same time, rebuild the product on the field -- no shortcuts, no splashy hires -- just professionally and patiently build a team. You do all that, and theyll come running to you for a new stadium deal.
  10. Just be happy hes not injured for life after taking magical run for a playoff berth.
  11. Koala

    Next Coach?

    What? SEC kids??? The only SEC player Urban ever poached is Justin FIelds. Urban is a strong believer in national recruiting over regional recruiting. He recruits out of Florida, Texas, Georgia, and Ohio cause those are the best places to recruit from. It has nothing to do with SEC territory -- unless you think Texas and Ohio are somehow SEC territory, or that all 5 star recruits are somehow the sole domain of the SEC :rolleyes ANyho, I digress. I never said Urban doesnt win via recruiting. I just pointed out that he deserves credit for recruiting coaches, not just players. And besides, his recruiting experience only helps make his case that he can be both GM and Head Coach -- he's used to having to assemble a team from the ground up, and still call plays and be a head coach. I really cant believe that fans of a team that just spent 8 or 9 years under Jim Zorn and Jay Gruden is gonna get uppity about having Urban Meyer as a head coach. We cant even seem to get a decent candidate in the door, and we wanna quibble about Urban??? Im pretty sure Urban wont even take this job -- it simply lacks the prestige, and would be a major step-down from the Ohio State Buckeyes. Dallas, on the other hand, is still a prestigious franchise -- get over it. THis isnt 1991, there is not a even a small bit of prestige associated with the Washington Redskins. This is a bottom-of-the barrel job, and will continue to be so long as Dan Snyder owns it. Nobody with a modicum of self-respect even thinks about taking a job here -- and unbelievably we got fans with the chutzpah to pretend that beggars can be choosers. SMH, sometimes I think the fans of this franchise and Dan Snyder deserve each other -- both of you are living in a long-forgotten past and are shockingly unaware that we are probably the single biggest joke in the NFL, and maybe all of professional sports.
  12. Koala

    Next Coach?

    I agree with you t first statement, not so much the second. I think in any profession, at any level, you would prefer to have someone who works their way up vertically, rather than someone who attempts a horizontal move from a similar industry, etc. But thats not a hard and fast rule. A lot of recruiting is X and O's stuff -- reviewing high school game film,etc. Every time Meyer talks about a recruit, he spends half the time talking about what he saw on the film that he liked about the recruit, and the other half talking about what he liked in the players personality (is he intense, a warrior, etc.) I think NFL coaches are actually not all that. I think they tend to be rigid, slow to accept new concepts in the game, and are far less creative than their college counter-parts. The number of NFL coaches that are flops as college coaches nearly 100%, and most of it has to do with the fact that they bring their tired old NFL concepts to the college game -- which is much more advanced in actual design of new play concepts, etc. The success of the Ravens is a good example. Everyone's calling them geniuses, but those play concepts have been around in college football for over a decade -- they're almost getting stale from a college perspective. COaches like Jim Harbaugh are another example. He was very good in the NFL, but he;s just okay as a college coach -- matter of fact he might be about to get fired. Harbaugh regularly gets out-couched by his college counterparts, and Michigan has lost several games because Harbaugh got outwitted on the X's and O's. And Urban Meyer's secret to success is not in recruiting college players, but how much stock he puts in hiring the best and brightest assistant coaches. He says he spends almost as much time reviewing and rating other coaches and their game tape, that he does on players. Its not an accident that Ryan Day has the Buckeyes playing even better than Urban did -- Ryan Day was very specifically identified as a bright young mind by Urban, hired, and put in position to succeed. So if Urban is put in the position to pick the coaching staff, he will almost definitely succeed (probably better than any GM) in getting the best talent in football as his coaching staff. The only real way that coaching in the NFL is more challenging than coaching in college is that professional players are different from college players. They are more challenging to motivate, and with the much smaller roster sizes in the NFL, you cant really just replace them at will, like you can in college.
  13. Why not take a flier on AB? What's he gonna do -- disrupt our circus atmosphere???
  14. Koala

    2020 Comprehensive Draft Thread

    Even if we can get Young, Id be in favor of trading down. I like Chase Young, been watching him for years - but after the Michigan game, he confirmed my suspicions that he's not quite a franchise player. But he's good. Id take him in the 1st round, just not at #1. Just an OSU fan giving you my 2 cents. He is not quite the physically gifted freak like a Jevon Kearse or a Clowney. He is a good technician and he certainly has as an explosive first step as youll ever see. But after that, he tends to be a little bit of an upright rusher...and his upper body strength is not quite elite. Given this reason, I think he has a limited upside -- the Chase Young you see now is basically as good as he is gonna be. Which is pretty damned good, dont get me wrong, but for a team like us that already has talent on the D-line, Chase Young is not much value.
  15. Koala

    The Bruce Allen/GM Thread

    I just can't stomach this team with Bruce Allen. I dont like who he is as a person. Dan Snyder I dont mind that much, nerdy billionaire doesnt rub me wrong like that snake of person Bruce Allen. I can't root for this team with him as a part of it. I think a lot of fans are like me. From pimping out our cheerleaders to the unnecessary leak of Jays DIP video -- the guy has done too many nauseating things We just dont like the guy, hes an asshole, and its impossible to root for an asshole unless youre an asshole too. I really dunno how much simpler it can be made to Snyder. I think part of him gets that, which is why they hired the more likeable Doug Williams. But this is a case of addition by subtraction. Snyder just needs to work up the courage to tear off the bandaid -- get rid of the slime ball so we can all move forward.