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Arlovski vs Silvia

Tito vs Shamrock

I think their are 9 fights, but these are the two main ones.

I think Silvia is too slow. He has heart and strength, but he's too slow.

Silvia got a little sloppy and started throwing bombs at will on Silvia. He barely missed one that would have ended the fight, at the same time he stepped into a counter punch.

I got Arlovski in this one, I expect him to come out with a lot of leg kicks, and dancing around a lot more.

I've got Tito for the other one.

Shamrock is over rated, he always has been.

He tried to say he beat Royce Gracie, but I watched that fight. And it was the most pathetic 40 minutes ever in the UFC.

But he has been working with Randy Cotour(sp?) and he looks pysically better than ever.

But in all of his interviews he sounds like a ***** saying things like "Well if he makes a mistake".

I think Tito comes out with a great stand up fight, and I think he turns his career around.

He has the ability to beat anyone, but he has to stop being "punchy".

The UFC and Pride are the best shows on TV just outside of the NFL.

Scratch that, just outside the Redskins winning season NFL.

If you haven't seen one of these in a long time, do so. The ground game is rare now. Even when it goes to the ground, more often than not, a fighter just stands up.

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i also think that arlovski and ortiz will take it. i have a feeling that the arlovski/silvia fight will be over quickly and that ortiz/shamrock will be a battle ending in the 2nd round. not placing any bets on these hunches, just what my gut is telling me (other than "feed me").

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Guest sith lord

This is probably the biggest UFC event to date. This isn't hype, Ortiz and Shamrock really can't stand one another. In the first match Ortiz beat Shamrock into a bloody pulp. I believe this one will be closer but I'm still picking Ortiz. Also, in the heavyweight title rubber match we have Tim Sylvia vs Andrei Arlovski which might be the best match on the card.

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Arlovski will not make the same mistake he made in the last fight. He hurt Sylvia and went for the kill getting caught by a lucky punch.

You know I used to think Ortiz was a bit too ****y but after watching Ultimate Fighter I really started liking the guy. He seems really genuine and Ken is just a shmuck. Tito will beat him to a pulp, again.

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I'll be downloading it later on tonight. More of a Pride guy but this should be intresting.

Where do you download it from?

Unfortunatley, I have basic cable without a cable box and Cox won't let me order it.

It really pisses me off. :mad:

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