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  1. I get your feelings, TD. I've been close to that as well, and yet I still instinctively root for the team and continue to, despite my feelings of utter disdain for Snyder. Not just for him, but for his entire inner circle and the stooges who still lie for him. I still haven't wavered on my feelings for what's to come. This is going to sound a little goofy, but I "know someone who knows someone" who's directly involved with some of this stuff, so I occasionally hear things. Feel free to take that with a grain of salt, and I'm not privy to any "huge" revelations, but I've gotten som
  2. Good Lord, the Bengals are absolutely atrocious. We destroy them last week, knock out their number one QB for the year, and this is how they repay us?
  3. I've always judged Redskins' coaches on their record vs. Dallas first and foremost. Everyone talks about how great Lombardi was for us. Yeah, but he lost to Dallas twice. Everyone talks about Marty's big comeback when he turned it around at 0-5. Love the guy, but ... lost to Dallas twice. Gruden? Horrendous record vs. that team. Rivera is currently undefeated and the WFT has NEVER lost to the Cowboys. That's a good sign for me ... and a good start.
  4. Been a tough day. My Dad's in a nursing home and I got a call while eating T'giving lunch that he had a fever. COVID's going around there, so that's obviously the main worry. Can't be tested until tomorrow, but at halftime got an update that his temp was back to normal, which eased my mind enough to enjoy the utter ass-kicking just unleashed. Far more important things in life than football, obviously, but this was a much needed jolt of good feelings today. Hopefully that continues. Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving, even though it's been a tough one for many. Thoughts go out to the family
  5. Don't start talking about Snyder, Buck. Do not ruin this feeling. Shut the HELL UP about Snyder.
  6. Did anyone notice how they gave Dallas the points on the scoreboard for a moment?
  7. Ladies and gentlemen ... it's been awhile ... but we have a new Cowboy Killer.
  8. Only we can make ****ing Dalton look like Wentz in escapability.
  9. It's time for another one of those drives we had in the first half. Come on, let's go.
  10. Darby Island needs to get another occupant fast. Kid had a great game last week, but he can't handle Coop by himself. Both offenses are getting a lot out of the short stuff. D has got to step up in the second half and start getting some legitimate pressure on Dalton. Should be no excuse with those injuries.
  11. Perhaps he also hates Kirk.
  12. Thanks to our boy Cousins, it's going to be an old fashioned RIVALRY GAME on Thanksgiving! Possibly for FIRST PLACE in the division! Shades of '79 and '83! Or not.
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