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Presidential Election: 11/3/20 ---Now the President Elect Joe Biden Thread

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4 hours ago, Forehead said:


I guess the question is, is this a large enough voting bloc (and is this enough of a concern to that voting bloc vs. beating Trump) for Amy to...I don't know if weaponize is the right word, but motivate them enough to keep her in the race.  Make them see themselves in her, and how she's responded to Buttigieg "stealing" what she's worked so hard to achieve.


Thanks for the other responses above on the delegates.  I should know these things at my age, but the Republican s-show last cycle was such a reality tv show that I barely paid attention to anything other than the debates, and prior to that, I never really tuned in until the candidates were chosen.  This is the first time I've seriously paid attention to the decision making process leading up to a candidate being selected.


The women's vote is a huge block, whether they are coalescing around Klobachar is not the case. She did state the truth of women's experience in the workplace. Most of us women have experienced discrimination of many sorts.

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1 hour ago, DogofWar1 said:

They will suffer when Bernie is stopped pretty much in his tracks in terms of legislation.


Like M4A sounds great when you ignore all the downsides, but probably the biggest downside is it would never pass.


Yeah that is what Bernie supporters & detractors under the Dem umbrella need to realize and settle down about. Just look at Obama who was much more of a centrist, even he could barely get anything done and when he did it was always compromised down to a fraction of what he actually wanted to do legislatively. 


I would venture to say that even if Bernie won, Dems kept the house AND flipped the Senate?  They still aren't going to pass a substantial portion of Bernie's wish list. 

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And sanders response?


”yeah all the nasty supporters on twitter are Russian”


could there be a more disingenuous response? Russia’s assistance is in making your cult following look like degenerates? 


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Russia is getting exactly what they want, half the country (if not more) will consider the 2020 election illegitimate.  It's bad enough all the cheating going on within our borders, now we are letting it seep in from the other side of the world.



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bernie actually has made a couple of very strong statements denouncing russia (tho the bot excuse hangs in the air) and made great contrasts to how don reacts...he was very firm and went on a bit and challenged putin by name and if he's pres he'll make sure it stops...obviously it's all fwiw...


time tells most


either bernie or don would be far preferable to vlad than most

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8 minutes ago, tshile said:

We can add “that time sanders found out the Russians were helping him” to the list of times thug is used against a white person. Cause the “issue” with that word pops up routinely

I mean Putin is routinely having people killed. Thug is pretty non controversial in this instance. Putin could be an African dictator and no one would bat an eyelash.

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