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  1. Somehow the WFT wins this game WFT: 23 (D scores, O scores on a short field, 3 fgs.) CBs: 21 (3 TD's, 2 rushing and a fumble by Haskins that their D scores on)
  2. Asia is light years ahead of USA in this. Check out University of Illinois is doing, its Asia light but its working.
  3. Science is starting to support that theory. People (not you, but people) still forget that this is a NEW virus. Sure, it behaves in a lot of ways like other Corona viruses, but remember how much we learned about AIDS in the first couple of years?
  4. Heard it on the option run to the left.
  5. This has all the feels of a season where we end up like 8-7 ( 1 game missed per team for covid), end up in the playoffs as the #7 seed, lose 1st round, and then go 5-13 next year (NFL expands to 18 games to make up for lost revenue) and pick 4th. We beat the Eagles today 19-16.
  6. Can't get much more American then Toronto!
  7. They look like it. The posters in one of them are from before Bidan got the nomination.
  8. Don't know. Just know what I see from people in Raleigh and Wake county. Parents at my kids school (we are a title 1 public school) and works in construction that I deal with.
  9. Those that are here and can vote reeeeeeealy dislike those that come here illegally. Unless they are part of their personal family, then it is ok and justified. There are a lot of 1st generation immigrants that reeeeeeeealy like Trump for keeping the riffraff out.
  10. My favorite part of the article: From one recipient in North Carolina: “I did not receive seeds. I received a suspicious package from China with a spoon and a fork in it my concerns are that it is full of Covid.”
  11. Just expensive. But waiting to find one that works and then mass producing them would add months to the process (as well as raise tensions on who gets what/when)
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