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Election 2024 & Presidential Race: Demented WannaBe Dictator Trump vs President Biden


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Perot got 19 percent of the vote in a year where two respected dudes in GHWB and WJC were running. And then got 11 percent in 1996.


Fast forward to 2016 and we have DJT and Hillary and 3rd party combined gets five percent. And even less in 2020.


So, no. The only way a third party candidate does damage in 2024 is if Trump throws a hissy fit and goes that route if the GOP denies him the nomination. I could see Trump winning a few states like Wallace did in 1968.


I saw that WaPo poll where Trump is ahead of Biden by 3. We are a long way off, but closer than we are to 1/6/21. The voters are really going to put Don in there again........

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1 hour ago, Cooked Crack said:
He not built for this


He really isn't. Its funny watching him choke on his own words knowing that he has to act tough, but also knowing that he is afraid of what Trump will do next. 


This puts me in the precarious position of wanting to root for Trump destroy this man. What a time to be alive. 

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1 hour ago, tshile said:

You write like someone trying to write haikus, that doesn’t understand how a haiku works 


The 88Comrade2000GPT wasn't trained on haiku's


...or anything optimistic


It was just trained on doomsday literature and Redskins/Commander's news articles (which is pretty much the same thing).

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Well, the Governors race has shown that not engaging with an extreme maga chud can work for a Democrat. Can that work on a national level with a republican doing that to another republican? I don't think so. The GOP want DeSantis, but I don't think GOP voters necessarily do. Ronnie will have to wait until drop is completely out of the spotlight, he's wasting his time otherwise.

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Former Michigan governor candidate Perry Johnson considering run for president


Former candidate for Michigan governor Perry Johnson has announced he is formally consider a run for president.


The southeast Michigan businessman has been teasing the move for months, and said Thursday he also plans to run a Super Bowl TV ad in major media markets in Iowa. A press release from Johnson said the ads will cost $192,000.


Johnson was struck off the ballot when he ran for governor in Michigan because it was determined that he had thousands of fake signatures.


He said Thursday that he has filed the necessary paperwork with the Federal Election Commission to form a candidate committee to run for President.


Click on the link for the full article

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