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  1. Great trade. We never get anything productive out of our 2nd rounders, might as well us them to move up in the 1st.
  2. I'm more pissed off about this than any other game I've ever watched. On a side note, I'm beyond dumb founded by Seraphin playing 28 minutes and Gortat playing 12. Just absurd.
  3. I've never seen anything like that. Only the Wizards. Only DC sports.
  4. Christ that vine of Randy is a new level of bad. Pretty much proving the point we've all known for years now. Glad to see Gil is still supporting the team, he had a rough ending to his career here but I hope people don't let that over shadow what he did for the team
  5. Solid win. No doubt it was a disappointing 4th quarter but the fact that they dominated the OT makes up for it. The traditional Wizards team would have lost after that 4th quarter implosion. Otto didn't have great numbers but played very well. He's come a long way over the last couple months.
  6. Sessions is by definition a mediocre back up player, I think you could argue he can't shoot. I agree it's beneficial to have a 2 who can create off the dribble but my initial post was regarding Martell's regression. It's not like Martell was a Steve Novak type shooter, he was a very good scoring wing player who was versatile. It's a shame he has regressed so much that we now are playing a below average point guard at the 2. Especially considering the contract we signed him to.
  7. Not sure if we're just missing each other's point but you really think a point guard playing the 2 is better with Wall than a shooting specialist?
  8. Completely agree. Sadly those are pretty much the only examples of good teams with that kind of profile.
  9. With Wall on the floor we don't really need ball handlers, we need shooters. Webster was an elite shooter for us in years past. He is an extremely likable guy, it just sucks we paid him and then injuries made him this ineffective.
  10. How far has Martell regressed that we have Sessions playing the 2 over him
  11. Otto has been awesome these last few games. Just another illustration of how awful Randy is.
  12. It's been said in here many times but Otto is a much better player when he plays with Wall instead of the backup.
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