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  1. Hope we don't let Dak run wild!We have a tendency too let QBs kill us running!
  2. Unlike most people here I love The burgundy on burgundy.Its our main color & no other team has it.
  3. campbellcooleyconnection

    Random "Thot" Thread (Stadium Edition)

    Patriots make our franchise look like pee wee football,all around.They just make football look so darn easy!
  4. All Burgundy once this year pls guys!!!!????
  5. No other team has burgundy in its color scheme,embrace the all burgundy!
  6. campbellcooleyconnection

    The Conspiracy Thread

    Think their targeting Norman just a tad? Nah.We are under their microscope, every thing we do, BOOM automatic flag, fine suspension.The game just feels corrupt,losing interest in the current product,F U GOODELL!!!!
  7. campbellcooleyconnection

    The Conspiracy Thread

    Norman will be fined Dean Blandino just said on NFL Total Access.Oh he also said every flag on Norman was a legit flag.No mention of Crowder head twist though ...hmmmmm.
  8. campbellcooleyconnection

    The Conspiracy Thread

    Not the first game stolen from us,remember Portis diving in end zone vs Packers.Oh wait late flag illegal formation on Thrash no TD........BS!!!!
  9. campbellcooleyconnection

    The Conspiracy Thread

    Remember when no one knew the refs & each team had 4 penalties a game, the good old days(Pre-Goodell)
  10. campbellcooleyconnection

    The Conspiracy Thread

    That DISGRACE of a game reminds me of the Rams game in 2012 with replacement refs.The Lambs cheapshoted every chance possible,refs had no control & we lost for getting flagged throwing ball at I think Finnegan.I was equally PISSED yesterday!
  11. campbellcooleyconnection

    The Conspiracy Thread

    Of course football night in America laughs & says Norman should've had more penalties SMDH
  12. campbellcooleyconnection

    The Conspiracy Thread

    This game really has me contemplating not watching the NFL anymore!It was just Sickening too watch!We mess up plenty without refs piling on, hard too watch what feels like rigged games......SUCKS!!
  13. campbellcooleyconnection

    The Conspiracy Thread

    I get us being hosed for Pats,Packers,Pitt,Pukes,Seahawks,Giants etc; but the Thug Dirty Bungles!!!! Really NFL?!?! Been getting screwed by refs for years but it seems this year they're rubbing our noses in it & being obnoxiously obvious about it!!!!Im really PISSED OFF!!!!!!
  14. campbellcooleyconnection

    The Conspiracy Thread

    How can professional sports officials get away with what those cheats did today?!HOW!?
  15. Would have liked the all burgundy on turkey day vs pukes, oh well...