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  1. If by better, you mean that the MLS doesn't suck now, it just blows, I agree. There have been times back in the day when watching MLS you could equate the quality of it to the WNBA.
  2. I'm surprised no one posted Ray Charles song Hit The Road Jack. Hmm what does Andray Bleh err Blatche, Brendan Haywood, Rashard Lewis and Gilbert Arenas have in common besides having been Wizards?
  3. Yeah 2nd rounders are sooo useless for our All star loaded, playoff bound team, that its okay to draft another Euro stiff. Oh wait.
  4. It is a waste of a pick but expected. There was no way Ernie could screw up the 3rd pick as he did with the 6th pick last year so most of us were joking that he would grab the latest blue eyed, jump shot challenged Euro in the 2nd round and gasp he did. It's a waste because when 2014 comes around we will still be a lottery team but hopefully with a credible GM running things and purging the failed projects ---------- Post added June-28th-2012 at 11:19 PM ---------- There are second rounders in this draft that are better than last years 6th rounder, have more commitment than Andrea Blatche
  5. If you don't buy health insurance you get penalize thru the IRS. If you don't pay the fines, can they garnish your wages? Can they freeze your accounts or assets, or put you in jail for not paying? Currently the answer is no. White people should cry foul and use the race card since they are going to help pay for Obamacare when they use tanning booths.
  6. It seems like only yesterday that real men and some liberals would feel shame to be on welfare, move back in with their mommy and daddy, and look to government to take care of their wants at other peoples expense. My heart goes out to the Dora the Explorer generation, because the current entitlement culture (that has infected the left) which embraces the recent huge expansion of big government is going to leave them with a massive debt to deal with.
  7. Aren't illegal Aliens driving without insurance in Texas and Arizona? Now when illegal uninsured drivers get into multiple DUI accidents there, what do the authorities do? It's a no no to ask for papers such as license and registration from those who don't habla, right? Heck whats to stop illegals from benefiting from Obamacare at the expense of legal taxpayers?
  8. Yes and unless its repealed, this is going to be the largest Tax hike ever in the USA.
  9. I'm hoping for MKG. Or Barnes who we could play at SG. The length at the 2 and 3 spots on both ends of the courts as well as the athleticism could have us fighting for the 7th or 8th spot in a year.
  10. Considering the alleged delicacies and food source preferences in N.K., Sales in McDonalds over there may be Ruff
  11. The Muslim Brotherhood getting a significant amount of seats in Egypt must have really caught people by surprise. :doh:
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