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  1. Dissident2


    Ah, I thought it was funny, lol. And I was watching at the time and was HOPING to see Schroeder come in after that first quarter. That's how much of an idiot I apparently am.
  2. Jay knows how to pound that rock.
  3. Dissident2

    TV Alert: Super Bowl XXII

    Just make sure you don't miss those 18 plays in the second quarter. After that, things get a little slow.
  4. Good move. And I've never even heard the term "club option" before. Looking forward to seeing AP again in 2020.
  5. It just hit me recently that I can actually feel good rooting for this team again. Amazing that the bar is set that low, but my disgust for Bruce Allen and the way he did business was just so off the charts. The fact that I never have to see his face again; listen to his droning, monotonous voice; or kill anymore goats within a pentagram in what seemed until recently to be a vain attempt to sway Satan is just such a blessing. That said, yes, his goon-like ex-boss is still and most likely always will be an issue, but ... for now, I can hopefully put that toadstool out of my mind and concentrate on Ron Burgundy. Seriously, just feeling like I can cheer for this team again in good conscience is huge. Realistically, I have my doubts about Ron being anything better than above average. Although I'm impressed with many of his personal qualities and some of his career accomplishments, I'm not that impressed with his overall record. From the periphery, I've never considered him a trendsetter or someone who's on the "cutting edge" as a coach. I definitely expect a far more disciplined and committed team next season, a more old-school approach, a better overall team atmosphere ... what I truly want as a first step, though, is, at the very LEAST, an even record against divisional opponents. Anyway, I feel like a starving man who's currently more than happy to get a helping of dog food. Once I get my strength back, though, I'm going to be wanting more. We'll see.
  6. Dissident2

    Jordan Reed Is In Concussion Protocol

    What a shame. Just a couple weeks ago, I went into a local restaurant with my kids, and the waitress said, "You just missed Jordan Reed, he was just in here." I must've been wearing a Redskins jacket or something, can't remember. Anyway, I asked, "How was he doing? How'd he look?" She said, "He seemed OK. He ate a lot of food." Sounds like something the previous Redskins medical staff might have said when evaluating the guy. (I keed, I keed.) Anyway, with that amazing bit of insight from a local waitress, I thought I might be able to work up enough excitement to have some hope for a Reed Renaissance. Sad that's not to be. I remember hearing Shanny talking about him very early in his career, off the record, saying he was going to be one of the best TEs in the league very quickly. Amazing to think of what he could've accomplished if he'd been healthy. When he was on, he was virtually uncoverable and unstoppable. Obviously there's a big chasm between the two player situations I'm about to compare, but Reed's career reminds me in some ways of Sean's, as far as the unfulfilled promise caused by tragic situations. Obviously there's a big difference between still breathing and ... not breathing, but with all these concussions the poor guy has faced, there has to be big reason for concern about his future.
  7. Dissident2

    The Skins have our number

    Yeah, Moseley was AWFUL in '83, and he really was up and down most of his career. His '82 season was spectacular, but he missed a lot of FGs in his time. He had a 66 percentage during his career here, which strikes me as pretty bad compared to today's kickers. I remember he went to Cleveland in his last season and missed like 3 FGs in a playoff game and then FINALLY made one in OT to win it.
  8. Dissident2

    The Skins have our number

    I still remember that insane MNF game from '83 when we lost to the Pack 48-47, Moseley missing game-winning very makeable kick at the end. That was one of the best NFL games of all time. Still pisses me off to think about though.
  9. The more I've seen of Kyle's head coaching style over the last couple of years, the more I respect the hell out of it and the more annoyed I am that someone like that was right there for us to groom. I'm not gonna "crown his ass" at this point as the next hoodie-wearing genius, but he just seems to understand ALL aspects of how a successful organization should be run. It's more than just the technical X's and O's knowledge. I'd encourage anyone to watch his presser when they let Rueben Foster go, for example. That was the first time I really began to think that this guy understood a lot more than just scheme. I'm hoping Ron makes good on his supposed promise here, but I can't help but feel like he fits the template of what we've already gone through before: someone who did well elsewhere and comes here and underperforms. I'd much rather be in the position the Niners are in right now. Seemingly great structure, solid people in charge, smart young coach on his way up ... we'll see.
  10. Dissident2

    2019 Game Day Thread - SUPERBOWL - Chiefs Win!

    And even if it was some sort of "narrative" on how repulsively this franchise has been run over the years, it would hardly be worth "retiring" at this point. Kyle's success, as well as the successes of people like Sean and Matt in such a short time, just continue to shine a light on how untenable the situation has been with our team when it comes to good, smart people being a) appreciated/recognized and b) having the environment they need around them to fully realize their talents. Then again, "good" and "smart" didn't blend too well with the former team president and current owner. I love seeing these guys succeed so wildly outside of the confines of that ****hole they were once stuck in. It just continues to showcase a "this is how it works" vs. a "this is how it doesn't work" scenario that only the dumbest or most willfully blind can't recognize.
  11. Dissident2

    RIP Former Skin Sam Wyche "Die, you yellow dogs, die!"

    Thanks, yeah, that was an epic fail in attention to detail.
  12. All these "familiar" hirings from Rivera don't surprise me. He said himself he does not have the patience for a rebuild, and I'm sure he also does not have the patience to learn the habits of an entirely new staff. He must feel good about what he can do with those guys. As I've heard said on local radio, "OK, but you better be right." George Allen did the same thing when he came here from the Rams, so much so that the media dubbed the team "the Ramskins." And that worked out pretty damn well. Hopefully we get a similar level of success from Captain Ron Burgundy.
  13. Dissident2

    RIP Former Skin Sam Wyche "Die, you yellow dogs, die!"

    This is the most broadcast footage I've ever seen, although it's in black and white. It's just a highlight package, but it seems to suggest there's more out there. Maybe.
  14. Dissident2

    OC - Scott Turner incoming

    Ugh. The seed of Turner must not be allowed to take root in D.C.! Or something like that.
  15. Dissident2

    2019 Game Day Thread - SUPERBOWL - Chiefs Win!

    Because Bruce was there during his Dad's tenure, and "three cheers" is synonymous with the Allen regime. Come on, keep up with your history! It would've been absolutely VICIOUS if Kirk had done that. But it also would've angered Jesus, so ...