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  1. My support of Belcher has nothing to do with twitter or anything else, my wife actually a friend of his wife so I started following him a long time ago. He's been as solid as anyone in the 185lb division and his only significant loss to Okami was questionable at best. He rolled with Palhares and ended up TKO'ing him. None of this has anything to do with twitter and OBTW, Bisping got one of the worst knockouts in UFC history! Belcher has been paying his dues for a while now, why let Boetsch, Bisping, Wiedman or Lombard jump to the front of the line?
  2. #belcher4champ is trending big time! I honestly don't see how anyone would pay to see Bisping get his ass kicked. I know he's put together some wins but he got ktfo! #belcher4champ
  3. No love for Belcher getting a shot at Silva? IMO the only person who should get a shot before Belcher is Henderson and only because, well, it's Dan Henderson. The only loss Belcher has had in the last couple years was Okami and IMO that was a bull**** decision. Give the talent his shot!!! As for the main event last night, what was up with Anderson holding onto the shorts? Everyone keeps talking about him stuffing the takedowns and having great defense, well yea, every time Chael tried to lift him Anderson was giving him a wedgie. How can the ref not see that? Only the best of the best should
  4. Wow, what a card last night! I barely have a voice left after screaming "FINISH HIM ALAN, FINISH HIM"!!!!! Belcher going to the ground and rolling with Palhares reminds me of GSP out wrestling Hughes. Anytime a fighter goes into the other guys strength and beats him, it says a lot about that fighter. Yes I'm a Belcher homer, my wife and his wife went to school together, but every fight he goes in to it seems like he's the under dog and he keeps finding a way to win. Hell of a fight Alan. Nate will wilt against the stronger 155's in the division. I honestly though Miller would do better again
  5. Even though I'm a pro weed kind of guy, if your employment depends on you not using it, then you shouldn't use it. Seriously Nick? You couldn't lay off the herb for 30 days prior to the fight? However, doesn't he have a legit perscription for it?
  6. Seems like everyone giving Diaz three rounds is totally ignoring the brutal leg kicks Condit was landing. We've all seen it time and time again, just how damaging leg kicks can be, Faber/Aldo, Machida/Rampage, the list goes on and on. Nick is a tough ****, no doubt, but as a judge you can't not count the leg kicks, especially when they're landing as hard as Condits. For every punch Nick was able to land, Condit landed two kicks, not to mention the strikes/counter strikes he landed as well. Everyone who thinks he should have just went in there and let Nick use his head for a speed bag just want
  7. Punches that don't do anything? Did you see Nicks face? Did you see how red his thigh was? LOL Again, must have watched a completely different fight, Nick didn't hurt Condit and and was out worked. And if you think those leg kicks shouldn't count, I might be crazy for thinking this because I don't know you, but I would bet you'd curl into the fetal position after just one of them. Lol...this definitely wasn't one of those fights where a fighter did more damage but lost the fight, Carlos simply outworked Nick and refused to fight his game. That equals smart, nothing more, nothing less. He neve
  8. Wow, sure is a lot of Condit hate on here. Come on 99 and Double, you guys are typically solid at calling a fight straight. I had it exactly like the judges, 49/46 Condit and I actually had Nick winning this fight. It's MMA fella's, you can't discount the leg kicks, kicks to the body and aggressivness. Nick stood around waiting to counter, he didn't use his jab as effectively as he usually does and Carlos did an excellent job throwing counters when Nick did connect. Not to mention the fact, when Nick seemed to get him where he wanted, Carlos simply circled out and regrouped, excellent gamepl
  9. Good place in DC to catch the fights tonight? In DC for the game and don't want to miss this card.
  10. Looked like an early stoppage to me too, sure he went limp for a second, but he recovered pretty damn quick. However, when he went to stand up, his legs were jello. That being said, Herb should have let the fight go after he stopped it and warned Dan about hitting in the back of the head.
  11. Anyone know where to stream tonights fight?
  12. Imagine if that was someone from the Diaz camp tapping and the ref not stopping it, there would have been a beatdown of epic proportions in the middle of the octagon. The ref would have been squashed!
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