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  1. If we pick at 19 in the first round how did we get to 52 in the second round. Somehow I missed that.
  2. Exactly. Haskins is a big dude with a canon and we see where that got him.
  3. Three observations. Great game. This was the first time in a long time that the offense actually looked like an NFL offense. The defense is good but they are not great like some of the talking heads want you to believe. PS: TH had a better command of the offense and playmakers on this team in a month than Haskins did in 2 years.
  4. Honestly that was pretty pathetic. It did not look like professional football.
  5. This was so predictable if you have followed this franchise since Danie Snyder took over. And I am going to go on record now and say they will lose to Philly next week because Philly even though nothing to play for will be fired up to knock their assess out of the playoffs, Dallas will beat the Giants and win the division and the WFT will be at home for the playoffs yet again. And what will the fans be left to chew on in the offseason? A three game losing streak to end the season, a multiple winning streak by their arch rival to overtake them and win the division quarterbacked by Andy Dalt
  6. This is a bigger win than the Giants win. Seattle has not been playing well lately and the Giants have so while that was an upset it was not a huge upset in my opinion. If you throw in being down 14 points and not converting a single third down in the first half, the second half was absolutely huge and this was a big upset. And that is before you even consider you beat an undefeated team in their house.
  7. Dude is a player. Always around the ball and he makes tackles.
  8. They have not given up a ton of sacks but that is about where their success stops. In terms of rushing yards per game, 29th out of 32 teams, not very good. And where does rushing start. It starts with the O line.
  9. Great player. Never forget him knocking Danny White out of that game in the 82 NFC Championship Game. Get well Dex. Your fans are pulling for you brother.
  10. Totally agree with Voice of Reason. I think TW finding a team to sign him for what he thinks he is worth is a much bigger hurdle than the draft compensation. Do you think that teams who may want to offer him a contract are not going to use the leverage of KNOWING he wants out of DC to their negotiating advantage? Well of course they are.
  11. I do not personally think we should be trading any of our recent higher draft picks on defense until we have given this new coaching staff on defense at least one season. This team has not had a legitimate coaching staff on defense for a number of years. I am not naive enough to assume just because JDR will be leading our defense that we will be dominant on defense but he does have a good track record so there is hope and optimism.
  12. People love to talk about how bad the defensive coaches were here and I don't disagree, but when I watch Norman's play this past year, on almost every occasion he was trailing the receiver by 2 yards. Sorry but to me that is not coaching that is simply lost a step. How in gods name he convinced someone to pay him $6m a year based on his play in 2019 is beyond me. Must have a good agent.
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