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    Nazis showing up at places uninvited.

    I've always believed the world missed a great opportunity, immediately after 9/11, to wipe out every known terrorist organization possible. The KKK would have been on my list. Even today, I would have little issue with luring them to a remote location, under the guise of receiving free "whatever", and killing every goddamn one of them. But that's me. I'm not one for dancing around the edges. to paraphrase Eula Goodnight, "A sharp knife cuts the fastest, and hurts the least." Of course, today, I'd have little issue treating Antifa, BLM, New Black Panther Party, or any other color/race specific hate group, with the same justice. No, they haven't been around as long. And no, they haven't committed all the types and numbers of crimes, yet. But, just as we'd all be better off had the KKK been wiped out in it's infancy, so would we be now, in stopping ANY such group of morons from gaining further support.
  2. Well, mainly because as long as Trump keeps getting things done, the country has a punchers chance of being great again. If the R's, and I's, like myself, ever started using the liberal tactics of riots, violence, and destruction, it would happen sooner, rather than later. But we don't throw temper tantrums, burn our own cities/businesses, harass people at dinner, demand the opposition be silent, require safe spaces, and ask other people to pay our way in life. Somebody has to at least act grown up. That'll never happen on the left. And, like I said, it won't be our side, the R's and I's that do it anyway. It will be libs hanging libs. I just want to watch, for the entertainment of it all. EDIT: Sorry Jumbo, didn't see your post until after posting my last one. I will cease.
  3. Eh, the MSM would have chewed him up and spit him out. If the loony left is successful in the midterms, and Trump is a 1 term deal, the R's are dead. If that happens, it will sadden me that I won't be around for when them D's turn on themselves, full time. The D's are about hate, fear, class warfare, racial divide, and destroying anyone, and anything in their path. If given complete control, their fate will be execution in the streets, by the very groups they create, and inspire. But, it might take 50-100yrs, so I'll miss the fun. Against Hillary in the 2008 primary? Sure. But not if he was white.
  4. I don't think there was a single Republican out there that would have beat Hillary. The press has effectively cut the balls off of every R presidential candidate since Bush was re-elected. Trump was the only one with a chance. It was a slim chance, but he pulled it off. Thank Buddha.
  5. A very reasonable stance. I just don't agree with all of it. Yes, he had successful campaigns under his belt. But against who? I doubt it was anybody with the political war machine of the Clintons. I think it's pretty obvious his color, while not the only thing he had going for him, was the overriding factor in his beating her. And that without it, his other assets would not have been enough.
  7. Never said a word about an odd name. But yes, I don't believe a white guy, with the same lack of any meaningful record, either politically, or privately, would have had any chance whatsoever of defeating the Clinton machine in the 2008 primary. No way, no how. Once Obama started gaining traction, the D's decided that having the 1st Black President, was bigger/better than having the 1st female president. (They were correct, too) So then, they bought Hillary off with a cabinet position she had no business ever getting. And the promise of their full support for her after Obama was out the door. As much as they hate her, the machine has too much dirt on the party for them to ever betray her.
  8. Considering how far in the tank the media was for her, yeah, it was an ass whoopin'. And without the guaranteed support from the Peoples Republic of California, the "popular vote" shriek is even more meaningless.
  9. Just trying to bring some of you back to reality. Y'all just keep up the name calling, insults, and stuff. It's all you've got.
  10. With all due respect, that's all meaningless drivel. Russian disinformation is no different than the disinformation spewed by both political party's. no one needed the Russians to tell them that Hillary was terrible candidate. Loathed by her own party, though they were obligated to support her after buying her off in 2008. And, as equally despicable as Trump. She got her ass kicked by a completely unqualified Obama in 2008, (because of his race). So, getting her ass kicked again in 2016 is no surprise, at all. Except to the media who did everything in their power to get her elected. Of all the people I know who voted for Trump, not one of them was accompanied to the polls by a Russian. It's one of the wildest comedies ever pushed by the left.
  11. There was no interference (that mattered) because no votes were changed. And yes, I can turn off the light and get in bed before the room gets dark. Fast! But you keep playing message board shenanigans. Because independent thinking, common sense, and realism doesn't seem to be your forte.
  12. Well, of course you would. You must be choosing to believe every "boogeyman" thrown at Trump, while wishing to silence any challenge to them. That's a pure lefty tactic. They want everyone, and anyone who doesn't worship at their altar, to be silenced, drawn, and quartered. Luckily, there are two sides to a coin.
  13. Rosenstein said it. And he seems to want it to have, as much as any lefty alive.
  14. And not a one of them said it influenced any election result. In fact, to date, they've said it had no effect. Your opinion of me, and 25 cents, will by you a nickel, and two dimes.
  15. No, they don't. Except in the land of Unicorns. The only collusion during the election was Hillary and the DNC paying foreign Russian agents for Fairy Dust to throw on Trump. And the concerted effort to destroy Crazy Bernie. For the record, when I voted, there was no Russian present.
  16. To the first part, EG, nobody saw Trump winning the primary. Then, right up until election night, there were still plenty of "experts" predicting a Hillary landslide. (BTW, For those of us dreading that thought, re-watching videos of the MSM meltdown on election night is almost as good as porn) I also remember in 2004, the narrative was that the D's were fired up to get revenge for the absurd notion that Bush stole the previous election. That didn't work out too well for them then, either. So then, only a fool would believe there's "no chance" of a blue wave. On the other hand, it would be equally foolish to dismiss the possibility of a red wave. If there is a blue wave, Trump will definitely be given the blame. Establishment R's are just a hair shy of the D's, when it comes to TDS.
  17. Well, it also says a lot that since 2008, the D's have lost, what, over 1,000 seats nationwide (National/State/Local) And, as long as the left keeps hysterically shriekin', the 2018 midterms will go against the grain, gaining seats for the R's in both the Senate, and the House. That's not supposed to happen. But neither was Trump winning the primaries. Then, the Presidency. The left has cried wolf, too loud, and too long. They are the reason Trump was elected. If the keep it up, they will be the reason the midterms go in favor of the R's. And in that scenario, Trump is a lock for 2020. So, please, let the left keep being who they are. Without. Just like last time.
  18. Yeah, looks like the only thing worse than being an R, is being a priest. Probably safe to say this involves R's, D's, I's, current, and former priests. Would be beyond ignorant to think it's confined to one party.
  19. "This president actually wants to prove something to our community, our faith-based community and our ethnic community. The last president didn’t feel like he had to. He got a pass," added Scott. "This is probably going to be... the most pro-black president I’ve seen in my lifetime."
  20. Maybe it'll kick in once the Wall is complete?
  21. There are so many erroneous reports about Trump supporters, that later turned out false. This was just another. There's plenty of real stuff. There's no need to make up more. But, that's the lefty way. Destroy anyone, and anything that doesn't bow to their ideology. This thread only proves that. Somebody has the nerve to disagree, so the mob jumps into action. Reminds me of a bunch of Chihuahua's, barking at the big dogs walking by, from the protection of their fenced yard. Then grouping up and sniffin' each others butts in congratulations because they sure "showed him." Sorry to have invaded your safe spaces. Please, continue the circle jerk. Uncle Ax, signing off. Under his own terms.
  22. Whatever. I also heard the local radio reports claiming there was unverified reports about the maga hat. The media was praying it was true.
  23. Just like every other law, criminals would just ignore this one too. Registration solves nothing