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  1. I'm so sick of click bait titles that say, "Here's why."
  2. Looks like the Texans get their wish to keep him, I doubt any teams want him now with the civil cases out in the open.
  3. Wouldn't be surprised if our GM and RR looked at these stats and is playing the Moneyball game of heavy stats. Also, I think that they looked at the QB landscape and cost to draft up and or land a Watson type and thought it wasn't worth the cost. Kind of surprised they did make a run at Mariota, maybe he's not available? With Taylor and Fitz gone, I would imagine it lowers Mariota's value?
  4. It makes our nearly $40 million in cap space look worthless.
  5. Ugh, it’s sucks being a Maryland fan watching a 2nd year coach steamroll and sweep us. It hurts even more we lost to a guy who didn’t start coaching until 2 years ago. It’s obvious what’s going on here with Turgeon, everyone in the room knows the school doesn’t have the money to dump him so they’re keeping him around until his contract ends. At this point, I’d be okay with them giving the job to Brenda Frese, what do they have to lose? If Howard can can grab a #1 seed with only two years coaching experience, I’m sure Brenda can too.
  6. Yeah, I don't see Watson moving or WFT making a big splash at QB. If I'm not mistaken, the cap drops from $198 million in 2020 to $182.5 million in 2021. That's nearly 20 million and we just franchise tagged Scherff for $18 million. That leaves us around 20 million in cap space?
  7. Where has that gotten Minnesota? Second, Dak is a better QB who doesn't have meltdowns.
  8. That might be true, but a lot of teams are in the same boat. Heck, the Dolphins look like they want to dump Tua and he was the 5th pick in the NFL draft a year ago! Getting a franchise qb in the draft is trial/error and some luck.
  9. Can he run? That's all that matters in todays NFL. The throws will come when you can run for 1st downs.
  10. That draft was stacked, but every team needs a QB today and the importance has only increased every year. I can see less of these trades to move up because so many teams want to draft a QB high (meaning teams staying put in the top 10).
  11. I think the raiders is a piece of misinformation to drum up more teams involved. Why the heck would we want to go to the Raiders? Their defense is horrific.
  12. Looks like more draft noise, there was some noise with Mac Jones yesterday. Petty much every top QB this draft has had a an article written they aee the great qb ever coming out of college.
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