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  1. Dissident2

    NBCSports: Foster says **** this team and the fanbase

    I don't get how anyone could NOT have a problem with "**** the fanbase." I really don't care about anything else he said, but that line makes him dead to me unless he comes out and apologizes for it AND explains his motivation for saying it. Even then, I don't know if that would be enough. I sat out there in the cold to watch that pathetic game last week surrounded by Giants fans as we went down 40-0 with my young kid next to me who had literally NOTHING to cheer about as that pathetic defense got gashed over and over and over. So yeah, I'm taking that a little personally.
  2. Dissident2

    NBCSports: Foster says **** this team and the fanbase

    That is not at all a strong comparison, and this Foster thing is nothing like what you're describing above. It's a lot different to gripe about things among your co-workers, but do you honestly think Riggo or one of the hogs would've said, "**** this team and its fanbase" to some regular Redskin fan back in the day? They may have complained to each other about Gibbs' practice regimen or the play calls that week or whatever, but they would've kept it in-house, and I don't see any of them EVER expressing that level of disdain for the organization itself let alone the fan base. This is just pathetic by Foster on so many levels. To be that dumb to say these things online in this age of social media, let alone to say them to what is apparently some fan he doesn't even know personally (as far as I can tell), and to go after the franchise that employs him (I actually agree with his sentiment, but still) AND this long-suffering, constantly-kicked-in-the-groin fanbase? **** Foster. And **** Gruden for his idiotic and clueless defense of those words. A coach with any balls at all would've at the very least sat this guy down for the rest of the season if not outright cut him on the spot. This team deserves the support of NO ONE.
  3. Gruden just basically confirmed the comments were real and came from Foster at his presser. He of course gave Foster a pass and blamed the guy who screen-shotted the "private conversation" instead of calling Foster to task for anything that was said. But does seem like those comments really came from Foster. **** him.
  4. Dissident2

    I’m Happy the Redskins Lost

    Steve Spurrier response: "Well, that means we don't have the worst record in the league. There are some that are worse than us. That's ... a positive way to look at it, I guess."
  5. Dissident2

    The Bruce Allen/GM Thread

    Wow. Johnson is what, 33 years old? He's played for 12 teams. It would take an absolute miracle for him to suddenly become something resembling a consistent NFL caliber QB. What makes anyone think THIS franchise is fertile ground for ANYTHING miraculous, lol.!? Just about any schlub can come off the bench in a 40-0 game and look "decent" against second and third-stringers in a game that they've already checked out of. There's nothing longterm wasted in ANY scenario where Bruce is fired. The only waste comes with future years of that utter buffoon in charge of any aspect of this team.
  6. Dissident2

    Evaluating Jay Gruden in 2018

    The problem with that is, the other stuff AFFECTS the level of football we see. They are not separate entities. The way any CEO or president operates affects everything that happens within a company, and a football team is no different. I agree with the idea that the team should not always be feeding into these PR debacles and SHOULD often just offer no comment. But the thing is, Bruce Allen should be the one DOING that, not sending out his coach and Doug Williams (who he knows is not suited to this kind of thing) to bear the brunt of the scrutiny. What is he? What does he do? What does his title even mean? No one knows. BEYOND his terrible football decisions as they play out on the field, he's shown himself to be a coward, someone totally willing to throw his subordinates under the bus, someone who's petty and pathetic when it comes to handling players and personnel leaving the team (Cousins, SM), and ALL of that affects everything else.
  7. Dissident2

    Gameday Thread

    Much as I hate to say it, Dallas has earned their place atop the division these last few weeks. Their defense is playing very well, Garrett has been taking chances that he normally doesn't take (and they've been paying off), and say whatever you want about Dak, but there's something to be said for coming out on the lucky end more often than not. And the trade for Cooper, while mocked by many (me included) has turned out to be the main ingredient that's sparked their turnaround. Dark times, dark times.
  8. Dissident2

    Gameday Thread

    Following along here, but can't watch. What happened there with that last TD?
  9. Dissident2

    Gameday Thread

    Too much time left and missed XP looms large. Hopefully Philly's defense shows up this drive big time. Can't believe I'm typing this, but ....
  10. Dissident2

    Terminate Manusky

    Same reason for everything this year: injury.
  11. Dissident2

    The Bruce Allen/GM Thread

    Heard a "Bruce must go" chant from fans on the Redskins Postgame tv show today. That was good to hear. Need to have the whole stadium chanting that. Actually, probably need more than the whole stadium, as that would only equate to about 100 fans at this point.
  12. Dissident2

    Terminate Manusky

    How Manusky could still have a job after today - or a single supporter - is a true head scratcher. Or maybe a head beater.
  13. Dissident2

    Pathetic crowds at home opener

    I was at the game today. First time in awhile I've gone to one. Why would I choose to go to this game? Got some free tickets, a buddy was in town and decided to do it. Figured we'd probably lose, but was ready to see if we would make a fight of it at least. Well, the game can be addressed in any other number of threads. The stadium was just full of blue. Behind the Giants' sidelines, especially. During the third quarter, it looked like a game at MetLife over there. Meanwhile, everywhere else was full of empty seats and just brow-beaten Redskins fans who literally had NOTHING to cheer about. I saw some guy get up and go nuts when the Giants missed that extra point. He was exaggerating of course, and it was kind of funny (Redskins fan), but it was like, "Finally, something to cheer about." Giants fans were not too bad. They cheered loudly when they got some big plays, but generally didn't sit there rubbing it in all game, which they certainly could've done. But, yeah, what a disgrace this gameday experience has become. My friend told me, "You got free tickets, but you still got ripped off." Man, was he right. We left in the third quarter after Johnson failed to convert on 4th down. Unreal how far this franchise has fallen. Truly, truly sad. This is what having the worst front office and ownership in all of professional sports gets you.
  14. I like Cooley a lot on the radio, but I think he'd be the first to tell you ... he's not even CLOSE to being Sean McVay smart.
  15. First, we make this our new logo. Because it might as well be already. After that ... we wait ...