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Do you care if the Redskins beat the Giants this Sunday?


Do you care if the redskins win this week?  

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  1. 1. Do you care if the Redskins beat the Giants this sunday (week 17)???

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This isn't about Shanahan, his son or the leaks.

It's not about Griffin, the Knee, or whether Cousins should get his job.

This isn't about the losing a top 5 pick, who we're going to pick, or who's going to do the picking.

This thread is about us as fans.  I've seen us root against our own players, hell, I've seen us root against our own team for higher draft picks.  But I've NEVER seen so many of us simply not give a **** anymore.

I won't be suprised by anyone defending their position, already seen enough of it.  Sure there's going to be a lot of people that are going to question what it means to be a fan, or how dare someone tell them they aren't doing it right.

But at the end of the day, if you're a fan of the Redskins, you should care if the Redskins win or lose, especially against a division rival.  If you don't, that's fine, take a break and come back when you do.  Nothing wrong with that.  At least I won't judge you, dissapointed or not, that's not my place to do that to anyone. 



And if I get banned for this, I understand, I just don't want to see something like 70-30 "no" in here.

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As long as guys play hard I don't really care. Then again, I really don't want to see this team go 0-6 in the division for the 2nd time in 5 years. Thats just embarrassing. Also, it would really suck to end the season with an 8 game losing streak. Then again part of me wants to see a steaming **** pile, for reasons I won't get into, with respect to this thread.


I wish there was a maybe option, but honestly, I'm just ready for it all to be over.

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depends how you define "care"... I would certainly "prefer" they win and will root for them, but will I have any real emotional investment in this game?  Not really.  What is there to be excited about if they win?  This season's end couldn't come quickly enough.


If Kirk lights it up, that might be fun to watch, and also might give his potential trade value a modest boost, but really what's the big difference.  I won't root for them to lose, but if they do, I will take solace in the fact that we probably will have the 34th pick in the draft, which is almost as good as a first rounder.  


The Dallas game could have had some emotional resonance for me; would have been fun to have crushed the Cowboys' dreams then and there.  But actually looks like the Cowboys are pretty much screwed anyway, now that Romo sits to pee's done.


This game, however, really is about as meaningless as they come.

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It doesn't matter.  A win would be nice, but frankly the Dallas game was the win I was hoping for.   I just want the Skins season to over with so we can get to the firing of Shanny and then start over.



Unlike some who expect us to bounce back next year: Shanny or no Shanny; I see this team needing a major overhaul.  Maybe a handful of players I would keep and then build a new team in the next coach's image.  Could we be competive right away, sure.  I think that is asking to much. 

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Cue the real fans LIVE, DIE, AND BLEED WITH EVERY GAME crowd to try and make ppl feel bad.


A season this sad makes it hard to show anything but apathy. I don't want them to lose but if they win or lose, it's ehh. They're still my team and all but it's a week 17 game of a probable 3-13 season during the holiday season. I'd venture to say that every other fan base would feel mostly the same. 

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All of my football conversations seem to happen in Kroger :huh:

I see this huge guy, Strahan's size, in a "loud & proud" Giants jacket yesterday, and he walks up to the self-checkout next to me.  I looked at him and said, "We probably shouldn't be standing so close to each other."  He asks why, and I show the Redskins emblem on my hoodie.  His eyes got all big, and he says, "No, you're right, we should NOT!", but we're kinda laughing about how bad both teams are, so "no hard feelings, ok?", to which I agreed, and because he was very large, I didn't know how he'd respond to "You know your owner is lyin' , cheatin' scum", so I didn't go there.

When I gathered my bags, I said, "I'd wish you better luck next year, but you know I don't mean it, so have a Happy Holiday!"...he was laughing so hard.  Made me happy, as I know his QB is pretty much done, and mine is just getting started...it's Christmas, I'm trying to be positive & spread love.

Redskins love. :P  No matter what, BEAT THE GIANTS!! 


Hail, y'all!

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Wish rules didnt dictate thare had to be 16 games to complete a season. If possible I would have zero qualms if season was over.


After the Vikings game I barely watched the games just tuned in to Larry and Sonny. Bu I did sit and watch Sunday's game slightly giving in to my hatred for anything associated with them Cowturds. Looked very, very forward to seeing my Skins defeating them. And they failed . Failed themselves and the fanbase. Now comes an absolutly meaningless game, won't even be considered a battle for last place.


No faith in this organization at all now. But I do look forward to 2014. Start anew

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Being as this will be the last game of two modern day Redskin greats in Fletcher and Moss, yeah, I want to win the finale REAL bad for them.


GHH, I hear you, and certainly appreciate the service that London and Santana have given this team the past 7-9 years.


But lets keep the larger goal in full focus.


I'd like to see the Giants give us the beatdown.  Anything to erase any qualms Dan Snyder might have in firing Shanahan, which I now want in the worst way to happen.

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