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  1. Interestingly, one of the people implicated in the creation of one of the videos - who denied it in the Post article - currently works for the Cardinals.
  2. This is an insane year, and there's no QB on our roster who even has a shot to be our "future" at this point beyond Haskins. I'm ready to ride with this guy all season long and make up my mind at the end. Barring some complete epic meltdown, I expect the season to be back and forth like it's been so far, but I just want to see steady improvement as the year goes on and he's given a chance to feel a sense of consistency and hopefully calm under Rivera's guidance. To be going this nuts after Week 2, especially considering all the crazy events/changes of last season, seems irrational. Nothing irr
  3. Good Lord, way to take your team out of FG range, dude. Pitiful.
  4. At this point, they're going to let the NFL investigation conclude and then they'll base a decision on suspension or not on what the report concludes. Imagine that would be wrapping up over the next few weeks.
  5. They should've definitely suspended him when they took over the investigation. Since they didn't, I don't think that's in the cards anymore until the investigation is over. My hunch is that the NFL gets back a report that basically says, "Look, we have some very damning, credible stories from a lot of people regarding the culture there over dan's tenure. As far as the videos go, we have reason to believe it's possible he had something to do with their creation, but that will ultimately have to be decided by the trials that are going to be forthcoming, which could yield new informa
  6. Everything I've heard from this guy so far has been EXACTLY what you'd want to hear and more from a true team leader. So impressed. The unbelievably stark contrast between THIS and what was here the previous 20 years (especially the last 10) should make it clear to even the most synaptically challenged primate just how much of a difference true leadership can make. One thing I'm not impressed by is the use of that photo again. That photo got absolutely obliterated by comments on Twitter. Someone forcing it back in people's faces after that seems almost ... intentional. Sort of lik
  7. I'd also be interested in thoughts from those who listened. I heard bits and pieces of the pregame, and I heard some of the highlight calls after the game. Those highlight calls were not good, as everyone was talking over each other. Bram seemed decent, though, better than I expected. The other two just need to learn to shut up for at least a few seconds and let the play by play guy make his call before babbling.
  8. Interesting video on the process of removing an owner. https://www.wusa9.com/article/news/verify/dan-snyder-news-can-nfl-owner-be-forced-to-sell-team/65-37099b6a-5901-441c-8887-5b273e4b5525 My gut feeling is that Snyder will be suspended and fined after the NFL investigation, but not removed. It won't be over at that point, though; the lawsuits regarding the videos will happen AFTER that investigation, so if more comes out through those and Snyder is tied directly to their creation, I'm assuming the NFL could revisit. I feel like they have enough to suspend the guy at this po
  9. Agreed. I got caught up in the comeback yesterday, but for the first time, I really had a hard time fully enjoying it thinking of that lying little twerp taking any pleasure in it as well. That photo was, if nothing else, incredibly blind to the optics currently surrounding this guy's ownership. All you have to do is read the comments on the tweet to grasp that. It would not surprise me at all if Snyder himself ordered that photo to be taken and posted. I can't imagine a social media "expert" worth his/her salt thinking it would be a good idea, considering everything that's happened in recent
  10. 1. Thank Crom that great moment was not spoiled by the presence of little danny. 2. Can't believe they didn't bleep out the f-bombs. Don't get me wrong, I don't care, but I've never seen an official video from a team come out like that with no bleeps. 3. Thrilled for Kerrigan, but sucks he got such a huge record with no one in attendance.
  11. I know people probably want a break from all this, especially after a big win, but this tweet from Valerie Bertinelli cracked me up. The last line at least. Hilarious to me that people are so far behind on our name situation, but very little confusion on Dan Snyder's character.
  12. Is anyone listening to the radio broadcast? Wondering how they're doing or what you think of the new lineup? I heard a couple highlights as they were called, and I heard people talking over each other as Bram was trying to call the play, but know they're getting things figured out, too.
  13. Turning the game off before halftime ... gets easier and easier every year. Farewell.
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