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  • 4 weeks later...

Sooooo Conor McGregor just improved his record against civilians to 2-0-1. (Machine Gun Kelly was ruled a draw.) 





I'm sure we're all aware of the recent Jon Jones arrest for battering his fiancee. 



These are easily the two highest money-making fighters in UFC history. They're also the two fighters in MMA history that I've never rooted for a single time. I felt their narcissism and their sociopathy from the very first time I saw them speak into a microphone. I admittedly also saw their talent. I've had a healthy hatred for both personalities throughout their careers and have endured watching them both beat up my "preferred fighters" for many years. 


Jones is without a doubt the GOAT, regardless of the positive drug tests, which many will point to when they rate him in all-time status. I personally think that 90% of the fighters on any roster are using PEDs so I can't personally factor that into Bones' ranking among the greats. He destroys everyone and I even gave him wins in the close contests like Gus, Santos, and Reyes. He's incredible in the cage, no doubt. However, I just could not see how any fans at all could ever root for such an obviously "evil" person who punches down at everyone in life.


McGregor has gone full-on maniac, attacking anyone and everyone on the street who doesn't cater to his ego and saying things in the UFC press world or even in the octagon that make his mental issues very transparent. I suspect he's avoided a ton of bad press for things we don't even know about.


Can they BOTH be drug/alcohol-related problems? Maybe. Jones has admitted to being an irresponsible drinker. I don't expect Conor to ever "admit" anything without an arrest to expose any substance abuse we don't already have proof of. It's my opinion, though, that they are both simply garden variety sociopathic narcissists with no ability to feel empathy/sympathy for others. I also think they have both been rewarded with WAY too much money and fame to become aware of their startling immaturity and correct it.

It's a shame that so much talent can be accompanied by SUCH flawed personalities. I have to confess though- I'm having some serious schadenfreude right now as I watch them both spiral out of control of their personal lives. I've simply been a hater too long.


1. Would love to hear your takes on these two.


2. Are there any young fighters or current successful guys/ladies out there in MMA that you see following the same path and are already displaying the same traits?



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Chimaev continues to impress or in other words, dominate. I understand his competition has been underwhelming but no one has completely run through their opponents like him. When does he deserve a title shot? I'd say give him Burns then a crack at Usman if he keeps at this pace.

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All right 268 lets gooooo


I got Usman, Thug Rose, & Justin.


Colby switched camps and hasn't fought since switching camps.  Sometimes your first and even second fight with a new camp takes some time to really master the new things you've been learning. Colby might be hiding some crazy evolution of his game that will help him shock the world, but based on everything we know about the fighters going into the fight, .  It could go well early, until he gets cracked and suddenly your muscle memory reverts to your old self.  I think Usman fought Colby's style of fight the first time around and think he will come out looking to stay calm and let Colby come forward and ends up throwing  a big counter, followed up by more strikes and it could be goodnight.  Usman KO/TKO round 3.


Thug Rose is such an enigma.  She just has so much power in each individual strike.  It is hard to pin down any specific skillset she is elite at or even better than some of her opponents at, but she seems to be the master at following game plans and seeing them through and it does her well.   I actually think Esparza has a decent shot against Rose, assuming that fight is next, as it should be assuming Rose wins this one (IMO Esparza should have been the one fighting her Saturday to begin with).  Rose via UD


Justin vs. Chandler is a damn near toss up for me.  Either guy could put the other guy out and quick.  What a banger of an opener to the PPV, yeah?  I will go with Justin because I think he is a bit more diverse in his striking and Chandler is a little more battle worn, but really tough one to pick.  JG KO round 2

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UFC really has to get away from doing these automatic title shot rematches.  There is a time and place for them, but I think in these situations 11 of the 14 times the person who won the first fight, wins the rematch.


Both Champs didn't just beat, but finished their opponent in the first fight.  In Zhang's case there was little justification for an automatic rematch as there are other top ranked opponents waiting in the wings.  Esparza deserved this title shot and is actually more of a compelling opponent for Rose considering her grappling is superior and she already beat Rose once. 


In Colby's case, the dude hasn't done jack since losing to Usman the first time. He beat a dusted Woodley, and then sat out for a year, refusing to fight other contenders and just banked on the business side of the sport opening the door to a rematch.  Usman fought 3 times, looked better each time.  Colby, out a year, new training camp, should have been forced to at least fight another Top 5 guy in the division to earn a rematch.  Everyone keeps hyping him as "the 2nd best in the WW division" and while that might turn out to be true, how can they say that definitively when the guy has ZERO wins against Top 10 WW's?  I think Colby is really good, and will be a tough out for anyone, but when you look at his overall record, his losses to Usman are really his most impressive performances.  It seemed like he was super protected by Dana in order to make sure this rematch did the biggest business possible.


JG vs Chandler might be the FOTY with a month left to go in 2021.  I can't believe it went the distance with the way shots were landing for both fighters.  Simply an amazing scrap.  Whoever wins between Porier/ Olivera is going to have their hands full. 

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23 hours ago, NoCalMike said:

UFC really has to get away from doing these automatic title shot rematches.


On the contrary, Miocic to me is one who deserved an automatic title rematch, but didn't get one.

I don't get why he's suddenly so disrespected and treated as a scrub, after losing to Ngannou.

If you look at what he accomplished prior to that...


* He was the longest reigning HW Champ ever in the UFC.

* Immediately before Ngannou, he had just come of back-to-back KO's of Cormier, arguably one of the greatest P4P fighters ever ; Yes, Cormier may not have been the fighter he once was - but he was not that far removed from his dominating days, and was STILL a formidable fighter. Two KO's in a row against him is huge.

* He had already beaten AND dominated Ngannou in their first fight. So the matchup was still 1-1. Yet people act like Ngannou was 2-0 against him. If anyone deserved a rubber match, it's Miocic. Yes, Miocic was KO'd in the 2nd round. But that shouldn't disqualify him from a rematch.

No disrespect to Gane, but Miocic earned it, and it's Miocic who seems to be getting all the disrespect, with people acting like he has to climb all the way back up from the bottom.


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It's another reason that UFC rankings are a joke and they just rank whoever they want to be in a position for a title shot, accordingly.  Colby lost to Usman, was finished (granted, in a good close fight) and then beats Woodley, and somehow gets #1 contender rank again?  How is that  possible?  People still to this day don't realize he has zero wins over a Top 10 WW.  Now that isn't to say I don't think he can beat most of them, but how do you end up with 2 title shots never having beaten a ranked opponent?   And now Colby is calling out Masvidal, the same Masvidal he claims Usman was a chump for fighting because he isn't a true lightweight?  WTF is even going on here. 


Dana doesn't sound real keen on giving Esparza the title shot, claiming that she shouldn't sit out a fight offer to wait for title shot............Oh wait, you mean like Colby did for a year, and Jon Jones is now doing?  Dana is just so full of it and will say anything at any time despite contradicting his own actions. 

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6 hours ago, d0ublestr0ker0ll said:




Charles is a beast, so that wasn't surprising...but Amanda...


One of the all-time upsets right there.  Immediate rematch, obviously.

Apparently winning more than 12 straight is hard.  Rhonda Rousey lost after winning 12 in a row.  Nunes just did the same.  

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On 12/12/2021 at 11:45 AM, Destino said:

Apparently winning more than 12 straight is hard.  Rhonda Rousey lost after winning 12 in a row.  Nunes just did the same.  


Immediately after that fight, I assumed that Amanda has not been challenged beyond 1-2 rounds in a long time and that Pena's ground game wore her out early, thus the Nunes gas-out. I was wrong. Both Germaine De Randamie and Felicia Spencer made her work 5 rounds "recently." However, neither of those women made Amanda grapple for any length of time.


This is why I'm not sure the result was a fluke. Juliana earned that win just like she said she would- with will power and aggression. I'm still in shock. This was a "Buster Douglas" night for sure. It also makes me wonder if Kayla Harrison would absolutely ragdoll Nunes. 


Would love to see Valentina get in the mix with Pena. Val has more tools in her belt in the grappling department. I'm sure we'd have to wait for a Pena-Nunes rematch though. 


Looks like both Nunes and Poirier both came up short against grapplers.  


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1 hour ago, Malapropismic Depository said:

Who ya'll got for this weekend's banger ?

I got Gane.

I'm gonna go with superior technique, over-riding superior power.

And it will be a crime, if Miocic does not get the winner.




Same.  Gane widdles him down with technique and precision.  Francis will throw some smokers, but will whiff.

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4 hours ago, Malapropismic Depository said:


You think he finishes him ?

I see it goin 5 rounds, with both fighters fighting cautious enough to stay out of extreme harm's way, with Gane getting the UD.



Yeah, I think he does.  I see Francis shooting for a TD in RD 4 and getting pieced up.  Gane is so calm in there.  Like he's having fun.

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I fell asleep after the co-main, and woke up at the very end of the PPV...


Didn't see/hear a second of the main event.  😆


No offense to the fighters...but damn.  No hype.


UD Ngannou?  Wtf?  Ok.


Rogan asks about boxing as his last question.  Cringeworthy.


**** that.  Stipe, DC comed out of retirement, rematch Gane, ect.  **** this boxing ****.


And **** Jon Jones.  Piece of **** should be in prison.  I'm tired of hearing about him.

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On 1/23/2022 at 7:15 AM, d0ublestr0ker0ll said:

**** that.  Stipe, DC comed out of retirement, rematch Gane, ect. 



Have you seen DC lately ? He looks every bit of 300 pounds or more, and walks around really, really stiff.

Doesn't look like someone who can even make a comeback, as a UFC HW.


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