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Game Night Thread: Washington at Chicago ~ Mobsters Delight Edition


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1 minute ago, Conn said:

I like Allen plenty, he’s a great football player. I just don’t buy that after so many years here on this terrible team that his day is ruined by these losses like it seems in his post-game interviews lol. If he cared that much about winning he wouldn’t have re-signed here for any amount of money imo. Makes him look good though, I’d do it too. I know that’s cynical. 


He was a homegrown draft pick and we signed him to his 2nd contract. It's easy to sign draft picks to 2nd contracts bc you can give them a bunch of guaranteed money up-front and that's super risky for a guy to turn down. 

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2 minutes ago, Voice_of_Reason said:

I love run-run-pass-punt.  

it’s a great way to start a game.  

When are these idiots going to realize their running game is crap and they have to attempt to be a pass first team because when they are in known passing situations bad things happen. 


They are definitely a pass first team. Actually some teams have cued up to that especially on first down 

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