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  1. Great read thanks for writing that up. Here's to more great years to come
  2. So anybody know where I can get an authentic or premier jersey for cheap. As long as it looks good I don't really care if its a knock off. I just want stiched numbers.
  3. Well just in case anybody was wondering I'm gonna wear my ST21 jersey tonight. I only break out for special occasions (though I don't think that it will be that special).
  4. That would be cool. I don't see it happening but it would be sweet. I just hope we don't come out of the tunnel in burgundy on burgundy :doh: At least our throwbacks are cool and don't look retarded like the AFL throwbacks that those teams are wearing :puke:
  5. The only reason we are even having a discussion about signing him is because he is Santana's little brother, it is not because of his play or what he brings to the team. Santana is a great player, Sinorice not so much.
  6. It makes scence but I just don't see Vinny being that clever.
  7. They actually didn't black mine out last year. I'm hoping that they don't again this year.
  8. I'm just crossing my fingers that my comcast affiliate doesn't blackout CSN and show a beyond the glory marathon.
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