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  1. I'm an audio guy, so obviously ALL-IN for this idea. Someone brought up the UFC earlier in this thread-- as an avid fan of MMA, I truly missed the crowd reactions while watching the latest Jacksonville fights. (Also noticed that the commentators were struggling to adapt early on.) IMO, football (more-so than any other sport with perhaps the exception of NCAA basketball) absolutely HAS to have some type of crowd atmosphere while watching on TV. I watch the combine every year on NFL Network as well as South Carolina's spring games-- and the silence has me drifting off i
  2. Admittedly, I'm not @KDawg when it comes to evaluating OL. Instead of wasting my time watching tape on Charles, I've been trying to catch some interviews in order to figure out who the guy is. I even went on LSU message board soon after the draft to try and get more intel on why he slipped. (My verdict from them was that they pretty much supported Saahdiq 100%, but also came off too Homer-ish on EVERY THREAD/TOPIC for me to take anyone seriously.) According to Tigers' fans, his suspension was because of weed. He wasn't suspended 6 games in a row... He basically seemed to only
  3. Project 11 has been hyped all week and comes out Friday night on ESPN at 7:30pm. It chronicles his early career, later successes, and the utter madness surrounding his horrible injury. It's gripping and absolutely beautiful at times. It's also extremely graphic and viewers should be forewarned. (Seriously... If "Gruesome" or "Grotesque" are NOT words in your personal dictionary, I would walk with caution.). I was lucky enough to get a viewing of the 'final cut' earlier this week. Out of respect for the filmmakers and everyone involved, I've kept everything close to my chest.
  4. Gandy Savage!! Lets gooo!!! Fantastic pick, this kid is special.
  5. If we had gone bonkers (or even SEMI-bonkers) in FA and signed any of the dudes I was hoping for: #1 Cory Littleton #2 Conklin/Bulaga #3 Hooper/Henry/Ebron #4 Tre Boston #5 Breshad Perriman-- as well as re-signing Flowers/Trent Williams.... then I would say Chase Young is a no-brainer. (That's easily enough ammo to crush our weak division.) He's still my favorite player in the draft, but if I'm Rivera and I'm trying build "my culture" then I'd do exactly what crazy-ass Gruden has done in OAK/Vegas and wholesale every "valuable" player on the roster for future picks.
  6. I found myself thinking about worst-case scenarios and just how long this thing could last. What if we can't get this under control over the next few months and the entire NFL and College seasons get cancelled? In that case, do college players accrue another year of eligibility? Are the players who were eligible to enter the 2021 Draft still able to do so? If no NFL season, how will the draft order be chosen? Do the Skins end up with #2 overall pick again? I realize we don't have any answers to these questions yet... but it's food for thought in these crazy times.
  7. "Enjoying" and "strangely fun" are terms I remember using during those games as well. I found myself getting blind drunk, bringing my laptop to whoever's NYC apartment we were hanging out at that Sunday, and laughing uncontrollably every time Beck threw a pass or got ROCKED by a defender. His misery was my bliss. Got to the point where my Giants/Jets friends would let me plug the HDMI cable into the main TV for Skins drives so we could all collectively hoot 'n holler at that 'ol bird-ass lookin' fool crawling around the field trying to find his mouthpiece. Never trust
  8. And how any white QB who runs a sub 4.8 has “surprising athleticism”
  9. Honestly would scoff at this notion if it wasn't worded exactly the way you said it. Will be interesting to see what his interest is on the FA market considering that the guy who replaced him was ALSO considered a 1st round bust just a few months ago. Take into account the way that Riverboatz ran his offense with Cam (and probably the lessons coach learned about how to NOT to protect his QB) and maybe he finds a happy medium where Mariota gets some confidence in RUNNING the offense like he did in college. If he comes cheap, there is literally zero reason not to make
  10. This dude played GUARD, TIGHT END, DT, DE, ILB, OLB, lost/gained 75lbs during his career, aaaaaaaaand Shanny called him 'the best special teams player' he had ever been around. I'm glad this thread was created because it reminds you of the type of guys you hope this franchise will build around in the future. If you all want to get AMPED and enjoy a really awesome read, check out this '17 piece from LA himself: https://www.theplayerstribune.com/en-us/articles/lorenzo-alexander-bills-pro-bowl-2017
  11. John Dorsey no longer with the Browns.... Hmmmm....
  12. As a huge Game****s fan, I told everyone I knew that Clowney would disappoint in the NFL. (He’s actually done more than I thought he would.) The guy hates to work and that’s been well-documented. Chase Young is the complete opposite and I’ve had some really in-depth conversations with his former high schools coaches about the type of guy he is. If he falls to #2, you grab him and don’t think twice!
  13. BANG! You did it again, mang!! LOL Guys like Portis and Cooley will literally spit their Lucky Charms back into the box after watching this clip. Nailed it brother— can’t wait to share this with everybody I know. Great work!
  14. GUYS, Keenum is NOT playing for 3.5 mill next year. That was just half of the guaranteed money (7mill) left on his contract for 2019 but his total CAP HIT was going to be 21 million. Now that the 7mill has been paid off, the Skins can renegotiate a new contract extension... I expect it to still be pretty high in the 10-15 range. EDIT: I didn't realize that Keenum actually waived his $10million and we ARE getting him for 3.5 this year. This is actually a very solid move for the Skins.
  15. Rosen for our 2nd round pick is reasonable because his stock is LOW after a statistically-ugly season. (Aside from his weirdo-attitude, I had him rated as my fav 'pure-passing' QB in last years class.) Maybe toss in a 4th in 2019 or a 2nd or 3rd in 2020, but nothing more. Cardinals have already played their hand by making it known they want Murray (which brings down Rosen's stock even further). HOWEVER, the Skins have played their hand by paying a crippled 34 year old QB 20+mil over the next few years with zero options. Our desperation has left us with two options: Trade picks
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