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Random Thought Thread


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22 minutes ago, The Evil Genius said:

Awww fml.


First time ever...ceiling is leaking (from the roof since there are no pipes above it). Permits show that the roof was replaced in the last 15 years..but now I have to find a roof repair guy to take a look..in the ****ing rain...




Yeah. bummer. I came home from vacation this summer to find a stain on my ceiling. Feared the worst, mine is even older than yours (17, I believe) but called a guy in off angie's list. Patched up the hole for $250. No sweat. It's not a big number, but he said he'd even credit that if I got my roof replaced within a year. 

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31 minutes ago, Dont Taze Me Bro said:


I've been slacking, not sure how many new ones he's come out with lol



Checked a few weeks ago, he's on one of those hiatuses.  Think he makes an album then releases videos for it within a few months-span.


@MattFancy Good to see ya man.  Had a few Oklahoma brews.  Gotta hit up the beer thread.  Been mostly sticking to low point beer because it gives me almost no hangover.  Keeps the gut more trim.  I flavor them myself.  Citrus, spices, it's pretty funny.  The beer law around here is hilarious.  Nothing over 3.2% alcohol can be sold outside of liquor stores.  Okay.  Because the citizenry around here isn't chock full of alcoholics.  It's Oklahoma.  You have to drink.  Too boring otherwise.

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4 hours ago, MattFancy said:

Have you guys noticed in your profile it tells you how many days you've won?

funny, I hadn't been through this page yet, but for some reason checked my profile...and I saw the same thing.  Moused over it, and I've had the most likes 4 days...I think  Chewie is winning with like 20-something, LOL

That's my bro.:headbang:

2 hours ago, TryTheBeal! said:

Booked the Rock Legends Cruise this morning.  Got an offer I couldn't refuse...:).  Let's Rock!












Apparently before click tracks...drummer speeds up, but whatever....

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14 minutes ago, dfitzo53 said:

You need a mirror for that. 


Actually, I think he was hitting on you. 

He just needs you to touch your toes. 



19 minutes ago, Dont Taze Me Bro said:


What about Uranus?


I have 11 days of winning.  I'll take it.


Hmm...I never would have guessed. 


I have 10, call me DJ Khaled. 

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