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  1. lesnar with the wwe intro -- light show, rock tunes, stern face...
  2. having trouble with the feed too i think lesnar/mir is on deck...
  3. r5 corner wants jab and movement, if alves comes then take him down gsp is hurt; groin pull
  4. gsp up, then takes down alves less than a minute left in the round
  5. alves reverses, now on top gsp butterfly guard
  6. r4 more of the same takedown gsp, alves just trying to survive gsp may be looking for a submission hold
  7. a better round for alves, but gsp still in control round doesnt end well for alves with a knockdown and all out assault by gsp
  8. gsp has a great corner r3 alves shakes off one takedown, but finds himself on the mat again
  9. alves finally on his feet as r2 ends. another round for gsp
  10. r2 gsp with the take down again alves now bleeding from the nose as well...
  11. alves attacks, but gsp shoots and takes him down again. gsp draws first blood; alves left eye(?) end of r1...
  12. gsp now on alves' back, but alves escapes and back on their feet
  13. r1 gsp with the take down relatively easily now working gut and head
  14. gsp has entered the ring this should be a good one!
  15. feed is back!... alves prepping to enter the octagon, cut up and doesn't look 170 lbs
  16. hendo admits the last shot was to shut bisping up. anderson silva next??? hendo heading to the brew pub now if anyone wants a beer...
  17. bisping is finally awake and on his feet; asking what happened...
  18. replay shows connection right on the chin followed by a bomb to the nose
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