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  1. daveakl

    ***2019-2020 NBA Offseason Thread***

    Got in a fight with a security guard then stayed an extra night in Vegas. Just living the title life baby!
  2. Seems like the timeline most likely went like this: In Season: Trent has something on his head, training staff says all the O-Line men across the league have bumps on their heads. It's the nature of the position. Post Season: 1) Lump still there, Trent get's it looked at, doctors are worried and want him to have it removed immediately and tested to see if it is cancerous. Discovered to be malignant. 2) Trent is a bit pissed at the team training staff. This was a big deal, could have been a huge deal. He tells the team as much and the team say something along the lines of we hear you buddy, you are our rock, we agree this is bad and something needs to happen. (But then nothing happens) 3) Trent doesn't come to optional OTA's, no one thinks anything of it. There is no digging into what is going on. He trains on his own all the time. 4) Mandatory OTA's start and Trent isn't there and people ask why. Now we find out that something happened and Trent isn't happy. He wants something. A new contract? Compensation for the scare? New training staff? Who knows. 5) So here we are.
  3. daveakl

    The Bruce Allen/GM Thread

    This is spot on! Almost every team has a "guy" that you can post on the front of the season ticket email banner or draped over the side of a building beside the stadium. Who is that guy, that face if the team, the player that's leading the sport center segment for the Redskins?
  4. daveakl

    The Sean McVay Tracker

    Darn right! In his first 4 games at a head coach I said he was going to change the game. Got ridiculed for it. And here we are. PS. I should get a GM interview for seeing how great he was going to be.
  5. My wife posted this on facebook/twitter today and I wanted to bring it here also. The support from this community @pez @Huly Dale (I can't believe I don't know your ES name), the people in the RTT crew that helped get me through the first 6 months, and anyone else that I am forgetting, thank you! On the 14th, we were celebrating Zac's 2nd birthday at breakfast. By 2pm that day, I had taken Abby to a neurologist and then for an MRI that found a large mass in her brain. By the 15th, she was having a 5 hr brain surgery. 2 weeks later, they told us it was cancer. I have never felt so helpless, vulnerable, and lost. Our lives stopped, and we lived that year in an unknown world. We lived around appts, radiation masks, chemo meds, surgeries, hospital stays, fevers, and stem cell transplants. You can never go back to the way it was before this diagnosis. The comfort and security you once had is gone. PTSD, depression, scanxiety, and survivor guilt are all very real things. They just hit at different times. So although Abby's fight is over, and we can celebrate over 2 years of remission, the effects of what she went through are not. Abby has her next follow up MRI on January 28th. I truly believe what got us through all of this was the love, support, and strength of all of those around us. Friends, neighbors, family, strangers....every act of kindness made it easier, which is why we created Abby's Army. I know this is a long 22 minute video of Abby's year from diagnosis through remission, but I will post it every year on this day to remind us of just how strong and brave this little girl is. Video Link
  6. It's all about how you frame it. Here you could have had a playoff caliber QB, up and coming young team, and be the next Joe Gibbs. Own Washington DC and you own the world. There you have a QB who is a huge bust based off his rookie year. A team with no fanbase in LA, no home stadium, and no direction. In LA you're always behind the Lakers and the beach. Just ask the Clippers.
  7. They have the same agent so that would have been super awkward. But there is a pretty good chance that they could have promoted him to head coach as well as signed Cousins long term at the same time. Would have required some nifty pr work though.
  8. Fired Gruden and made him HC. Hes changed the game.
  9. The Rams can be your side ****. They are far enough away that you dont them often. They only play us every 3 years. And they have Sean McVay.
  10. daveakl

    Retain Jay For 2019?

    I think Jay, with the right parts (and healthy parts), can win 10 games consistently in this league. BUT He needs a better GM to find him those parts and he needs better people around him to hold players accountable/motivate if he is not going to be the one doing it.
  11. 4 of us coming from NC but we are staying at hotels in DC this weekend. We can pick up anything needed.
  12. daveakl

    Random Thought Thread

    Thank you! We were so honored he selected Abbys Army!
  13. daveakl

    Safety Clinton Dix to the skins

    We should get a 3rd for cousins in this years draft correct? So even with trading a 4 for Dix we still have 2 3s and then if he walks we get a comp pick for him.
  14. daveakl

    Calling on my ES Family to help

    Up close to $1500!!
  15. daveakl

    Calling on my ES Family to help

    We are just under $1,000!!!