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  1. KFC now puts bacon on the bowl of crack. Sweet perfection.
  2. Your giving up!? I have an average of about 40 points each week. I really thought I had it together, but this sucks! I'm the whipping post.
  3. The new iphone blows everything in its path right out of the water. It's sick.
  4. Just saw a good friend and redskins games seat partner fall out at a restaurant in OBX. 20 minutes of CPR on the floor. Paramedics, padles, adrenaline, his son watching. This is bad. I have seen hospitals pull people out of death before, but this was bad. I'll keep you posted.
  5. Two more days and Ill be on here again to bother everyone.
  6. Hi everyone! I've missed you all. Well, most of you. I haven't been around in a while. The past season had me too depressed to get on here, but I'm back!
  7. I had a really good time in Virginia this week. I miss living here.
  8. I got so drunk yesterday. Had phone sex though! Woo!
  9. I may be in love. No, for real this time. Not with one of these Latin hos either. Eww, can't sleep.
  10. Uh oh, it's getting uncomfortable around here now.
  11. WTF! Just got the old, "my son could walk in any second." routine! Dammit! Now what am I gonna do with this thing?
  12. If you have an ipad & NFL Sunday Ticket at home, you can download the Sunday ticket app on the computer and watch it. I'm loving it! I have the game on one iPad and i can use mine for the chit chat.
  13. I didn't say anything weird to that chick on FB, but got attacked anyway. Some older people need too loosen up.
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