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  1. Too be fair once Brady is out of league, EVERY franchise SB winning QB is going to be making 15-20% of the cap. The question is which teams manage the rest of the cap better by draft and when to let talent go.
  2. It’s bizarre we are not a top destination now with out D and upgrades on offense. I guess our reputation is holding us back?
  3. I call BS and misdirection, why would he want to go to LV? He’ll be would be playing from behind with how terrible the LV D is.
  4. Lol, all the hats on the table.
  5. We almost beat the SB champs in the playoffs…
  6. As of right now Heinicke, Allen, Fitz are better. Field’s hasn’t even played a down yet. All we need is competent QB play; anything is better than Haskins and Smith.
  7. They’ll mess it up, just like the Jets and Wilson.
  8. Big haul for not even a top ten pick. The value of a QB keeps going up every year…
  9. Lol, ABC showed a INT by Lance in the highlights.
  10. Plus, every draft has a handful of bust QB’s. Factoring in the Jets…So yeah, Wilson is screwed, but the Jets still got a decent haul for trading Darnold.
  11. Does every draft class historically have at least a few QB’s that stay in the league for a while? I get it not every draft is as stacked as this one, but every draft has a few QB’s that are respectable and not terrible like Haskins .
  12. I'm so sick of click bait titles that say, "Here's why."
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