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  1. Wow! Way to prove it, man. :thumbsup: I was trying to be nice about it and you took the drama queen outcome. Haha! Makes you look even worse. Attaboy! EDIT: Doesn't he sound like a 3rd grader saying, "Hey look! Teacher, cjcdaman is doing this!!!" haha
  2. Please someone tell me how to trim a gif file to 200kb or lower without ruining its quality?
  3. I'm 5'10" and 175 with a beer gut to die for. How you doin'?
  4. I love the Big Ten Channel! Sorry, Time Warner. You not only don't have NFL Ticket...you won't offer the Big Ten Channel. 3 years since and I have NO REGRETS!!! Not to mention coverage of big events like The Masters, US Open(Golf and Tennis), British Open, PGA Championship, etc. etc.
  5. Anyone else, and the fight is stopped in the first rd. What I did like is the "to become a champion, you have to beat the champion". Still, anyone else...that fight is stopped.
  6. Just saw Danny McBride from "Eastbound and Down" leaving the high school they filmed at for season 1!!!! They're filming a few scenes here for season 2, but the majority are filmed in Puerto Rico I think. My son waived at him and he waived back. Damn, I should have yelled, "Kenny!!!" and asked for a pic or something.
  7. When will racist rednecks get over the fact that they lost the war? Get over it!
  8. Sorry, man. I didn't mean to upset you. Thru convo's I've had with you and other people who have had convo's with you...you literally are like a female who "enjoys" football because it's popular. I'm sorry. You don't know what's going on. I respect you and look forward to more meaningful convo's about football. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/American_football
  9. You called it "kneel down". Shows what I need to know. No need to present to you my evidence because it involves knowledge of the game of football.
  10. [quote=ixcuincle;7600697 LSU lining up for a kneel down with 1 second left down 2 is one of the funniest things ever Ummmm, do you know what a kneel down is???????? They lined up for a spike. Honest coaching mistake. Yes, an OWNED vid, but nowhere near a debacle. Learn the game of football.
  11. MLSkins...who's the douchebag? Obama, or the guy who posed for the pic?
  12. That remote control one was hilarious!!!! Best part: I guess the Flyers scored. He yells,"Yesss!!!! WTF!!!!!!!!" as the TV turns off again.
  13. LOL! You could tell he, at the very least, threw up in his mouth a little.
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