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  1. I hate the off season! Is it September yet? LOL

  2. It's December..we all know what that means in TX...hahaha

    1. skinsmarydu


      Well said! HTTR!

    2. Mr. Sinister

      Mr. Sinister

      romoSUCKS's playoff hopes roasting on an open fire.

    3. Rex Tomb

      Rex Tomb

      Man, the cowboys got absolutely dominated last night. So much for the 100 million dollar man. LOL :)

  3. HTTR! Luv this team!!!

  4. Waiting on the Picks, Pats, & Pardons thread..LOL

  5. And here goes a little teeny tiny paper trying to get ahead of the curve...Ridiculous! I hope every Redskins fan in Richmond ceases to read this paper! Saw this today as I perused the local rag. "Let's be the first in line, make ourselves look smart" ... http://hamptonroads.com/2013/10/va-paper-banishes-redskins-its-pages
  6. Hoping for a win against the Teddy Bears!

  7. Thank God for bye weeks! I can relax, release, relate!

  8. I'm gonna have to watch this..loved the books...I've heard it was good
  9. I watched the Bourne Supremacy last night..it was on ShoTime Sunday..I recorded it...I like Matt Damon..so I liked the movie...lots of shoot 'em up bang bang and a car chase to boot! He drove that Taxi to death and then killed the bad guy by making him run into the median in the tunnel...excellent...I would say if you liked the other Bourne movies you'd like this one as well...
  10. I've lost 66 lbs! Work out at least 3 times/wk..and I love it! Never thought I'd love to work out...amazing! More energy than ever, look good, feel good, what else is there? Oh yeah Football! And for the bed wear poll...I wear a tank top and my skins shorts (boxers) so comfortable!
  11. Lean Cuisine's Swedish Meatballs entree is not bad when you're really hungry.
  12. Yep..painless for the most part...still can't get that leak fixed...the dude was working on his truck today so he didn't get around to another day of mine...can't say I blame him...we didn't intend to spend the day together on yesterday..lol. I'm sure he had a hard time explaining who I was to his mechanic buddies.... Anyhoo...I may just attempt to put in the new thermostat housing gasket myself since I watched him replace it...I think I can pull it off...plus I stay at a Holiday Inn Express last nite (umm...no I didn't..lol). The leak is small and very slow...but I have a gallon of wate
  13. Sorry so long getting back to you SS on this but I just got the work done yesterday..(had to wait for cash and for the dude to get a commitmentless day). In the mean time, my thermostat went bad w/the temp gauge just going up & down..never overheating but close....so...the guy that did this for me did a pretty good job. He replaced the valve cover gasket and those lil "donuts" that go around the bolts that hold the valve cover in place(I paid close attention and I think I could have done this...but now I know that I can..very simple). That took care of the oil on the plugs therefore the
  14. Ok..I'll look into that and I should definitely take care of the oil on the plugs issue also right? Isn't there a risk of fire from the oil and plugs? I'll talk to another guy that works on cars tomorrow at work. I've been out sick for 2 days..so I'll bend his ear and see what he says or perhaps he'll offer to take a look-see for me. I know this dude better..he put a clutch in my old 86 Escort back in the day. Thanks so much for all the responses...at least I have a starting point and I can walk it down from there. Good looking out guys..I'll let yall know the outcome...that is if I have
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