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Is Chris Baker our best D-lineman at this point ?


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I know he doesn't start so that kind of makes this question a bit silly but I'll be damned if he doesn't push the pocket and hold at the POA when run plays go towards him. Jarvis Jenkins and Stephen Bowen have been SUPER underwhelming and Barry seems a bit miscast in his current role at the nose. Even though it's not saying a whole lot does anyone believe that Chris may be the best of this bunch?

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Baker Plays with a lot of heart and passion for the game. With that said, I would like to see more of Brandon Jenkins or Is he out with an injury or something? Any one know of his status?

I'd like to see more of him, I think he's been inactive the last couple of games. He is an OLB on a team with Orakpo, Kerrigan, Jackson and Tapp, so it's understandable why we haven't seen that much of him.

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Without a stout nose, or a once in a decade fly weight that is as effective as one, I wonder if our front 3 are better suited to a 4-3.  Do we even have a backup nose?  I assume its Baker. I know little but have to think building the interior starting with Baker and Cofield at DT could not be much worse than what we have now. Lord knows throwing money at DTs in the pending complete rebuild with "all that cap money" historically has never worked in this town.  Its an impressive list of overpaying guys to read/use them wrong. Gilbert Big Daddy, the ex 49er DPOY, Big Al to name a few. 


Its about time to start looking to next year. One more loss should seal the deal for real. 

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The problem with our D-line is we have a bunch of complimentary players but not one of those BIG DAWGS who on every play are causing some kind of havoc on the line.


Every D-line needs that guy that is game-planned for with a double team on nearly every play, yet can beat the double team or at least give it enough trouble that it creates lanes for other players.


No one is consistent enough to be considered THE GUY.


Rob Jackson seems to make an impact every time he comes into the game, but it is hard to judge how he would be as an every down starter, because a lot of times LBers like Rob Jackson are thrown into specific situations they likely to be successful in.  Usually passing downs, 3rd & Long, or more difficult stuff to block.

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Baker isn't utilized correctly because we have the worst Defensive Coordinator and a D-Line coach who is stuck on playing Cofield at Nose and continuing to start Bowen or Golston who make no plays and get no push. Should have started Baker at Nose and moved Cofield to End a long time ago.

QFT. Just like RandyHolt stated Coefield, Baker, Jenkins seems a lot more logical. I do know this for a fact: Not a single person on the coaching staff has a hint of Vulcan in them.

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http://www.nfldraftscout.com/ratings/dsprofile.php?pyid=75177&draftyear=2009&genpos=DT Draft profile








Stock report: Going up: Linebacker Brian Orakpo and defensive lineman Chris Baker both played outstanding games. Orakpo was disruptive, generating pressure, sacks and penalties and not always off one aspect of his game. He won with speed, going around the edge, and strength driving into the tackle and cutting inside. Baker did a nice job with penetration and shedding blocks at the line.




  1. One player I’m curious to see Sunday is Chris Baker. He’s done a nice job down the stretch and he’ll be facing an offensive line that is banged up and not very good right now. Baker, too, is playing for a contract. There are holes in his game, but Baker flashes the ability to penetrate. He’d be good to keep around.




Chris Baker Grade: A

Defensive lineman Chris Baker, who rocks number 92 is emerging as the future leader of the Redskins defensive line. Baker has surpassed Jarvis Jenkins and Barry Cofield as the team’s most dominant lineman.

Against Newicon1.png York, Baker finished second on the team in tackles with six. The only player who had more was safety Brandon Meriweather who had eight tackles. Baker was a constant thorn in the Giants side all game long, and seemed to live in the backfield. Baker has great athleticism for his size, and has the potential to be a Pro Bowl defensive lineman. Going into 2014 Chris will be an interesting player to observe.




"Carrying over strong practices. NT Chris Baker is killing center 
in the goal line stand. Staying low and pushing him back." 
Rich Campbell

"Baker has worked at left end, nose tackle and nickel. Heck, maybe he’s worked at right end too and I haven’t seen it. Regardless, he’s showing that he can play end or tackle." 
John Keim

"NT Chris baker is in the backfield quite a bit this camp." 
John Keim

"Chris Baker is a menace. I started counting the plays he's blown up and then lost count. He's not only going to make the team, he's going to be a force."

"Chris Baker is a big guy. ...Baker was taking on two blockers most of his snaps, even when he played out at defensive end, with Neild at nose tackle. He'd quite often push them back or even beat the two blockers as well. He's much more of a presence in the run game as well. I'm eager to see him against a first string offensive line."
Mark Bullock

"Chris Baker made his presence known against the 
, earning two tackles — one for a loss — and one quarterback hit. When he wasn’t making the play, he was often finding his way into the backfield and causing other teammates to make a play."

"Chris Baker just ate 
 for dinner." 
- Jake Russell

"Nose tackle Chris Baker just makes plays and clogs lanes. What you saw tonight is what we’ve seen most of training camp. He was instrumental in the goal-line stand, not just with his ability to clog the middle. He didn’t make the tackle, but his strength inside made the play".
John Keim

"WOW! This kid plays with some fire.........and I love it! Baker lined up at both nose tackle and defensive end, and showed well at both spots, collapsing the pocket, and spending the majority of his snaps eating up double teams, and pitching his tent in the Bills backfield. His play on the goal-line was most impressive. I'd love to be a fly on the wall in defensive film sessions today, just to hear the praise that will be showered on him. All I can say is: WHAT A FIND!"

"The performances of guys like Jarvis Jenkins, Chris Baker and 
 -- especially at the goal line -- showed why the Redskins consider the defensive line a strength of their team. They should be stout against the run and able to create pressure with their defensive front, which also should take some pressure off the secondary"
Dan Graziano

What's truly exciting is this is in addition to the Redskins entire starting front seven being back for a second consecutive season. We just watched that front 7 destroy Buffalo's offensive line.

History: If you're wondering what happened to Chris Baker last season, he tore his quad the week he was activated. The odd thing is it didn't happen on the field. He tore it going up for a jam on the B-ball court. Yea, despite his 325+ pounds, Chris Baker's athleticism allows him to leap 35" vertically (as officially measured at the NFL Combine.)

I might as well mention his junior season at Penn State Baker led their defensive tackles in exactly that: defensive tackles. That Penn State D ranked 7th in the nation in run defense. His senior year Chris was at Hampton University. Chris made the highest tackles among the defensive line, 69. He had 16.5 tackles for loss, 8.5 sacks and 13 quarterback hurries.

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Cofield is hands-down our best all-around DL at this point.  Baker seems to be making big strides, but Cofield is doing a pretty damn good job considering what they are asking him to do.

Cofield is good no doubt, but I think Baker is more disruptive and a better player. 

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This d-line is sad.Bowen sucks!Coefield is one of the worst Nt right now.Look at the Jets d-line,young & athletic!we need that...yes clean house on the D-line.


No way we should let all these guys go. We should be running a 4-3 with the players we have. If we did that both Baker and Cofield would make awesome tackles and Orakpo and Kerrigan would make awesome ends with incredible depth with JJ, BJ, CN, SB. With Perry Riley, Rob Jackson, Keenan Robinson coming back from injury and Will Compton we have a great core of LB's to build on perhaps using Brandon Jenkins as depth both on the DL as an DE and OLB

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I have to say, I think Baker should have gotten more reps sooner.


While he may have been out of shape, not ready, whatever, I have been wanting to see more of him since our DL sucked with him far far away from significant reps.  And after we had all seen flashes of him dominating long ago. 



Better late than never, at least the new coach will have some quality tape on him. 

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i don't know about best, but when given his chances, he shows up. i like his high motor.

He plays to cause mayhem and destruction, and I really like that.


DC9 keeps bringing up Cooley's quote about Baker guessing a lot. And when he guesses right he's a difference maker. He is one of two reasons I would want to switch to a 1 gap 34, the other reason is the difficulty in finding a "true" NT. DG has brought up the 4-3 Under look as well - seems like Baker would be a fit there as well.

Put Baker in the middle with Cofield on one side and Jenkins/Bowen/Worthington/Draft pick on the other side and our line would be pretty stout. Cofield can also shift to the middle if Baker were injured as I think he'd be another good fit for the 1 gap NT role.

Lord, I hope we're able to re-sign him.

BTW, Baker is a fine example of a player that was 'coached up' under Shanahan's tenure. Not many examples, but he's a pretty good one - too bad he (and likely Cofield) were misused.

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Cooley's analysis, which I generally trust because he knows a hell of a lot more than I do, and unlike most of the media hacks, explains why he thinks something, is very high on Baker.


He believes that Baker is a "football player." and "He's your nose."  Those are exact quotes from his radio show on a post-season wrap up of the season.  I think that Cooley's biggest compliment is to call somebody a "football player." He often says guys are either "just guys" or "good athletes" but when he calls somebody a "football player" he really likes them.  The opposite is also true, when he says, "he's just not a football player" then that means he's not very high on the guy. (Biggers is an example of that.)


He also likes Cofield, but believes he's completely out of position, and can't play the nose.  Would be better to flip him and Baker. 


I'm not sure why the staff didn't try that at the end of the season, a whole lot more than they did.  It happened here and there. But to my eye, generally when Baker came inside, Barry went out of the game.  

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