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  1. I don't get why we keeping signing these high price defensive players, NONE of them pan out; Stubblefield, Archuleta, Haynesworth, Collins, Norman, etc. I'm sick of these bums coming here for a payday. Defense, unlike offense needs to work as a unit, one player clearly doesn't make a difference.
  2. That monstrosity of a contract makes that hard.
  3. Is Chase Young regressing? Have teams figured him out? The amount of data and scouting teams have is nuts now.
  4. This team has so many holes, we’re going to need multiple drafts and FA’s to fix the issues. Now that Collins didn’t work out, it’s even more holes.
  5. Yeah, that’s true (we should have lost to them). But, it obvious jets are tanking.
  6. Too be fair, Haskins would have never been able to throw that end zone fade.
  7. Exactly, when you can’t move in the pocket or run with your feet, all your deficiencies show. This his why Haskins was DOA when he came to the NFL, if you can’t extend plays you won’t be in the league long. Even Allen can occasionally extend plays. I don’t think there’s much of market for Stafford, what has he done????
  8. Omg, if we gave up a pick for Stanford I would puke.
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