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  1. Just called best buy and found out for the xbox one they will be having two lines. 1 for the folks that preordered and 1 for me wish I knew which stores have the best chance for extra's. Ugh on me!
  2. Hi folks.. was hoping to find an already started topic on xbox one and ps4. I've already got my mind wrapped around the xbox pretty much because i've been loyal to them since the nice xbox original came out. But this has got me pulling my hair our trying to wrap my mind around the release. I looked on best buy and it says it's 499.99 or so.. Ok so since my wife won't allow us to use "our" house money i've resorted to selling things on ebay and right now i'm at 450.00 so everything will be cool. I checked with estartland today and if you have a good copy of madden 25 (360) they wil
  3. I'm wondering why she's feeding them a huge cheese pizza when there is Chinese food already on the table.
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