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  1. If we have to be named after a (Keanu Reeves) movie, I would have gone with the Washington John Wicks. heck, if we really want a tie in to a movie or tv show, why not the Washington Watchmen? Or actually there really is a Keanu Reeves movie called The Watcher, so there’s that as well ... the Washington Watchers
  2. This is one of my favorite signings of the draft (even though not part of the draft itself). We needed a TE and I think we found a hidden gem. I think he had a TD in the championship game, didn’t he?
  3. The only option I would accept is the team we trade with gives us their first rounder for the next five years and makes an under the table agreement with us to go 0-16 each of those years.
  4. here’s how you stop that from happening: make it perfectly clear to Cincy that if they trade out of the top pick, we will either take Burrow ourselves or trade our #2 pick to the highest, non-Cincy bidder. That would pretty much settle it.
  5. Not to go off topic, but anyone who wants a good chuckle should google “perineal” lol (Or perineum) not to razz you too much Burgold but I think you meant “perennial”? perineal is a lot funnier though! On the bright side, I’m sure we can be perineal champions in the paloffs ?
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