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Again, let's notice how well the 4 defenses are playing today, and have been playing for a while. They were all bad units at midseason, but got coached up into good units.


But we have Jay and Manusky, so we're all set.

1 minute ago, Cooleyfan1993 said:

So, why do people hate that curly haired kid from stranger things, the kid in the Verizon fios commercials?

I think he's great. Sick of the commercials, though.

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23 minutes ago, BleedBNG said:


They would still be only 3 SB wins if the Falcons and Seahawks coaches didn't go into such a brain melt in their SB games.


And they’d have 5 SB wins if Asante Samuel and Welker didn’t drop game winning passes in the Giant SBs 




Sure is nice watching the Pats throw 45 screens and swing passes to the RB every game 

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