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  1. I'm talking about people in general not necessarily on this site, but it would go for anyone on here also.
  2. Cut this immature, entitled little boy. **** him and **** those defending him. Follow him to his next team in the CFL.
  3. What's up guys?! Long time no see! Is anybody else having issues with the team 980 app? I even tried uninstalling and reinstalling it to no avail.
  4. He's actually very easy to read. He's a narcissist. Almost all narcissists are douchebags or worse.
  5. I see that Larry has a boot licker in here.
  6. He apparently was very convincing to be a "great guy." Some of us saw right through his BS all along. Haven't posted here in a LONG time, but I had to come in here and see what the reaction was because quite a few people defended him when some of us called him out as the scumbag he is a long time ago. You can also label him as a ****ing coward now to. POS tucked his tail and bolted because he KNOWS he's guilty. Seriously. What a POS douchebag he is. It was so obvious to some. I feel bad for the women, but seeing this ahole go down is so gratifying. **** him.
  7. Yeah he's a real nice guy. I always said he was a douchebag of epic proportions and low and behold look what we have here. Good riddance Richard. He had many of you fooled.
  8. Dude has coach written all over him.
  9. There is no reason to go to a Redskins game right now. If you still go you are just a Snyder puppet.
  10. Wearing anything Redskins in public these days is equivalent to walking around naked in public.
  11. I heard they reached out to the Saskatchewan Roughriders and even they laughed at the notion of giving up anything for Josh.
  12. How bad is it? The Redskins now have 16 road games.
  13. LMAO! I love it! The more Danny boy gets humiliated the better. 0 and mother ****ing 16 baby!
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