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hahaha. Oh ****. That's funny.

Seriously though you didn't know ? I thought it has been known for a while, kinda like Ellen.

I was surprised to see it was a topic.

Same here. I thought he was out years ago. I was more surprised by the announcement itself and not what it was about.

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Anybody ever watch the "How Bad Do You Want It?" training video on youtube? It's one of the biggest motivations that actually got me to start working out over this year.

Apparently a part 2's been out for two months, and it's still an awesome compilation of football training.


The athlete in both videos is Giavanni Ruffin, who I think is out of college and still undrafted.

These videos are incredibly inspiring, hope the kid gets a shot to at leasttry out with any football team.

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Nah, Anderson Cooper, world renowned CNN anchor. (360, etc). I had no idea he was gay either. I never got that vibe from him.

We here found it odd that no one else knew. My mom said to me(on a trip home to VA a few years ago),"Shep Smith speaks out against the gays!" I replied, "MOM, he's gay". And then I followed with Anderson Cooper, and Governor Charlie Christ (FL, who routinely voted against who he was). She was soooo completely shocked. Where my parents are, they might see 5 gay people a year. I see 20 before I even get to work every day.

And I don't care. We should be free to be who we wanna be.

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Amateur hour starting right on time,(maybe a little late even),up here in the hills. 2 guys carrying 12 packs of beer bobbing and weaving in the middle of the road stopping cars. Should be getting a visit from the local police any minute now. Heckuva way to spend the 4th. :2drunks:

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Why are you firing fireworks outside? It's July 3rd.
The same thing happened to me last night. Dumbasses...

The 4th of July party I went to was this past Saturday. They lit illegal fireworks all night long. The neighbors probably loved it, since they didn't have power and it was entertainment.

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