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  1. There is a pretty good argument to putting entertainment type people at the front of the line. If you want people to stay home and away from each other, give them something to do / watch. BUT you also need to give them (the people at home) the necessary $ so that they can afford to stay home.
  2. They don't get the results back until the next day.
  3. You're likely to be shedding the virus in the days before a positive test.
  4. We can revisit the first part in a few days if you like but you are wrong that there are no positive test. Stars spread was doing normal training camp events, technically correct, not during a game, but also not breaking protocol.
  5. Canes and Stars had spread during games. Caps had potential spread during non game leisure time.
  6. It's a no win situation. They are at home with family before going on the road. Super easy for 1 player to get it and then pass it to the team if they gather in a hotel room playing cards for hours. Also super easy for a player to pass it to his linemate who sits beside him on the bench for 40 minutes, half of those minutes while breathing super heavy post shift.
  7. Right. The post i said thats not true to was insinuating that it wasn't a big deal, noone was probably covid positive, and the league was making an example out of them. I was simply saying that is not true.
  8. That its nothing more then players in 1 room and the league decided to make an example of the Caps.
  9. Or one of them had it before the road trip but didn't know.
  10. They are spread out into the players lounge portion of the lockerroom and yes, they wear masks in the locker room.
  11. I can tell you that they are supposed to be.
  12. At one point in high school I was dating a girl who's last name was Dicks. My sister was dating a guy who's last name was Cox. Our last name is Johnson.
  13. They are spaced in the locker room and wearing masks
  14. This. It spreads on the bench. Canes are a perfect example.
  15. 17 is the number after 16 but also before 18. 16 = the number of letters in the word Unconstitutional 18 = the number of letters in the word Hydroxychloroquine 17 is the number of letters in Donald John Trump 45 It's all right there my brothers and sisters!!!
  16. At least your team doesn't have covid.
  17. Written be Jessica Stranger. J.S. Jesus Saves But Jesus saves what you ask? AMERICA!
  18. We have laws. Start using them. https://travel.state.gov/content/travel/en/legal/travel-legal-considerations/Advice-about-Possible-Loss-of-US-Nationality-Dual-Nationality.html#:~:text=349 (a) (4),outside the United States (sec.&text=conviction for an act of,of the United States (Sec.
  19. There isn't. It has to be kept frozen, thawed, then used within a certain time frame. Its a logistical headache. You really need a centralized plan nationwide to make it work in a timely manner. Here is the PDF about how to administrator it. https://www.google.com/url?sa=t&source=web&rct=j&url=https://www.health.state.mn.us/diseases/coronavirus/vaccine/guide.pdf&ved=2ahUKEwi998fhsYfuAhUFmVkKHV5EBegQFjACegQICRAJ&usg=AOvVaw1rYep1jG1CIz31Zg4sCZ-M
  20. @Pittman4Two I took this picture of your car in Raleigh almost 6 years ago, patiently waiting for the day you would come back to ES.
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