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  1. Dissident2

    The Bruce Allen/GM Thread

    And especially when you have yet another day like yesterday when the gutless team president lets his coach take the full brunt of questions about the Trent Williams issue without ever addressing the issue himself, without ever taking some of the pressure off his football guys, the way someone with character, an actual spine, and a legitimate understanding of what being a "leader" means would do.
  2. Dissident2

    Would you want HBO Hard Knocks to feature us this year?

    You mean the guy who went 2-5-1 then got fired, followed by a record of 5-3 with his replacement and a lot of buzz going into the offseason? Like I said ... didn't hurt the Browns all that much last year.
  3. Dissident2

    The Bruce Allen/GM Thread

    Funny you mention Schefter, as she talks about him on the show in relation to her "scoop." "Our process of reporting, we usually go two to three sources on it. So I shared that with Adam Schefter, who's the best at it, and he said, 'Yeah, I've been kind of hearing that [the Redskins were all-in on Haskins], but you seem like you have it locked.' I said, 'Yeah, but I only have like one-and-a-half sources on it right now, the half isn't all-in' and Schefter pushed me and said go back and work on it, and I did, and I was able to get a lot more. And in the end, it was discovered that there was a divide in the organization. You had the scouts and the coaches on the offensive side of the ball who were comfortable not drafting a QB, who wanted to go defense. And Dan Snyder and Bruce Allen did not want that. They wanted Haskins and they weren't budging." So was Schefter playing her, too?
  4. Dissident2

    Would you want HBO Hard Knocks to feature us this year?

    Yes, because it would drive the suits out there insane to have someone chronicling their every move. Didn't seem to hurt the Browns much last year. I'd love to see it.
  5. Dissident2

    The Bruce Allen/GM Thread

    Does no one else in that building appreciate hummers? In all seriousness, I'm not at all saying she should be believed without question, but, again, it was an interesting listen. She also said "the football people" would've preferred Jones to Haskins if they had the chance. "That's a fact," she added. She DID also add, at the end, that despite the friction over the first pick, everyone is generally really happy about the overall draft results.
  6. Dissident2

    The Bruce Allen/GM Thread

    Interesting interview with Diana Russini on the Sheehan podcast earlier this week, where she goes into detail about the "war room" leading up to and during the draft. She was the one who acquired the leaked info that Snyder and Allen were dictating Haskins as their guy despite some push back from "the football people" who would've preferred going a different route with the 15th pick. She spoke of "certain guys" being upset after the pick, some of them saying to her, "Why are we here if they're not going to listen to us?" Those were her words, so take that as you will. She did say that trading up to get Sweat "put salve on the wound" for those who were disgruntled, insinuating the Jay was probably one of those people. Anyway, it was an interesting listen. Personally, I like the pick (and pretty much the entire draft at this early point), and I'm obviously hoping it works out with Haskins, but if Russini's reports are accurate, it's clearly not a tight-knit, trusting environment between coaches, management and ownership in that building. In other words, business as usual. And that's never a good thing. Jay's got his work cut out for him this year, that's for sure.
  7. I'm sure he will. But he's earned the right, I think, to make the kid work for it a little. Having watched Joe as a kid, he may not have been Montana, but he was an incredible, gutty QB for us who got us that first SB, beat the Cowboys often and was a guy you'd go to "war" with. Hoping Haskins can be the same kind of player for us. Not being a huge college guy, I haven't seen him play much at all; I can only go by what others say about him, and opinion seems split, as usual. What gives me a little pause is Cooley not being sold on him at all and not agreeing with the pick. Cooley seems to have a good eye for these kinds of things, but hopefully he'll end up being wrong on this one. I like what I've heard so far from the kid, though. Seems like he's smart, confident and a good leader. Time will tell.
  8. Love the pick. I hear he's already making offers to Sonny for the right to wear #9.
  9. Dissident2

    2019 Redskins Schedule Rumors, Leaks, & Predictions

    Brutal front half of the schedule is absolutely right, lol. Wow. If this is Game of Thrones, looks like those first five games could be the equivalent of the RED(skin) Wedding. Btw, that video is cool, but looks like that was done by the NFL, as most teams I've seen have a similar video.
  10. Dissident2

    A growth on my head caused me to forget Rule 10.

    Wow. So glad that it's not serious. That guy had dealt with a ton of stuff over the years. Just like the team as a whole. If news had come out that he was gone for the season because of a serious issue, I think there would've been total implosion in the fan base and even within the building itself. Glad that wasn't the case.
  11. Dissident2


    Had me until I saw Reed and Thompson for some reason. Then I remembered.
  12. Dissident2

    Snyder values Norman's "star power and sizzle" despite coaches?

    Exactly. And before all this, he tried to dictate an entirely new scheme that went against Shanahan's wishes. And more: So yeah, he eventually "let" the coaches bench Griffin ... but only AFTER helping to force on them an offense they knew wouldn't be successful with this particular player without a LOT of work AND empowering said player to demand that style of offense AND .... (wait for it) ... finally seeing the utter failure of that offense on the field. But yeah, he "let" them bench him, lol. Supportive of the coaching staff all the way. Great communication throughout the entire process. The way it should be done by a professional organization, lol.
  13. Dissident2

    The Bruce Allen/GM Thread

    I'm neither of those things, and I've never seen a more incompetent, morally bankrupt, mentally challenged turd associated with this organization as I've seen with Allen. It goes well beyond simply being "a bad GM." That should be utterly obvious to anyone paying any attention at all. He's an embarrassment on every level. Yes, of course, Snyder is the main problem. Sauron was the "main problem" in Lord of the Rings, but Worm Tongue was still a piece of **** who needed a monster beatdown. Ya follow me? Labeling passionate fans who want him gone as "jagoffs" is exactly the mentality that warrants the animated .gif you posted.
  14. Dissident2


    Crap, thought this thread was going to announce the sequel I've been waiting for for decades. Guess not.
  15. Dissident2

    The Bruce Allen/GM Thread

    Just another illustration of his rare southern dialect. Please do not mock him for these things he's unable to control.