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  1. Apparently you need to try real hard to not be an ass. People take interest in players salaries because it affects what the team can do to improve the team in other areas of need. It's really not as complicated as you make it. im not trying to be an ass either. Im just naturally an ass.
  2. Sure. Why the **** would anyone sit and watch a show where apparently there is detailed description of children being molested. What part don't you understand? Makes me wonder if some of those people would like to view the video of R Kelly with a 14 year old. I just don't get the fascination. Again. I think it's sick.
  3. I question the mindset of anyone that will sit for hours and watch a documentary based on child molestation. I think it's sick as **** quite frankly.
  4. KingGibbs

    The Sean McVay Tracker

    The only thing I'm tracking is Sean's girlfriend. Good Lord!
  5. KingGibbs

    Save us, Elias, you're our only hope - The 2019 Orioles

    Looking forward to the baby birds!
  6. Apathetic but still a dumbass and watch the games. Although I will say that watching it live is no longer a priority. DVR all games and there were a few games that I only watched a half. First time ever as a Redskins fan. Oh yeah. **** you Dan and Bruce.
  7. I had no idea that Wade Phillips was also a comedian.
  8. KingGibbs

    The Official Maryland Terrapins Thread

    That was the best game from a Terps big man I've seen in YEARS.
  9. KingGibbs

    Woman new to NFL reacts to Sean Taylor video

    Damn she's fine and now I'm in the mood for a piece of chocolate.
  10. I love it! Like I've said before. Apathy has set in for Redskins fans. Only the delusional remain hopeful. As long as that prick owns the team there is no hope. There is no light at the end of the tunnel. We've just entered that tunnel.
  11. KingGibbs

    Pathetic crowds at home opener

    if you go to FedEx as a Redskins fan you are part of the problem with the lack of culture change. Showing up at FedEx Field is not sending a message to Danny boy.
  12. KingGibbs

    The Redskins are the < fill in the blank > of the NFL

    the teamed owned by the biggest, little piece of **** owner....
  13. KingGibbs

    The Season WILL Begin Anew Next August

    Rinse. Wash. Repeat.