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Random Thought Thread

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Hot there in Denver too. Lot of fires there :(


yeah it is :( LOL

Mother nature is finally cooperating though, and the winds have died down some. Obama is supposed to touchdown sometime this morning in Colorado Springs...

We live in Douglass County, Colorado, which pretty much connects the southern Denver suburbs and the Colorado Springs northern suburbs. As of yesterday, the fires from CO Springs have spread north into southern Douglass County.... :(

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I'll take this unbearable summer weather like a champ for the next few months. Have fun with all that rain and no sunlight 365 days a year. :ols::silly:


What's not funny is that I was just standing in my co-workers room looking out the window and saw this man pass out on the side walk. It's 100 degrees right now and it's only noon :doh:

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KB ? Are you on St. Croix ?

Just thinking about a different vacation for me and the wife and V.I. came to mind.

Anyway, if you are, what area should I stay in for the most stuff to do without having to rent a car. Thanks in advance if you have any insight.

Yeah man, I'm on St Croix. It's hard to get around here without a car. The taxis and buses are expensive too.

The nicest place, I'd say is Carambola


It's not a resorty island what so ever. St Thomas is more that way, but it's also a lot busier. It depends on what you're looking for.

If you want a beautiful place to just relax, come here. I can't imagine a better place. Plus, I'll show you around.

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You know what's really lame? Independence Day being on a Wednesday this year, and Halloween is too. We need to make it so both holidays fall on a Friday every year. Mid-week holidays are BS.

Not for me. We have the Mango Malay on Sunday, before work, then the big country music show at the casino on tuesday (I'm off work) at the beach and then a ton of stuff to do on Wed before the fireworks at the beach bars (and I'm off) and the I'm off Thursday to recover. :)

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So I spoke with my associates about phone upgrades and I was told that data plans cost as much as 60 dollars per month

I know I am employed but dios mio

If this is true then you can forget about any type of smart phone here

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I've had cereal without milk for the last 2 or 3 weeks

Doesn't matter

Do you use water? Or do you eat it dry?

I remember being out of milk when I was little, and I made a bowl of those old vanilla Frosted Cheerios, and used tap water. It didn't taste very good...Looking back on it, I'm not really sure why I did that.

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