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  1. LaRonDontLikeUgly

    New BANG! Redskins Cartoon: "Driven Insane"

    BANG! You did it again, mang!! LOL Guys like Portis and Cooley will literally spit their Lucky Charms back into the box after watching this clip. Nailed it brother— can’t wait to share this with everybody I know. Great work!
  2. LaRonDontLikeUgly

    WR Cam Sims 2019 Campaign

    I would agree with this and also add that last year there was a lot of hype surrounding Maurice Harris in TC last year.
  3. LaRonDontLikeUgly

    2019 Comprehensive Draft Thread

    Hey Guys.... a few months back (before and around the combine) I began watching every game cut-up I could find of the QBs in this class and wrote out my own little scouting reports on each. Initially, I planned on doing the entire class- but life took over and things got busy lol. Although I ended up watching a few cut-ups/highlight reels of guys like Haskins/Lock/Stidham/Finley/Rypien, I never got around to writing anything up for them. With the draft one day away, I thought I would leave this here so that I can be pelted with tomatoes later. Keep in mind, this was all written several weeks/months ago... BUT I STAND BY IT! QB’s Kyler Murray, QB — Oklahoma (Top Five) Size: 3/10 Throw Power: 8.5/10 Accuracy: 9/10 Mobility: 10/10 Pocket Presence: 8/10 FieldVision/Progression: 8.5/10 Mechanics: 9/10 Clutch/Leadership: 6/10 OVERALL: Best QB in the class, beautiful throwing motion with snappy release. Elite mobility. Sees the field well inside the pocket, but often decides to make the ‘cautious’ throw when something bigger is there. Deep ball accuracy is ‘meh’. Personality is only slightly less ‘meh’ than Mariota. Will Grier, QB — West Virginia (Mid-Late 1st Round) Size: 7/10 Throw Power: 7.5/10 Accuracy: 8.5/10 Mobility: 6.5/10 Pocket Presence: 8/10 FieldVision/Progression: 8.5/10 Mechanics: 6.5/10 Clutch/Leadership: 10/10 OVERALL: Not the best Senior Bowl or Combine outings, but he shows up for games. Confident and clutch. Adequate size and arm strength with strong mid-short accuracy + beautiful touch on deep throws. Keeps eyes down field, doesn’t lock into one receiver, and moves well in the pocket. Mechanics need work and he needs to feel comfortable in the system to succeed. Consistency is a slight issue in all of the areas mentioned above. Not a Day 1 starter, (unless you are the Redskins) but has a very high-ceiling in the right system. He’s got the “it" factor and I think it will surprise people when WG is the 2nd QB taken off the board. Easton Stick, QB — North Dakota State (Late 3rd/4th Round) Size: 7/10 Throw Power: 7/10 Accuracy: 7/10 Mobility: 9.5/10 Pocket Presence: 7/10 FieldVision/Progression: 6.5/10 Mechanics: 7.5/10 Clutch/Leadership: 9/10 OVERALL: Duel-Threat QB, I think he will run in 4.6’s (if not faster) at his Pro Day. Has surprisingly good pocket-awareness and keeps his eyes down field. Decision-making with some of his throws are concerning… Sometimes he COMPLETELY ignores defenders who are just waiting for the ball. Parts of his game remind me of Kyle Lauletta (who I was really high on last year) with Easton being the better runner and Kyle having the slight edge when throwing. I had no idea who this guy was before I watched his full-game cut-ups, but I am now a BIG fan of this kid’s game. Give him 2 years on the bench and he should be ready to go win you some football games. Daniel Jones, QB — Duke (5th Round) Size: 10/10 Throw Power: 6/10 Accuracy: 5/10 Mobility: 6.5/10 Pocket Presence: 5/10 FieldVision/Progressions: 5/10 Mechanics: 8/10 Clutch/Leadership: 5/10 OVERALL: This guy is Christian Hackenberg 2.0 in my eyes. Selecting him anytime before the 4th round would be a huge mistake. His accuracy (especially on deep throws) is atrocious. Will make the easy pre-snap reads, but then locks into them… Never even bothers going through progressions. Ramen noodle arm. Horrible awareness in the pocket. Decent athlete but takes off running too early. I watched 5 game cut-ups and the only reason I bumped his selected round up to 5 (from my original 6th-7th) was because of a few flashes against VaTech where I caught a glimpse of potential. Bottom-line for me is that Jones is flat-out BAD at the things which make you a good QB in the NFL.
  4. LaRonDontLikeUgly

    2019 Comprehensive Draft Thread

    I'm gonna ride with Team McQueen here when it comes to Devin Bush. Watched a few game cut-ups and basically saw a hybrid safety with a great motor who will chase the ballcarrier down, find lanes to get after the QB on certain blitz packages (both inside and out- but usually unblocked), and was ultimately making "big" plays that don't translate to the next level. I also saw a guy getting BLOWN-UP by pulling lineman and taking himself out of plays regularly with over-pursuit. When "superb instincts" come into play, you get a 5'9 guy from John Carroll who gets a SB Ring and basically redefines the most important position on defense over a 15 year career. Everything that I loved about London Fletcher is everything I dislike about Devin Bush in terms of anticipation and reading the play before the snap. Someone will draft Bush in the 18-30 range (lots of 'defensive-minded' organizations here) and he may eventually have success in the right situation-- but I personally think Bush is a Round 2 guy and miles away from being a Day 1 every-down starter.
  5. LaRonDontLikeUgly

    Landon Collins and the #21 debate...

    Dan Snyder gave Landon Collins an autographed Sean Taylor jersey last night, and the young safety broke down in tears. The topic of Landon potentially wearing #21 seems to be hot on Twitter + amongst network analysts right now, so I thought I'd toss out a little poll. Where does everyone stand on this?
  6. LaRonDontLikeUgly

    Starting QB 2019???

    GUYS, Keenum is NOT playing for 3.5 mill next year. That was just half of the guaranteed money (7mill) left on his contract for 2019 but his total CAP HIT was going to be 21 million. Now that the 7mill has been paid off, the Skins can renegotiate a new contract extension... I expect it to still be pretty high in the 10-15 range. EDIT: I didn't realize that Keenum actually waived his $10million and we ARE getting him for 3.5 this year. This is actually a very solid move for the Skins.
  7. LaRonDontLikeUgly

    Starting QB 2019???

    Rosen for our 2nd round pick is reasonable because his stock is LOW after a statistically-ugly season. (Aside from his weirdo-attitude, I had him rated as my fav 'pure-passing' QB in last years class.) Maybe toss in a 4th in 2019 or a 2nd or 3rd in 2020, but nothing more. Cardinals have already played their hand by making it known they want Murray (which brings down Rosen's stock even further). HOWEVER, the Skins have played their hand by paying a crippled 34 year old QB 20+mil over the next few years with zero options. Our desperation has left us with two options: Trade picks to draft a QB who was being considered for #1 overall last year, or use this year's #15 on a QB who may have been drafted in later rounds in any other draft. We are the ONLY trading partners that make sense with the Cardinals in this scenario. In that sense, we are both handcuffed and it will only come down to who negotiates better. Jimmy G was drafted in the 2nd round, balled out IN THE NFL, and in one of the rare occurrences we've ever seen-- The Niners fleeced the Pats for a future franchise Qb and only had to give up a 2nd rounder. (The caveat here being: Niners had to trade the pick and also sign a mega-contract.) Rosen is not a "win-the-SB right now" next season (Jimmy G is IMO) so giving up a #15 would be hilariously-perfectly-aligned with the desperate losers we have in our FO. However, Rosen for a 2nd and possibly additional picks is a win-win for both organizations. They have as many holes on their roster as we do + new coaches love having draft picks. One last note on Rosen and why I would be totally stoked if the right trade took place.... I watched this 7min YouTube highlight video of him in AZ last year and kept noticing the same thing: Mostly ALL of his insanely great TD passes/large-chunk plays were happening when games were super close in the 4th quarter in the later half of the season. After Week 10, Cards kept it close (upset Packers/Seahawks) and with exception to Falcons game, played solid football. Final Thought: There's a good chance Rosen would get drafted #1 over Murray/Haskins in the 2019 draft, so while I don't necessarily endorse handing over our #15 pick- there is no one on this planet who could convince me it's a worse option than Daniel Jones or Drew Lock.
  8. LaRonDontLikeUgly

    Evaluating Jay Gruden in 2018

    There is zero chance DJ isn't saying it to these guys faces. He might be the most vocal leader we have ever had on this defense. None of the other guys you mentioned are on the same planet as Swag when it comes to being vocal. I also disagree with what you/Portis think about calling specific guys out. Real leaders don't point fingers at an individual- they hold the entire locker room accountable. Whether it's Josh Norman or Luke Bowanko who is loafing around means absolutely nothing. In fact, the guys on the fringe of the roster should be (and usually are) busting their butts even harder to get noticed. Gruden lacks urgency. So does his team. Pretty simple to me.
  9. LaRonDontLikeUgly

    Redskins Lead NFC East

    I’m gonna list my positives in this thread and get super miserable in the rest of them... lol ZBrown and DJ Swag have two totally different personalities, but my happiest moments today were when the two of them were dapping it up after tackles and recognizing one another as the ultimate thumping PULSE of our defense. They thrive off each other. ZBrown played like an absolute psycho today. We’re so lucky to have him. Clinton Diyyyucks impact is starting to show already. (DJ Swaggermuffin was finally getting to play the box and create some havoc in backfield early.) Diyuuxx got his fumble recovery, almost grabbed that pick, and showed great range/solid tackling throughout the day. No doubt he’s gonna look more impressive as the weeks pass. Bibbs does his damn job. He does it well. Frosty the Strohman is hungry and seems to be frothing at the mouth for more opportunities. Patchwork OL came out and played with confidence. We most likely have the best OL coach (and DL coach) in the league right now. Tress Way is our best player (at his position) and has been for a while. The guy boots the ball into orbit and makes it look like a Patriots’ assistant took the air of it by the time it hits the 10 yard line. Alex Smith threw a TD to a wide receiver. ?
  10. LaRonDontLikeUgly

    Safety Clinton Dix to the skins

    McPhee is still on the team... (Even though I had to google/twitter search for 5 minutes before I definitively posted this)
  11. It was running along the NFLN ticker yesterday... Skins 4th in the league at bringing the blitz. (I think it was something around 36% of defensive plays)
  12. LaRonDontLikeUgly

    Evaluating Jay Gruden in 2018

    The only thing preseason tells you is how good/bad your lower-half of the roster is. I worry about the depth on this team (outside of DL/WR/QB) and I fear that we are trending in the wrong direction in terms of guys 'at the bottom' making their way to the 'top'. The most glaring thing I saw last night was that guys were taking themselves out of the play by being out of position. The defense particularly didn't recognize or anticipate the flow of the game. That's coaching.
  13. LaRonDontLikeUgly

    Unpopular Opinions Thread (Non-Political)

    Log Cabin or Aunt Jemima Original Syrup > ANY maple syrup ever made
  14. Is there any situation WEIRDER than 26-year old Jon Hankins STILL not being signed by an NFL team at this point? His agent must be as bad as advertised. The dude apparently works extremely hard, causes no troubles in the locker room, and (according to all of the Colts message-board-posts I've been stalking) was one of the few "spark-plugs" during a highly disappointing season for them. Our offense seemingly projects as "slightly-above-average" overall-- even without Guice. Teams will have trouble game-planning against us for the first 6 weeks of the season, because WE don't even know whose gonna get the ball. (aka The "Zorny Toad Effect".) Healthy, it looks like we have a Top 5 DL rotation already. Use the cap to pursue Hankins on a 1 year 6mill deal (what we paid for Pryor) and now our depth/rotation is arguably better than Eagles/Rams/Texans/Vikings.