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  1. I have all sorts of great ideas for the Olympics! All the events that involve water? Add sharks! Gymnastics floor routine? They all go at the same time! The rings? Light them on fire!
  2. What if you had people running around in those suits that they train attack dogs with and you had different points for where you hit them. There could be bonus points based off the distance they were at. Who isn't watching that?
  3. Clemson and FSU to the SEC with Ohio St & Michigan? "SEC has been in serious contact with Ohio State, Michigan, Clemson, and Florida State. Not clear if this will materialize, but they have their eyes on a true 20 team MEGA conference. OU and Texas just the start. #ScoopCity"
  4. In Raleigh NC. Neighbors kid missed Bible school camp last week because he was out of town. Missed it start of this week because he had a runny nose and the parents didn't want to send him (non covid, there is a runny nose / drip in throat / cough going around wake county) Camp emailed out today that they were halting because of covid. Everyone that went (including kids) has tested positive.
  5. Maybe they don't really want Lillard. Maybe Portland wants to trade Lillard out of the West. I didn't ask either GM why they wanted it this way, I just accepted it.
  6. Philly can offer its 1st in 2021 & 2023 GS can offer its 1st in 2021 & 2023, Minnesota's 1st in 2021 Sprinkle in a bunch of 2s, Tyrese Maxey to Portland, Seth Curry to GS
  7. Simmons to GS, GS picks + Philly picks to Blazers, Lillard & McCollum to Philly
  8. Harden so fat, he gotta put is belt on with a boomerang.
  9. There is room on his midsection for all of us, climb on board!
  10. Well....that was fast.
  11. Imagine if you had off the court LeBron and on the court Kobe. (spoiler: It's Brad Marchand)
  12. Can also be a "wink / nod trade agreement". Take the UFA or RFA, sign him, then trade him back for a pick.
  13. Are you related to Nicki and Joe?
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