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Just now, JoeJacobyHOForRIOT said:

I'm old to enough to have seen Joe Montana play and my whole life as a fan of the game I'v always said Montana was the greatest QB i ever saw play, Im changing that today. Tom Brady is the greatest QB i have ever seen play the game.


How'd it take ya so long ta realize? After the comeback against Atlanta in the SB there should be no doubt.

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Chiefs need to swallow their pride and start using a lot of 5-7 yard passes with short dropbacks to give Mahomes time. Get Kelce involved. They're trying too hard for homerun throws because they've been there all year. 


The running game won't make an appearance until they give the Pats something to worry about defensively. 

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4 minutes ago, abdcskins said:

I hope they make pass interference reviewable in the offseason.

They’ve got to call it first. Still if you make pi reviewable, how about holding? Are you thinking a coach should be able to challenge a non call? I think it could get ridiculous is why they dont

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