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  1. Gruden lost my trust as a coach in general right after Jan 1st, 2017. I've wanted him to pack his own bags ever since.
  2. Such bull. I will never get used to or accept such mediocrity from this organization. Fans deserve better then this.
  3. Josh Norman sucks worser then a bent straw.
  4. This is absolute nonsense. Typical pathetic halftime comedy. As much as I love the burgundy and gold, the colors, I can't roar HTTR! and mean it. **** sucks hard.
  5. Like Doc Walker says season after season...Skins, especially on offense... cant put any team away, step on their throat, give them no hope. Every game basic. Tepid Gruden, tepid offence. Typical and it sucks ass.
  6. Just beat them cowturds. All I ask...
  7. Heh. In dame retrospect looks like our Skins did play the spoiler role. nice I must get that Jones gif. Must have it. Heh. In damn retrospect looks like our Skins did play the spoiler role. Nice. Very nice.
  8. Game day jersey looks like a regular shirt. The elite jersey looks like a some kind of extra plastic accessory for your action figure toy. Not feeling them.
  9. Have fun with this ancient thread guys. Id rather have a drunk Eli then a sober Rex right now.
  10. As much as I despise a Cowturd and all their inbred fans I truly hate how the folks at ESPN continue to lick, slurp and drool all over them turds sweaty funky jockstraps for all to behold. I cant abide it.
  11. Yes. All this slurping of the Cowturds will come to a damn end.
  12. Yeah. Put it to rest. He's a joke no longer. Super Bowl Champion MVP . I dont consider that a joke at all. We can only hope JC can become a quality QB in the near future. Lord willing.
  13. Sure as hell wish our Skins had won that second game to the Eagles. We may end up being one short by the Cowturd game.
  14. cyfar. That is funny as hell. :laugh:
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