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ESPN: Michael Irvin accused of rape...again


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"Michael Irvin has been accused of rape in a civil suit filed Thursday in Broward Circuit Court, the Miami Herald reported.

The suit, filed by a woman identified as "Jane Doe," accused Irvin, the former Dallas Cowboys wide receiver and Pro Football Hall of Fame member, of raping her at the Seminole Hard Rock Hotel & Casino in Hollywood, Fla., in 2007, according to the report.

No criminal charges have been filed. The Broward State Attorney's Office has been investigating the case and a spokesman told the Herald he expects a conclusion next week.

Irvin, currently in South Florida for the Super Bowl, currently hosts a talk show on ESPN Radio 103.3 in Dallas and works as a television analyst for the NFL Network.

Irvin's lawyer, Larry Friedman, called the accusations "totally untrue," according to the Herald. Feldman, asked by the paper to describe the woman's contact with Irvin, said: "Beyond, perhaps, meeting her, there was nothing."

According to the suit, the woman claims the attack happened late on July 4 or early on July 5, 2007. It claims a Irvin bought the woman alcohol and took her to his hotel room, where Irvin raped her and another man forced her to perform oral sex."

Some other Michael Irvin highlights

1996: charged with misdemeanor possession of over an ounce of marijuana and felony possession of 10+ grams of cocaine

1997: accused by a 23-year-old Dallas woman of holding a gun to her head while teammate Erik Williams and a third unidentified man raped her

1998: sliced teammate Everett McIver's neck in a fight during training camp; McIver was said to have been paid off by Jerry Jones to not bring charges against Irvin

2000: charged with misdemeanor possession of marijuana

2001: charged with felony possession of cocaine

2005: arrested on an outstanding warrant for speeding in Irving, TX after being pulled over for speeding in Plano, TX. Also charged with drug paraphernalia possession after police searched his car and found a drug pipe and plastic baggies with marijuana residue.

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To be fair, I think the charges against Irvin and Williams about the rape turned out to be false, and the accuser wound up doing jail time. But that's a pretty impressive rap sheet. I change the channel every time his face disgraces my TV.

The training camp stabbing incident fascinates me. Jerry Jones blatantly lied about it and paid people off to keep Irvin away from league (and legal) punishment. Then again in 2008 he did the same thing to try to quash the Pacman Jones hotel fight. He's clearly a liar who deals with the NFL in bad faith. How does Jones NOT get at least a suspension?

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I'm shocked.

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I don't understand the mindset of a rapist. How can you trust your jingle bell in a girl's mouth when you are doing something horrible to them? Guess with another dude there it's like writing a death sentence, but still. I know some girls who'd make great kamikaze pilots. They'd die but they would take your balls with 'em.

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While I cant stand him, I doubt he did this.


He should, and probably will win this case.

Some of you might remember my thread on getting accused of something that never happened. It all works out in the end. Its civil so that is different, but two years later?? ****, sounds like another gold digger to me.

Counter sue!!

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why does someone wait 2 1/2 years to pursue rape charges?

It about the $$$$$$$$. **** her. You shouldn't be able to wait a few years and then decide to press charges.

The whole Tiger Woods thing has let all the whores think they can grab a piece of the spotlight. We'll see more and more of this. All the dumpsters will be rolling over on their guys now.

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