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  1. Got switched to the Moderna version. Been 6 minutes since the shot and the only side effect so far is smugness.
  2. I get my shot tomorrow afternoon. Pfizer version.
  3. I am not solely advocating for building the team, signing a vet, and calling it a day. Build the team, sign the vet, draft the rookie. (see KC Chiefs) But the idea that we should have traded a ton to get assets so that we could go get Watson or Wilson, or that we should trade 4 picks to go get a top 4 QB this year? Our team isn't ready to make that move.
  4. Who is coming to coach this team that you are striping to nothing for the next 3 years? Are you advocating that the correct move last season would have been to hire a GM and trade everything for a long haul rebuild?
  5. At best you get a 4th for Kerrigan and a 4th or 5th for Darby. But you are trading away a top 2 cb and your #3 OLB while you are in a playoff run, if you give up the season your players give up on you. There is no way a GM can do that to a coach in year 1. You are going to give up picks to have him taken off your books? Haskins was not going to get much of anything in return going into last season, maybe a 4th that could become a 3 or 2? If you trade 2/5ths of your O-Line, how on earth are you convincing one of the QB's on the trade market to come here? Wilson and W
  6. 1) Who are you trading from last years team? Give me some players and what type of return you are getting for them. 2) Who are you cutting from last years team that gives you salary to benefit the cap? Examples please.
  7. Rodgers could be a 1 and a 3 (3 escalates), remember they have their heir on the roster (or they trade Love) Dak may be a straight up FA Carr could be a 2 and a 2 (2 escalates) Who knows what Watson and Wilson are going to do / go for.
  8. A couple of those guys will be cheaper then giving up a 1st, 2nd, and a 3rd. The trick is to get a guy like Brady or Manning and then ALSO get the rookie to develop behind them. Nail that and you are set for years to come. Miss and you are Denver. (Tampa Bay outcome still TBD)
  9. Build the rest of the team. Vet QB's are always out there and if you have everything else in place, you are a destination. Rodgers, Dak, Derek, Watson, Wilson, one of them will be available to be had either via trade or released / FA.
  10. Sorry, I should have asked it better. What value do you believe he had? At what point last season could they have received that value and from whom? Rivera should have won less to improve the QB room, not won more? How does a coach go about doing that? Keep trotting Haskins out there instead of someone else? Damn the players in the locker room buying into your system during the first year, we need a high draft pick to get a QB! Is that the argument for how they mismanaged the QB situation?
  11. Please explain what value you believe Haskins had? Explain? We went into 2020 needing to find out if Haskins could or could not be the franchise QB. We found out the answer. Oh, and along the way we won the division. Now, you can try and argue that the mismanagement was doing that, winning enough games to make the playoffs instead of finishing with a top 6 pick to try drafting a franchise QB again. But saying that they mismanaged their QB's is simply not true.
  12. Question: Could you have been in this position this year right now where you are before the playoffs without Alex? "Well, if we had a healthy Kyle Allen, I think we could've. I really do," Rivera said. "I think we could've. And a big part of the reason is because Kyle, he's very similar to Alex in terms of his abilities. He's got the same kind of arm. He makes good decisions like Alex does. He's got good footwork. I think we could've been. I do." What is he supposed to say? At that point it was pretty well known that Alex wasn't coming back and Kyle was.
  13. This may be one of the most obsurd things I have read today. And I have been on Twitter and Facebook already.
  14. This. 1000 x do this! Get a WR, TE, G, T, LB x2, CB, S this year. 4 with the picks in rounds 1-3, 4 in FA. Trade down a time or two and get some extra picks for next years draft. THEN go get the QB.
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