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  1. Shares a similar issue with "Warriors": What's the logo? Shares another similar issue with "Warriors": Too close of a tie to NA references, maybe even moreso with "Brave." That said, this could allow us to finally retire the fight song and just all yell "FREEEEDOOOOMMMMMMM" whenever there's a touchdown.
  2. Your comment that Warriors traditionally represented NAs and the logos originally used were "racist at worst" should answer your own questions as to why the team will NOT go this route. The only reason Snyder trademarked it in the first place was with the idea of using it in CONJUNCTION with the logo and NA imagery if he had to change Redskins, and also for an Arena team he was interested in starting. Without that possibility, I'm sure whatever "affinity" he had for that name has cooled considerably. Again, all your points as to why it would be OK are just based on logic in a vacu
  3. You're not even listening at this point, obviously. You don't have to convince ME of any of this. You have to convince THE TEAM. And I'm telling you, no matter what you write above or have written over and over and over in this thread or how many "logical hoops" you try to jump through to show why "Warriors" is the "best pick" and could be done "NA-free," the TEAM is NOT going to pick Warriors because of the reasons I mentioned above. It's just not happening. And yes, there are some NA connotations to wolves, and if the team is that ultra afraid of steering too close to ANYTHING th
  4. Nothing more you can say, yet you and others say and like the SAME EXACT THINGS over and over again. Your logic is lazy, as I've already shown.
  5. First off, the reason WFT and a big "W" on the helmet is at all "marketable" is because it's been embraced by a lot of people as a big "F-You" to the ones who forced us to change our name to begin with. That makes it a unique proposition, because it would be something that many would have an emotional attachment to and it would be utterly unique in the league. There's a certain segment that would take pride in being the "odd team out" and what that represents to them. I'm not in that category. As far as Warriors, whatever logic you want to use as to how Warriors could be done in a
  6. How can I tell you that? And why would I bother when we both know you think what I like is "ridiculous." I don't find Warriors "ridiculous." I just find it boring and uninspired. But even that means nothing as far as why I'm so confident they won't choose the name. I don't say they "won't choose Warriors" because of my own preference for something different or out of any animosity toward the name. I say it with no emotion whatsoever. It just simply doesn't make sense for the organization for a variety of reasons, all of which have already been brought up ad infinitum in this threa
  7. EXACTLY! By making a point to show how "Warriors" is such a broad choice that could encompass just about anybody or anything, you actually show why it's ultimately a very WEAK choice from a marketing perspective. I'm not guaranteeing the name will be "Redwolves" by any stretch of the imagination. But I will guarantee right here and now that it will NOT be "Warriors."
  8. I'll take option 2 all day. I want something I can really relate to on a visceral and visual level. "Warriors" is way too generic, and I don't want some Spartan logo on a helmet. Best they can do is a big "W" and nothing else if they choose Warriors. How else would they represent it? Every option is problematic. A gun? A soldier? A character from the movie? Again, if we could keep the Native American imagery, I would possibly change my tune. I became a fan of this team as a boy BECAUSE of that imagery. I was fanatical about NA culture. I long thought the name should be changed, but I was alway
  9. We definitely agree on a love of Priest. In fact, "Sentinels" would be my second choice, easily. It references an amazing Priest song, AND I don't think there's a branch of the military much more badass and well-trained than the Sentinels who guard the Tomb of the Unknown. Obviously I'm all in on Redwolves and would be as disappointed if they DON'T pick it as it seems you would be if they do. But I could also ride with "Sentinels." It's a shame the baggage is there from the movie, though. That would probably work against it.
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