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  1. Yep. It's getting old. Players need to have the player's union address this.
  2. It's obvious there is conspiracy to keep the Redskins at the bottom of the division. Thanks Reaper for recapping. Keep it coming.
  3. The darlings of the NFL will always get the benefit of the doubt against us. That pick play offensive pass interference last week would have never been called against the Pats or Shehawks. Just another reason being a Redskins fan is the most frustrating fan experience in sports today.
  4. Mark my words. One day a top draft pick or a stud free agent will refuse to play for us because of the name. You can say all that matters is money, but that guy would be praised up and down by the media and he would still make bank somewhere else.
  5. Time to change the name. I believe the name debate is an underlying distraction for the team. We haven't been a consistent competitive team in over 20 years. No better time then now to make a change. I think it would help create a "fresh start" for the franchise. God knows we need one.
  6. The protesters were just making themselves feel important for an afternoon. It's probably setting in now that their efforts were a waste. Their lives suck again.
  7. I think Gruden is setting the tone. Even after the win Monday night he said "we're still a 3-5 football team and have a lot of work to do." The team knows that if they lay an egg this Sunday that Monday night really didn't mean anything.
  8. We as Redskin fans and the organization will unfortunately never win this battle. It doesn't matter how many facts we throw at these people. They don't and won't listen until they get their way and the name is changed. It's just a matter of time before we lose support from the NFL. I don't want us to change the name but one day this is going to become a distraction and may prevent us from winning games. The worst case scenario I can come up with is one day in the future we have the #1 pick and we're in line to grab a once in a lifetime talent like Clowney, and he refuses to sign with the team
  9. D-Hall evidently supports a name change via bleacher reports. This seems to be the beginning of the inner structure crumbling. Once we have pressure to change the name from the inside of the organization as well as the outside, well that can only mean the beginning of the end of the name Redskins.
  10. Well I'm a Redskins/Braves fan. The Nationals weren't around when my sports team allegiances were being made when I was a kid. That would be a double whammy to me if Redskins name got changed and Braves couldn't do the CHOP. I would have to consider leaving the country.
  11. I don't care what they call us if we change the name, but we have to keep the logo. The logo is a big reason as to why I became a Redskins fan when I was a kid. I like the Braveheart name that Snyder's neighbor trademarked. That is an interesting question though. Where does all of this end? Our luck, we'd change the name and 10 years later there would be a huge push to change all the names of professional teams with Native American Imagery.
  12. 1) No. They have absolutely no idea what it means to be a member of your race and how you feel. 2) If someone were to answer yes. Then we should absolutely not care in the least.
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