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  1. Nobody will remember me, but I'm back. And let's go Skins.

    1. abdcskins


      Welcome back man.

    2. Lombardi's_kid_brother


      It wasn't suicide, Sam. It was muuuuurrrrrrdddderrrrrr

  2. First game I'm watching. Weird watching Wall drain a three now.
  3. And I'm pretty sure that's all the potential Grunfeld saw in Jan Vesely when he was drafted.
  4. Not draft related, and sorry to get off topic with the draft talk, but all these coach firings have really been surprising, especially Karl, and, most recently, the Grizzlies' Lionel Hollins. This isn't to discuss more on what the coaches have done or haven't been able to achieve for their teams, but when we look at the long list of available coaches, there are definitely a lot of coaches out there who would be an immediate upgrade from Wittman. I've even been surprised that Sam Cassell never got the opportunity to be the coach. Dude was around with us longer than Wittman, I think. And this i
  5. Not to be a negative nelly, just found this read to be incredibly amusing on how bad EG's draft history has been (with the exception of John Wall). http://www.washingtonpost.com/blogs/wizards-insider/post/how-ernie-grunfeld-has-used-the-nba-draft-in-washington/2012/06/26/gJQAUgEQ3V_blog.html
  6. Ah, that makes more sense. I always have too much wrestling on the brain.
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