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  1. EVERYONE is looking for a franchise QB, DUH! or basically you lose your job.
  2. JuJu Smith-Schuster Denies Report He Wants To Play In Larger Market ( to build his brand) https://steelersdepot.com/2021/01/juju-smith-schuster-denies-report-he-wants-to-play-in-larger-market/ If this is true, pass.
  3. I agree, but reality is the QB touches the ball every play, the position is just too important.
  4. I bet a bidding war opens up, and for a guy who was studying for college finals and hadn't started a game in years could be making starter money...unbelievable. Just shows you how ridiculous the QB position has gotten.
  5. There’s no QB out there in FA with mobility that’s an upgrade over Taylor. I doubt a trade happens either because any QB worth anything won’t be available via trade - Everyone needs to stop the Watson talk.
  6. Haskins got in better shape the offseason, only problem is he was just terrible to begin with. At least Taylor can play.
  7. We don’t need to give up a fortune for Dax or Watson, we have a QB already here.
  8. He’s clearly getting pushed to the outside of the pocket EVERY play. It’s obvious it’s Tampa’s game plan.
  9. He needs to get under the left tackle, he’s getting pushed to the outside of the pocket EVERY play.
  10. Bucs defense looks gassed. When you run the ball (this case we have a mobile QB), it’s breaks down defenses.
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