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  1. glongest


    Now are u starting why people are saying 3 to 4 wins. Preseason or not they look awful. Even worse than last week. Unimpressed with Haskins. Not a single sustained drive by the offense. No running game. Other than the punter not another single player stood out. Wide receivers pretty much uninvolved except for penalties And Cincinnati is not very good. Jay Gruden will be looking for a job after this season maybe before.
  2. Dude looks like Julius Peppers. Sure hope he can play like him.
  3. glongest

    2019 NFL Draft discussion thread

    Really don't know what you are disagreeing with. You even say in your post "guess we will have to wait and see." That is exactly what my post said. All looks good on paper but with pretty much any draft, it is a wait and see if those players that were good in college translate to the same thing in the Pros. Sometimes they do, sometimes the don't.
  4. glongest

    2019 NFL Draft discussion thread

    It is nice to feel good about the draft but the fact is that it will be at least a year and I would say more like two years before you can really judge. We have drafted can't miss quarterbacks, wide receivers etc. in the past that did not live up to the hype. We have drafted OL that at the time were described as "nasty" and they ended up hanging around on the PS until they eventually got cut. If you look back at the 14, 15, 16 draft, out of 25 draft picks, only 4 are left on the roster. Not a very good track record in my opinion if you are building a team from the draft. Granted in 17,18 draft, all 18 picks are still on the roster. So there is reason perhaps to think maybe they are getting better at this draft thing, but only time will tell. I am very positive about this class but that is just on paper at this time. The game at this level is much different than the college game so just because a player had an outstanding college career does not mean they will be able to do that at this level. I wish all of them the best of luck and hope they will be able to contribute in a positive way to rebuilding this team. I just hope we can have more of a normal NFL injury experience in 2019 so these guys get a chance to compete.
  5. Not sure why so many people have this illusion that Callahan is somehow going to transform mid level O lineman to solid starters. Look at his track record since he has been here with OL who have been drafted in the mid rounds. He has developed no one for the most part and there have been many. Hell people they have brought in couldn't even beat out broken down lineman like Lavou. And he hasn't resurrected any of the players they picked up off the streets either. I am expecting the same with this guy as well. Based on his performance in Washington, Callahan is overrated in my humble opinion.
  6. glongest


    It tells you something about your football team when the fan base thinks Josh Johnson needs to have a shot at being on your team. I am just not sure what but it can't be good. Yes the same Josh Johnson who had no other team in the NFL think he was worthy of even a back up roll for 8 years before the Redskins came calling. The same Josh Johnson who was pretty much awful like the rest of his team.
  7. With the group of quarterbacks on this roster who are healthy enough to play, quite honestly I don't think who the coach is will matter very much. I don't expect any coach regardless of their talent are going to be god sends for either of our quarterbacks. Just saying.
  8. glongest

    Joe Theismann on Redskins future

    I can understand McCoy as the starter because that is probably as best as we can do, but when he said Josh Johnson as the backup, he lost all credibility. Come on people yes it was a nice story but Josh was awful. No other way to describe it once you get past the feel good story.
  9. glongest

    Trade up to draft Haskins???

    Absolutely this is a great idea. After all I fully trust this group to evaluate the talent of a 1st round quarterback and project he will be the next star in the NFL and tell us why we should bet the farm to get him. What's that you say? They are the same crowd for the most part that drafted and managed RG3? Oh yea, I guess you are right. Never mind.
  10. Maybe a management group who is worried they will not be able to find a coach desperate enough to join this dumpster fire and worried that if they fire what they have they might end up with Jim Zorn coaching the defense. Not like it has not happened to these losers before. So I learn from reading this thread that we lost probably the best coach on the staff (kotwica) (if you measure by results). Sounds about right for this franchise. And please spare us all by telling us our best coach is Callahan. His results here are very unimpressive.
  11. glongest

    At 5-3 We Are Now Officially Trapped

    Don't mean to say I told you so but here was my prediction when they were 5 and 3. In hindsight, I gave them to much credit. I missed it by one game. Got the playoff part right though.
  12. glongest

    Game Day Thread - Philthy at Redskins

    So I am watching the post game shows on TV and they have this thing where they go around and pick the player that you give the thumbs up for the game. Santana Moss chooses Josh Johnson. Are you kidding me? Did he watch the same game I did? The offense had 89 total yards, 68 yards passing, he throws a pick on the first play of the game, and I think I saw did not convert a single 3rd down. The next talking head that says this guys needs to be invited back next year I think I will puke on their shoes. He was awful today and every game before today. So he beat the Jags. Big deal. They are the worst offensive team in the league. But they would have beat us today. So today you have the fans of a division rival, defending super bowl team, take over your team hollering their chant and pitch a shut out in your stadium that could have been 50 to nothing easily. If you are the owner of this team and that is not embarrassing enough to cause you to make SWEEPING changes front office and otherwise, then nothing ever will and those of you who are still fans will continue to suffer through this misery. And now for an even more depressing thought. We will pick somewhere around 15 in the draft. Is there anyone that thinks there are 14 worst teams in the NFL at this stage. Yes we will get some injured players back but likely our starting quarterback will not be able to play and we have no way to correct that, (and he wasnt playing that well anyway but we are stuck with him) no good receivers, looks like the ship has sailed on the tight end we gave alot of money to and he can't stay healthy anyway, inside linebackers are horrible, safety will be a huge question and we have weak corners. And oh by the way, Chris Thompson who was our best offensive player last year has been a shell of himself since the injury. His ship may have sailed as well. And this front office has proven, they don't have the skills to do anything about any of this.
  13. glongest

    D.J. Swearinger blasts Redskins DC Manusky after loss

    This guy was supposed to be a leader. He is no leader. He is just a loud mouth who is constantly looking for someone to blame for his own shortcomings. If you want to see the difference between a leader and a wanna be leader, just take a look at his interview and look at Adrian Peterson's interview after the game. One going to the HOF after his career the other will be a distant memory (other than his loud mouth and calling out coaches and teammates) as soon as he is out of the league. You can watch all the film you want but in the end, you have to execute. And that is alot more on the player individually than the coach. And DJ has had plenty of issues with execution this year. Several times last night initial contact was made 4 to 5 yards behind the line to gain on critical third downs only to have Titans slip the tackle and keep the drive alive. Also on several occasions on defense and special teams, the would be tackler comes flying in out of control trying to make that big hit rather than being under control and in position to make the tackle. The offensive player makes one little move, the tackler goes flying by grasping air and the offensive player is gone the other way. So until you start executing whatever the game plan is, just shut up and play. With any luck, he will calling out coaches on another team next year.
  14. Here is what should happen but it won't. Snyder should hold a press conference. Here is what he should say. First and foremost I want to apologize to the fans for the past 20 years but I vow to change this today. I wanted to try it my way and I did but it has been an epic failure and I am sorry you as fans have suffered because of my failure. Today we are starting over and we are treating this like a new franchise. What that means is we are starting from scratch. All of the front office, management, coaches, scouting etc. are being terminated effective after the season is over. This does not mean our failures are their fault it is simply how you start over. We want to start clean and nothing can be sacred. We thank them for their efforts and wish them well. We will begin a search immediately for a GM and that person will hire his front office people, scouts, a new coach etc. and will have complete control to build this franchise back to a respectable franchise that it was before I bought it. This will not be easy and it will not be painless. But what we have done for the past 20 years has not worked so we have to start from scratch. Our goal will be to build a team and a coaching staff that within 5 years will compete for division titles and playoff spots. At this point, we are not going to even talk about Super Bowls because based on our recent history we don't deserve to. We need to first be able to show we can actually play and compete in late December games that actually mean something other than what place we will pick in the draft the following year. Again I am sorry for the past 20 years, now lets get started.
  15. Offense will not score a touchdown in this game. That is my prediction.