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    SI: Bezos & Amazon Want In ...On the Redskins?

    To me the timing of this report is interesting. Recently, the NFL has expressed interest in having a NFL team in London. Chargers were linked to that. Leaves Chargers owner to aggressively deny the report. Now Bezo wants to buy a team. Conveniently he lives in the DC area where the football team have fell out of grace with the fanbase after putting up with decades of incompetence. I'm no reporter but my gut feeling tells me this is the NFL's way of politely telling Snyder to move/start a franchise in London allowing Bezo to setup a team in DC salvaging one of the bigger Markets in the NFL. Therefore making everyone happy, as Snyder becomes the forerunner for American football as his team will be the 1st of many creating new markets for the NFL internationally. To me at least this would make sense.
  2. FlemLo Raps is quickly becoming one of my favorite Football go to channels on Youtube. Since this is Redskins related I wanted to share this video as i think he did a great job going into detail about Tony Robinson. Mods i usually lurk more than post so if i am in violation of the rules feel free to correct as needed. here is the link https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N6Ae41g6B6w
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    The Bruce Allen/GM Thread

    I think this is what you meant. But wow, I would love this!!!!
  4. Man, sometimes something as simple as this can change the morale for this team. #newlook #newteam #beentoolong