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  1. Great player. Never forget him knocking Danny White out of that game in the 82 NFC Championship Game. Get well Dex. Your fans are pulling for you brother.
  2. Totally agree with Voice of Reason. I think TW finding a team to sign him for what he thinks he is worth is a much bigger hurdle than the draft compensation. Do you think that teams who may want to offer him a contract are not going to use the leverage of KNOWING he wants out of DC to their negotiating advantage? Well of course they are.
  3. I do not personally think we should be trading any of our recent higher draft picks on defense until we have given this new coaching staff on defense at least one season. This team has not had a legitimate coaching staff on defense for a number of years. I am not naive enough to assume just because JDR will be leading our defense that we will be dominant on defense but he does have a good track record so there is hope and optimism.
  4. People love to talk about how bad the defensive coaches were here and I don't disagree, but when I watch Norman's play this past year, on almost every occasion he was trailing the receiver by 2 yards. Sorry but to me that is not coaching that is simply lost a step. How in gods name he convinced someone to pay him $6m a year based on his play in 2019 is beyond me. Must have a good agent.
  5. Why don't we just trade all of our top shelf players so we can build all of that draft capital and draft players who we have no idea if they will ever become legitimate starters in the NFL or not. That seems like a great strategy.
  6. That is like saying Jordan Reed has been injured alot the last three seasons but when he is healthy he is a STUD. Lot of good his stud status did this team. And yes TW has regressed. Hasn't played a 16 game season since 2013. That is regression even if his play hasn't which it has. And something else no one mentions. Say you sign him to a extended deal with bunch of guaranteed money. And suppose God forbid he has a re-occurrence of his cancer and can't play. Can you say repeat of Alex Smith? New sheriff in town. Time to move on.
  7. Glad he is back but really who else do they have. And please don't answer Guice for Gods sake. It reminds me of what I thought when Gruden made him inactive for the first game. I was like what a dumb move. The handwriting is on the wall. Gruden will not finish out the year. And that is exactly what happened. That move was literally the beginning of the end for Gruden.
  8. I say stick with the youth movement. This coaching staff has a bit of a honeymoon period for a couple of years. Go find your own young talent and coach them up. One of the huge reasons the offense on this team has struggled the last couple of years is lack of a credible tight end. We have/had one but he was never on the field. The last thing we need is another veteran late in their career, and it has been a good one no doubt, coming here soaking up a bunch of cap but because their body is breaking or broken down can't stay on the field. Now, if you want to make the argument that because
  9. This post brings home two points. One, Norman was a lot of bluster and an average player who got paid a lot of money. Second point is how incompetent the front office really was. Breeland never even got the courtesy of a contract offer when he left yet his stats are better than Normans and they the paid him $56.7 million less. Some will say oh but Breeland was on a rookie contract. Agreed so the money may not be the most telling thing here its the results really. And oh by the way. Breeland has a Super Bowl to boot. Wasn't all that excited when Norman got signed and not sorry he is gon
  10. So let me get this straight. An undrafted free agent converted from WR to CB who has injury issues and is under contract for another year thinks that one of the highest priorities of a completely new coaching staff with all of the restructuring of the coaching staff and front office (within the first 6 weeks of all that) was to contact him to see how he felt about his contract. Give me a break. Sounds like in his journey from undrafted free agent to starting CB also included becoming a diva.
  11. Good luck to you and thank you. For an offense that was pretty ugly over the past few years, no fault of yours, you sir were a bright spot.
  12. Kirk's problem is between his ears. He looked like a deer in the headlights from the opening kick. The moments of really big games are just to big for him. It's like he freezes. Unlikely he will ever get over it. Hope the Vikes like that $30 mill they are paying for an occasional wild card win.
  13. I will give him some credit for probably at least be partially responsible for Snyder moving on from Allen. Based on the fact that Allen is now gone and we have moved on from the old coaching staff, this is a new beginning. Based on his history of being injured and missing 4 or so games a year, the fact that he tapped out on his teammates over some dispute with the team doctor his words not mine, and the fact that he has not played for a year, I personally would not be upset if we move on. And I certainly would not give him a 3 year extension at some ungodly number based on his injury histor
  14. You people are living in a fantasy world.
  15. I am fine with your positivity but your post would have been stronger if you left off 3, 4, 5, and 7. They are all huge stretches to be a positives.
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