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15 minutes ago, Bacon said:

Chiefs need to swallow their pride and start using a lot of 5-7 yard passes with short dropbacks to give Mahomes time. Get Kelce involved. 


You called it.


TD to Kelce. 14-7. New England.


Kansas City might make a game of this.

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1 minute ago, Momma There Goes That Man said:

I do admit, there is a really nice symmetry to the Pats having a chance to win 3 SBs in 4 years by beating the Rams to end their run after starting their run beating the Rams as the first of 3 SBs in 4 years. That’s a pretty cool bookend. 



Having said that, **** the Pats


Let’s go QB Jesus 

It wouldn't be 3 SB wins in 4 years. It would be 3 in 5 years.

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