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  1. Orakpo and Rambo. I so hope that Baccari reaches his high ceiling of potential and Orakpo gets resigned. JaWuan James should be our priority target for RT in the draft IMO, don't know how Jawan Jamison will pan out, hope he becomes a great asset for sure. The talent definitely is there.
  2. Tatankgough

    Random "Thot" Thread (Stadium Edition)

    Just for the record. The Cleveland Browns?? The Cleveland Browns were named for Art Brown the first owner. Pleassse.
  3. I like your draft, it is close to what I would want with a couple of changes. pick 34 in 2nd round would be JaWuan James. He is a natural RT with speed, strength and able to reach the next level and pull. NFL ready now. Louchiez Purifoy CB with our 4th round pick. Boseko Lomboko OLB with our 5th round pick Don't know how we are going to pick up the extra picks you indicate here. As far as I know now we have 7 picks starting in the 2nd round at 34. Also your safeties are on the small side in size. We need big and tall safeties to get to the next level IMO
  4. I really like the idea of our same side indian head logo on the helmet with a wide feather instead of the stripe. Really like that idea. Maybe small cluster of feathers on the sleeves as well.
  5. It's a bright future