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  1. Dissident2

    Dallas O vs Our D?

    I was so hoping we could've brought Cooper in here. Hopefully we can get to Prescott before he has time to pick us apart. Then again, dude is hard to sack. It's going to be a tough matchup for us like always.
  2. Dissident2

    Thoughts on 2012 and the Myth of RG3

    I think for me the problem I had with Shanny was not solely the fact that he let him play hurt, but that it was clear at an early point that the injury had rendered him completely ineffective. I know a lot of guys tough it out and play hurt and end up winning games, but it was pretty clear early on in that game after the first injury that RG3 had nothing left and was actively hurting the team by being in there. He couldn't scramble, couldn't pass, couldn't do any of the things that had made him so dynamic. Plus, Seattle was having their way with our defense for the most part, and it was clear that we were going to have to score more than 14 points. I just could see no way that RG3 at that point was going to be able to lead us to any of those points. If he was still moving the ball hurt, then I could see keeping him in there in a playoff game. But when he's doing nothing because of that injury, that's the problem I have with keeping him in there.
  3. Dissident2

    Thoughts on 2012 and the Myth of RG3

    Oh, man, I forgot to mention that and meant to!!! That field for the playoff game was an utter disgrace. How Snyder could allow that is beyond me. It was Skid Mark Field that day ... a long, brown line running from end zone to end zone. Everyone was slipping all over the place. Absolutely disgusting we'd host a playoff game, first in more than 10 years, on a field like that piece of garbage. I'd imagine that contributed to that final injury.
  4. Dissident2

    Thoughts on 2012 and the Myth of RG3

    I don't know about Super Bowl, but I agree with most of that. Brunell's arm at the end of 2005 was the equivalent of RG3's knee at the end of 2012. The biggest shame about 2005 was Gibbs' bad decision to bring in an offensive coordinator in 2006 and change the dynamic of everything. 2004-2005 was a clear building period, and they were on the cusp of something at the end of '05. Unfortunately, Brunell was done by 2006 and Saunders was a flop.
  5. Dissident2

    Thoughts on 2012 and the Myth of RG3

    I think the 2015 team was so much better in hindsight.
  6. I consider myself more of a Gibbs I era fan, but my earliest memories are rooted in the Allen days. Probably the first Redskins memory I have is from the Thanksgiving game in '74 when Longley came back and they beat us. I don't think I even watched the game, but I remember how upset the adults were, and I remember realizing something crazy and terrible had happened. I started out a fan of the Baltimore Colts, actually. But I was a HUGE fan of Native American culture as a kid. I read every book I could find on the subject, so at one point very early on, I switched to the Redskins. Anyway, first TV memory I have is also '74, watching Sonny Jurgensen throw 2 picks in a loss against the Rams. I remember being really mad at Sonny. I wasn't even 7 yet. It was in '76 when I really became a fanatic, though. What did it was my Dad letting me stay up to watch MNF and watching Eddie Brown make a glorious punt return for a TD against the Cardinals in the rain and mud. That night sealed the deal.
  7. OK, so as mentioned in another post awhile back, I've been rewatching entire Redskin seasons in "condensed game" formats thanks to the NFL Networks free deal on GamePass during this apocalypse. It's been, overall, enjoyable, as I've been watching as detached as I can manage from emotional connections to the games (most of them big fat L's) and more with the objective of analyzing what went wrong, what went right, etc. The 2011 season was just a horrendous watch, and yet bizarrely enjoyable when Jon Beck took center stage, as his ineptitude was so utterly complete that it made me question my agnosticism. I was looking forward to washing that taste away with the 2012 season, the brief moment when we all had hope that things had finally changed, that we had our franchise QB, that we were a team to once again be reckoned with, possibly even feared. I wasn't looking forward to the ending, but the first two acts - especially the second - were pretty enjoyable. I'd even say special. But the nosedive collapse of RG3 has always been something I couldn't fully wrap my head around. How could someone go from such greatness to the sewers in such a short time span? Yeah, I understood the reasons on a surface level: the injury, the anomaly of the offense, but ... the emotional side of me never got it. After all, he had been truly great once ... right? Watching the 2012 season in quick succession made things much more clear. First, watching in this manner, you really get a sense for the patterns in play calling that emerge, and you especially get a sense for how great a job the Shanahans did in using Griffin's limited but explosive abilities (at the time) to mask his obvious weaknesses, weaknesses that a combination of his injury and the league starting to figure out this system made that much more apparent in 2013 and beyond. Here are my takeaways from 2012. Much of this is already known, but watching everything so closely and quickly really drove a lot of these points home. 1. The playbook was ridiculously simplistic. This is hyperbole, but it seemed like there were 4 or 5 passing plays used all season. Most of them hitches or bubble screens. They threw SO MANY of those short routes designed to get Moss or Garcon or Banks out in space. And yet it worked for the most part (but only in that first year; it worked far less often in 2013-14). The other play used an insane amount of times was a play-action ending in a 15-20 yard strike right over the middle (usually to Garcon). That play just gashed defenses all year. It's absolutely amazing how often that worked. (Again, only for that year; I can see them trying it from time to time in '13, '14 with much less success.) 2. RG3's athletic ability and speed were by FAR his best assets in the first 2/3 of that season. He was just so difficult to get to, and that running threat always had defenders unsure of where to be looking. I now firmly believe his confidence as a QB was completely rooted in that athletic ability, despite the fact that he seemed to hate having to rely on it so much, viewing himself as a classic pocket passer. That became laughable (sad laughter) in subsequent years. 3. Griffin had an amazingly strong arm. He was very inaccurate at times, though. He missed some easy throws (everyone does), but that deep ball he had was a thing of beauty when he connected with it. 4. Griffin also had very little field awareness. He forced a lot of throws at times that could've easily been picks. But the plays generally given to him were so safe that it kept his completion percentage fairly high at 65 percent. Most of those plays made things very easy on him and didn't ask him to do a whole lot. Don't get me wrong, he made some spectacular throws during the course of that season, but nowhere near as many as I thought when I was in the throes of my mania. Many bad reads and poor passes that he later made us forget with 30 yard runs. In short, he showed a lot of the same issues that would become painfully apparent in 2013 and 2014. It's just that the explosive running ability masked a lot of that stuff at the time for many of us, myself included. 5. TANGENT ALERT: Brandon Banks was terrible. That is all. I know he had a couple big returns during his career, but it seemed like 90 percent of his returns ended up with him getting stuffed inside the 20, and he always took the kick out of the endzone, no matter how deep. Foolishly, I might add. In fact, we must've had the worst returners in the league during that stretch of time: Niles Paul (NILES PAUL???!), Andre Roberts, even Chris Thompson was returning some kicks for us at one point in 2013. But I digress ... 6. Alfred Morris. Wow, what a season. A great guy, and a joy to watch. Judging by the rest of his career, though, you have to come to the conclusion that he too benefitted mightily from the system and RG3's mystique that season. His downward trajectory was almost as big a nosedive as Griffin's. Huge drop in 2013, bigger drop in 2014, and that was his last 1,000 yard season in the NFL. He ran hard, he had incredible toughness and grit, but ... he just didn't pan out like we thought he might. 7. What a horrible group of receivers in 2012. Garcon was great, and that was it. Josh Morgan? Mediocre personified, if that. Aldrick Robinson had tremendous speed, but that was about all he had going for him. Moss still had a bit left in the tank, but he'd seen better days. Hankerson? Stankerson. And what about tight end? Fred Davis and Logan Paulsen, ladies and gentlemen. When you think about it, there was very little top-tier talent on that offense. Virtually none, in fact. Who knows if that would've made a difference in getting further in the playoffs, but it once again underscores how much of the success that season was a mirage predicated on the "new" system Kyle put into place and RG3's initial ability to run it well. 8. Mike Shanahan's decision to let Griffin play the second half of that playoff game still has to be one of the worst coaching decisions I've ever seen. I remember saying it at the time, too. Dude could barely WALK, and they still trotted him out there. The offense could do NOTHING. Watching Wilson do a far better version of what RG3 had been doing earlier in the season was tough to watch. After going down 14-0, Seattle really destroyed us the rest of that game. It shouldn't have even been that close, as they fumbled once on the one yard line. So, to sum up, I finally am, I think, at peace with the RG3 debacle. I'm finally ready to let it go. What I've realized watching the 2012 season like this is that he was NOT what we thought he was. He was indeed a mirage. What made him great during that short stretch of time could be summed up by his speed and athletic ability and the offense crafted around him. When he lost some of the former, he lost his confidence. It's like the old Bible story of Sampson losing his strength when his hair is chopped off. RG3 could not get away with the things he could once get away with after those injuries, and that made him start questioning himself. I'm going through 2013 and 14 right now, and you can really see it during those seasons. He was just terrible. Running around the pocket in fear, having no idea who to throw to, trying to run at times out of desperation and getting stuffed ... it was tough to watch. Would he have been great if he HADN'T been injured? I don't think so. It just may have taken a little longer for us to find that out. Anyway ... these are my random stay-at-home thoughts. Except for one final thought: Reed ****ing Doughty. I loved that guy. He was not that great, obviously, but I just loved the way he played. He played so hard on every play, and in that playoff game against Seattle, he absolutely shined. He had some huge open-field plays on Wilson in that game. Dude would've fit in great with those Gibbs I units. Stay safe, everyone.
  8. Absolute class. Absolute legend. RIP, Bobby. You will not be forgotten.
  9. So, I never bit the bullet and purchased the NFL Sunday Ticket or Game Pass or whatever it's called. But, if you're not aware, they've made a pretty generous and appreciated offer during this time of isolation, offering the package for "free" (although it cost me 99cents for some reason. Still can't complain about that.) I've been really enjoying, in a sadomasochistic sense most of the time, going back and watching entire condensed games from 2009 to the present. I'm wondering if anyone else is doing this. Just a couple quick impressions as I work my through the sewage overflow that was the 2011 season. Sweet mother of all creatures great and small, I'd forgotten how utterly horrific Jon Beck was. He absolutely has to be the worst pro quarterback I've ever witnessed. At the very least the worst who's ever been considered a viable starter for us. Amazingly, we were 3-1 with Sexy Rexy to start that year, losing a heartbreaker at Dallas (what else is new) when they converted on a 3rd and 21 on their final drive and kicked a game-winning field goal. Rex had his problems in the beginning, but he really started falling apart after that, especially against the Eagles, where he threw pick after pick after pick. Beck was brought in. He looked bad as well, but did "lead" the team to a score in a 20-13 loss. He got the start the next week at Buffalo. Again, I've never seen worse QB play. He was sacked 10 times that day in a 23-0 loss. His passes were off the mark constantly. Like, not even close off the mark. He began throwing check downs to Roy Helu, and then he evolved into ... throwing more check downs to Roy Helu. Amazingly, he started the next week against the 49ers, where Roy Helu set a Redskins record for RECEPTIONS in a single game. It was literally throw to Helu, throw to Helu, throw horribly inaccurate pass across middle of field. Punt. Rinse and repeat. Truly the worst QB in Redskins history. Can this be DENIED? Maybe. Will it be? Perhaps. Will I change my position? NO. I can't believe I'm actually "enjoying" revisiting these horrific seasons, but it's strangely fun. What it also drives home, though, is the level of utter drek we've been forced to watch for so long. For the dummies who harp on about how we are "the worst fanbase in the league" based on recent empty stadiums ... the crowds were still big back then ... and fans were cheering loudly ... even in utterly impossible situations with Jon Beck as our starter. Anyway, looking forward to starting on 2012 soon, even though it's going to be bittersweet. Like watching an old movie where you know the hero is going to kick all sorts of ass ... then die at the end. Also, #FireBruceAllen
  10. Dissident2


    Good riddance.
  11. Dissident2


    Ah, I thought it was funny, lol. And I was watching at the time and was HOPING to see Schroeder come in after that first quarter. That's how much of an idiot I apparently am.
  12. Jay knows how to pound that rock.
  13. Dissident2

    TV Alert: Super Bowl XXII

    Just make sure you don't miss those 18 plays in the second quarter. After that, things get a little slow.
  14. Good move. And I've never even heard the term "club option" before. Looking forward to seeing AP again in 2020.
  15. It just hit me recently that I can actually feel good rooting for this team again. Amazing that the bar is set that low, but my disgust for Bruce Allen and the way he did business was just so off the charts. The fact that I never have to see his face again; listen to his droning, monotonous voice; or kill anymore goats within a pentagram in what seemed until recently to be a vain attempt to sway Satan is just such a blessing. That said, yes, his goon-like ex-boss is still and most likely always will be an issue, but ... for now, I can hopefully put that toadstool out of my mind and concentrate on Ron Burgundy. Seriously, just feeling like I can cheer for this team again in good conscience is huge. Realistically, I have my doubts about Ron being anything better than above average. Although I'm impressed with many of his personal qualities and some of his career accomplishments, I'm not that impressed with his overall record. From the periphery, I've never considered him a trendsetter or someone who's on the "cutting edge" as a coach. I definitely expect a far more disciplined and committed team next season, a more old-school approach, a better overall team atmosphere ... what I truly want as a first step, though, is, at the very LEAST, an even record against divisional opponents. Anyway, I feel like a starving man who's currently more than happy to get a helping of dog food. Once I get my strength back, though, I'm going to be wanting more. We'll see.