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Game Night Thread: Washington at Chicago ~ Mobsters Delight Edition


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Just now, CapsSkins said:


He was a homegrown draft pick and we signed him to his 2nd contract. It's easy to sign draft picks to 2nd contracts bc you can give them a bunch of guaranteed money up-front and that's super risky for a guy to turn down. 

I agree, he was smart to take the guaranteed money as early as possible and re-sign here to secure his family’s generational wealth. Most of us would make that choice. 

That doesn’t really change what I said. We’ve established that he prefers guaranteed money to winning, as most of us would. That’s not how he presents himself is all I’m saying—his persona is that he’d do anything to win like he did in college and the act of losing games calls into question his personal integrity. lol. I’m exaggerating but all I’m saying is if being on a winning team was THAT high on his personal priorities he wouldn’t still be in Washington. He’s a great player that I enjoy watching, I just am not the type of fan who feels more fondly about a player because of their demeanor after a loss. Like I said, cynical. 

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