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If you are part of the Commander management team, what would be your tweet tonight?


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“We, the owners, are individually and collectively embarrassed for the performance today on our home field.   We apologize to the fans and feel your pain.  We PROMISE to do better no matter what the cost, we make it our MISSION to return this franchise to its former glory, and will again make this franchise an entity all the DMV can be proud of.”

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1 hour ago, Koolblue13 said:



You tweet a response to this immediately, own it, don't make excuses.


At this rate I just want to believe there's some accountability somewhere, this could always end up better then Snyder simply because the scandles finally stop and we get nothing else, I am prepared for that...

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“On behalf of the Commanders organization, we’d like to apologize to all the fans that Ron whined about not showing up.  You have shown up and we appreciate it.  We will be selecting one lucky fan at the next home game to tie a cinder block to Ron’s foot and push him into the Anacostia.  Just kidding, or maybe not.”

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We started out the season telling you our fan base that this would be a season where we are setting back, taking notes and evaluating the entire process and product.  However, in no way did we expect you to witness the **** show you have witnessed on the field week after week.  Heck, peoples jobs were on the line for gods sake.  We expected they would be motivated to step up their game.  However, we have seen enough.  Coach RR has been relieved of his duties.  We fully realize there are many people involved in the  assimilation and performance of this team however he is the head coach and in effect the GM so he has to be held accountable first and foremost.   We understand and do not expect this change to have a meaningful impact on this season.  However, after losing twice to a division rival in the same season who by the way were starting a second and third string quarterback and who happens to be one of the worst teams in the NFL, we could not continue to stand/sit in the owners suite with our arms folded looking like our coach on the sidelines.  We have already begun our search for a competent General Manager for this team and that individuals first responsibility will to be to hire a young offensive minded coach to lead this team back to a place where we can at least be competitive on Sundays. 

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