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  1. l’ve been saying this for years, get Synder to move the team. Best way to do this, DO NOT ALLOW VA, DC, & MD to fund a nickel for a new stadium.
  2. That's the story, I think Synder has has avoided. He's an enabler of toxic culture, why wasn't Synder setting the example of the workplace culture? 15 women signed NDA's, why is Danny shutting them up? (more than likely this culture lasted for years) Why not release them from their NDA's? Is Synder telling us he didn't know?
  3. Unfortunately, this story will die tomorrow. News dies on Friday, the media will be on to something else.
  4. I bet it was cowboy fans that added all the "paying the refs" and "Prostitution" to the game of telephone.
  5. Omg, I can see Synder using this to deflect, "My name has been dragged through the mud!", " I took appropriate action, etc" and keep t he team. Bank it.
  6. We haven't seen anything as of yet that points to Synder. As other have brought up, Jones and Kraft are still owners.
  7. Well, WR’s definitely went around Josh Norman, hopefully Metro took away his annoying PSA inside of the metro cars. Reminds me too much of WR’s going around him.
  8. Social media clout is more important these days. Just wait till they ban tick tock, people will lose their minds.