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  1. Geez, the idea that someone would have to change a screen name or an avatar on a message board because it expresses NA imagery is a bridge way, way WAY too far imo. And I'm someone who was very much FOR the name change. Where I diverged was the use of positive, respectful NA imagery. I was always under the (now proven false) assumption that the name could change while the logo (a logo created by a NA and reflecting in a beautiful way a real NA) and imagery could remain. Was gutted when I realized that was not happening. And quite honestly, so was a sizable number of NAs. This shou
  2. Only problem with Mofos is that Jules don't dig on swine. Not good when Hogs are a part of your legacy.
  3. Nothing red, white and blue. We are not the Giants. Thankfully, we at least know that ain't happening. Which probably rules out a lot of names like "Monuments" and "Commanders" and possibly even "Sentinels." It would make little sense to have a military connection that's done in burgundy and gold. And that's fine by me. The last thing pro sports needs is another red, white and blue color scheme. Wolves or some iteration thereof feeling more likely by the day. Especially in light of Wright saying he wants something to unite everyone. "Wolfpack" fits that bill. No one's being united by pretty mu
  4. It's pretty much the only non-wolf name I like. I could deal with that one. Great Judas Priest song and truly badass faction of the military.
  5. You can't call a football team "Defenders" when the name relates to a group of position players while basically ignoring the other side of the ball Ioffense). "Hey, the defenders on The Defenders are really looking good." On the flip side, just think of the mockery options when we get crushed by double digits. "These 'Defenders' sure aren't living up to their name, Cotton." No.
  6. I enjoyed a Twitter comment saying they were guarding the city from a championship.
  7. Jesus, "Municipals." This is exactly what I'm afraid of as far as the kind of name we end up with. Something joyless, soulless, gutless and lacking any sense of power/emotion. I do like "Rockers," though.
  8. I don't know if this means anything or not, but FWIW, a friend of mine coaches NFL Flag Football, and you can pick any NFL team you want ... except WFT. They don't make the jerseys for them. Kind of sad.
  9. I think Finlay is probably right, sadly enough. Despite being the fan favorite as far as I can tell, I don't think Redwolves has much of a chance at this point, which is disheartening. That said, not as disheartening as people arguing that even "Wolves" can't be used because it "conjures NA imagery." The utter lunacy/idiocy of that thought process makes me sad(der) for humanity. If they can't even go with "Wolves," I'd say be a trailblazer and just stick with WFT. That kind of generic, passionless, soulless approach to naming anything is probably going to become the norm very quickly anyway.
  10. https://twitter.com/VaRedWolves/status/1417186077526351872
  11. It’s amazing that anyone does see it happening. Keeping it WFT I guess is possible. Changing to club is not.
  12. Yeah, after listening again to everything he said, it does seem like there still could be hope for "Redwolves," especially when he talks about how overwhelming the campaign for that name is. That said, I feel a lot less hopeful this week than I did last week.
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