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  1. First thing I thought of... The Asses of Columbia... http://www.vbs.tv/watch/the-vice-guide-to-sex/asses-of-the-caribbean :beatdeadhorse: Click around the site, especially the "guide to" shows. vbs.tv is awesome!
  2. It is brewed in the Czech Republic town of PILSEN. Urquell means "original source." Pilsner Urquell is the "original" pilsner. Must try, obviously.
  3. You know its football season when Sam Adams Octoberfest starts showing up in stores. Having one now... My favorite beer? Delirium Tremens from Huyghe Brewery /had a Bud today, not too bad. It had been a while.
  4. It usually helps to use a period or two. A full stop or period, also called a full point, is the punctuation mark commonly placed at the end of several different types of sentences in English and several other languages. A period consists of a small dot placed at the end of a line of text, thus: "." (sans quotes). en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Period_(punctuation)
  5. I totally forgot the UFC was tonight. Lots of good football on. SO glad Matt Hughes got beat. I hate that chump. Read sherdog.com just now. Did the groin kicks mess up Hughes, or did he use that as an excuse? He doesn't seem to be the most gracious
  6. When I saw the pre-match show on Spike, I was sort of worried about Penn not being in the best shape. He never looked "ripped" on the videos I saw. Living in Hawaii, going swimming, surfing...These MMA guys train like no other sport, and it sounds like he didn't put the work in. Disappointing.
  7. Hughes won in the 3rd, by referee stoppage. It said Hughes had Penn's arm trapped and was pounding him.
  8. That's what I want to know! Sounds like I almost got my wish.
  9. I hope Hughes gets his ass kicked. I just don't like that guy.
  10. Somebody made a lot of loot by betting against Jens...
  11. Anybody watching the UFC tonight? I can't seem to find any live results. Edit: Nevermind. Here's the link... http://www.sherdog.com/news/news.asp?n_id=5662
  12. This sounded like it was a pretty crummy PPV. The two main fights ended up in a premature stoppage and a snoozefest. What was the best fight of the night?
  13. Name Wanderlei Silva Nick Name The Axe Murderer Record 31 - 5 - 1 (Win - Loss - Draw) ( 1 NC ) Wins 21 (T)KOs (67.74%) 4 Submissions (12.90%) 6 Decisions (19.35%) Losses 2 (T)KOs (40.00%) 3 Decisions (60.00%) Association Chute Boxe Height 5'11 (180cm) Weight 199lbs (90kg) Style Muay Thai Birth Date 7/3/1976 City Curitiba Country Brazil Notable Loss: Tito Ortiz Decision (Unanimous) UFC 25-Ultimate Japan 3 4/14/2000 5 5:00 Will be one of those bragging rights matches for UFC vs. Pride. That will be a good one!
  14. Who was the ref? Couldn't have been McCarthy...
  15. Very premature stoppage? What does that mean? Anybody actually watching it?
  16. UFC 61 "Bitter Rivals" Play-by-Play http://www.sherdog.com/news/news.asp?n_id=4988
  17. Is this the reference to which you refer? WWE is definitely the worst. ECW has got to be better than that. TNA is kinda cool, but some of their heat might be beat down by the return of ECW.
  18. Gotcha, although I still don't see a picture. I thought you were making a comment about my girlfriend! :laugh:
  19. Was trying to resize the pic while uploading it. That never works. What does "Heres my attention whore dog" mean?
  20. Thought I'd add my ugly mug on here. (Might not be worth clicking on.) The lady on my left is my girlfriend. She's a Democrat, too. (Public defender in the Juvenile Courts.) This pic was from Ocean City, MD last summer.
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