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Does anybody know when Trent Williams will be back? That will be SOMETHING. Won't help the LG/C spots. But at least will be something.

The problem with this team is that there is no reasonable depth whatsoever. When all the starters are avaialble, they are competent. But when anybody goes down, it's a disaster.

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Why is Cook out there? He's a HORRID center. Two weeks now in the front five, two weeks he's gotten pushed back on most every play.

Montgomery's not great, but he's a HELL of a lot better than Cook. And he's a HELL of a lot better center than guard.

Move Monty back to center, and give Hurt a look at guard. Cook sure is heck isn't someone I want around here next year going forward.


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You know, before the season I said I was worried about our offensive line. People said shhhh, we got Chris Chester.


Two out of our first 5 picks in this years upcoming draft needs to be used on OL.

We've ignored this aspect of the team for so long and it shows in our offensive line play year after year with shoddy protection and run blocking. I was so convinced we were going to spend one of our early picks this recent draft on an OL. And then we wait until the 7th round to get Hurt. We never make any improvements.

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This offensive line had an abysmal performance today. And what's worse, the Buffalo defensive line was not that highly regarded.

I was not surprised to hear that today's O-line surrendered enough sacks to tie the Redskins' team record. And frankly, unless the line improves quickly, I suspect they will soon break that long-standing record.

What a terrible performance by the offensive line. Brown should refund some of that contract money he got.

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A reality check of the lack of building the oline by Vinny. You need depth. The backups are there by default, not because we drafted them. (for the most part..drafted 'high' anyway)


Because Vinny ****ed everything else up, too. There's too much to fix. This year was defense and some skill positions on offense. Next year is QB and Oline.


Sure, but the right players weren't there. For example, you don't pass on Kerrigan just because Oline is more important.

Harsh reality of a team rebuilding. 9 sacks doesn't happen by accident. 9 sacks happen when you haven't been building and Oline for 10 years, and the couple guys you do have go down.

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Our offensive line sucked prior to injuries. Lichtensteiger was a solid player and Trent Williams was above average. Monty at C was OK, not great.

Answer this question real fast: who is our right guard?

I honestly had trouble remembering for a few minutes. Its Chris Chester. Yeah.

Right tackle...Brown...he's flat out bad.

We've had two years to put together a promising young offensive line. Instead what have we gotten from this administration?

We got a good LT, a solid LG, an average C, a below average 28 year old RG, and a washed up 30 year old RT who came off a terrible injury and never was the same.

Well then we've certainly added depth right? Our young promising linemen are waiting in the wings to take over, aren't they?

Erik Cook in at C has looked sub-par.

7th round draft pick Maurice Hurt has been brought in from the practice squad.

UDFA rookie Willie Smith as the backup tackle.

Sean Locklear- 30 year old washed up never-was from Seattle of all places.

The running game genius Mike Shanahan, the offensive guru Mike Shanahan, Mr. I can plug in any running back and any lineman Mike Shanahan has given us an offensive line just as bad and perhaps even less promising than the one Zorn left for him.

Seriously, we don't have anything to look forward to on the OL. We don't have anything more than solid to below average players and everything on offense starts there. We've concentrated more on stupid ideas like trading for Donovan McNabb and Jabbar Gaffney than we have on getting linemen who don't suck.

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