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the "Examples of Bad Science..." thread


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this thread is designed to capture examples of "science" that are just clearly worthless upon taking even a cursory glance.



i start the discussion with the attached drek.   clearly utter balderdash at even first glance....







Study shows first-born children are more intelligent than their siblings




Wed-21-Oct-15 09:21

If you’re older than your siblings, you’re likely to be smarter than them too.

A new study has shown first-born children are smarter than their siblings. It is thought to come from having to teach their younger brothers and sisters. 

Scientists also suggest that having your parents’ undivided attention means you end up learning more, which benefits the eldest child. 



Read more:http://www.theedge.co.nz/Study-shows-first-born-children-are-more-intelligent-than-their-siblings/tabid/102/articleID/42225/Default.aspx#ixzz3pyWy2re3


clearly....a simply moronic proposition.

countdown to the first political biased hack piece begins now.... i am putting my money on someone posting a climate change story...?   any other bets? 

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By the way, as we reached middle age, I had hoped you would have gotten over this by now.  Remember, we all have our crosses to bear in life.  


You have to bear the burden of being a bit dim.  


And I have to bear the burden of having a brother who is a bit dim.  

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DDT causes bald eagle (and other bird) eggs to be thin.


I post this not for political reasons, but because DDT is the most effective pesticide against mosquitoes, whose bites spread disease in many African countries.  Banning DDT has literally cost millions of lives.







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Nearly impossible to tell these days.

Remember the good ol' days when we just assumed that our neighbors and fellow citizenry were at least of average intelligence?

Damn you internet!!!!


but think about "average intelligence".  

what ever level you are picturing... is way-the-hell too high.

push it down

waaaaaay the hell down.


then picture true average intelligence


...... and half of the people are dumber than that.....   




....But some of those poor slobs might have smart younger siblings

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Off, I'd have figured you more as a fistulated cow type of person. 


Now, recite that odd Aggie fight song.


Bossy Cow Cow

Honey Bee Bee

Oleo Margarine

Oleo Butterine

Alfalfa, Hay!!!


i fisted the fistulated cow.    


but i try not to talk about it too much.... with the surging power of the animal lovers crowd these days, its much better to be affiliated with wanking off a horse than driving your fist into the the side of a cow.

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