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  1. Ugh, when I see some of these names, like "Dalton" and "Tyrod Taylor" specifically, I almost soil myself. OK. Not almost. Please, Dear Crom, God of Conan, do not let this come to pass. No pun intended. At least not at first.
  2. Whatever the investigation reveals, he's a "vile and pathetic man" in my book already based on a mountain of evidence spanning two decades that's already out there and other things I know that aren't. As far as "unverified speculation," that's why they did an investigation that, as of now, very few know the results of. An investigation that interviewed 100s of people from what I understand. THAT is what will ultimately decide the situation, not public sentiment. I'm not a fan of the whole "mob rules mentality" that's so prevalent right now either, but Jesus Christ, if I was an owne
  3. Based on the rest of your comment, there's no way the first part is true. As said above, all this is written into the NFL's bylaws among owners, i.e., the other owners can oust one of their own if they believe his/her conduct is detrimental to their brand and MUTUAL BUSINESS. There's nothing "un-American" about that. It's not like they'd be taking all his money away and locking him up in jail because of "public opinion." They'd force him to sell the team and he'd rake in more money than ever. He just wouldn't be allowed to poison the brand any more. I hope to God this happens. This is a vile,
  4. Yesterday, the petition regarding making the info public was at about 5,000. Since the Post reported on it, it's almost 25,000! Amazing response. https://www.change.org/p/roger-goodell-nfl-washington-football-team-do-the-right-thing-for-women
  5. I'm sure the owners will. Or at least pretty sure. I seriously doubt the NFL will allow it to be released to the public, goons that they are. I'll be shocked if they do. There will be a lot of social media outcry for awhile about it, but they'll just say nothing and weather the storm until it dissipates. Their shield logo is a joke. Only thing it protects is their money.
  6. Interesting interview with Donald Wells, former director of the cheerleaders, some of whom were featured in those "lewd" videos. If you can get through the caricature of a radio douche doing the interview, it's pretty interesting insight: https://www.iheart.com/podcast/457-elliot-in-the-morning-28216764/episode/eitm-donald-wells-22321-78018716/
  7. Thank you. Not just another "bird" but another "Hawks." No thanks. Warhawks is terrible.
  8. Heartily concur. This guy was insanely lucky to have had a head coaching job for nearly 6 years in the league. He's a schlub. Anyone who makes it that far has got some serious know-how and football intelligence compared to the general public, obviously. But compared to his peers in the league? Schlub. Watching him on his local "Coach's Show" all those years doesn't make me long for hearing those "dulcet tones" do a game, either. Ugh. Can you imagine anyone EVER saying they'd "run through a wall" for Jay Gruden? Maybe run INTO one headfirst because of how annoying he is, but throug
  9. For any interested ... a petition created by a former WFT cheerleader (I think) asking that the NFL investigation into Snyder be made public and the cheerleading squad reinstituted. https://www.change.org/p/roger-goodell-nfl-washington-football-team-do-the-right-thing-for-women
  10. That's not the main reason I like it. I love the name, I love the imagery, I love the animal, I love the subtle NA ties that COULD be associated with the name (but don't have to be) if one chooses, I love the possibilities around it from a fan perspective. Every day I pray to Crom, God of Conan, that this name will be chosen. He must not fail me.
  11. Main problem with going for just "Wolves" or "Wolfpack" vs. "Redwolves" is that you would lose any real reason to preserve the color scheme. In fact, "Wolves" with a burgundy/gold color scheme wouldn't make much sense. I know there are people who want the colors to be changed as well, so this wouldn't be an issue for them. Not me. I love the color scheme. Calling us "REDwolves" vs. just "wolves" makes more sense in this case if we want to keep the colors. No, you don't have to have "red" in the name in general to keep the colors. But in this specific case, I think you do.
  12. I personally feel that the public comments about them being OK with sticking with "no name" COULD be a ploy to help them secure trademarks to the new name they really want. If they come off desperate for a particular name, whomever owns the trademark has more leverage. If there's a sense that they will just stick with what they have now, perhaps that trademark gets easier to achieve. I think it's all similar to what they do when they're discussing whether or not to trade a player. I don't think there's any way they stick with WFT longterm.
  13. No arguments here, and I personally would be OK with Warriors, although it's not my top choice obviously. But there's already been stuff written about people who think this would not satisfy the "no NA references." I remember this quote from last year by Erik Brady: "But let’s say, for the sake of argument, that the team jettisons all Native American imagery and still chooses Warriors. Sorry, that won’t work either: Some Washington fans would see it as an invitation to continue dressing up as play Indians — more white guys in war paint. That’s because Warriors, as a mascot i
  14. Almost ALL animals were/are sacred to Native Americans. Eagles are sacred. Bears are sacred. Buffalos are sacred. There's nothing special about the Red Wolf in that regard. In fact, most people who are for the name probably have no idea about any NA ties, certainly not the Marvel character I referenced. Most just think it's a cool sounding name. I happen to agree, although I know others don't. There's not a single name I've heard that has more marketing and more fan-related possibilities, too. I think it would be fantastic. The fact that I can PERSONALLY tie it into NA symbology is just extra
  15. That's the main reason I want RedWolves, BECAUSE of its native american connotations. Look up the Marvel Superhero "Red Wolf." He was originally dressed in burgundy and gold, too. I became a fan of the team BECAUSE I love the NA connections. I think RW could be a great way to have some subtle connection to that for those who want to interpret it that way, but nothing that would offend. Although you never know in this day and age.
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