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  1. inject this into my veins... please, danny, sell the team!!! (the Washington Primes ain't too bad if Bezos buys the franchise.)
  2. this echoes my views almost perfectly. Well said VoR... (def a beer over a donut, thanks)
  3. For me, it would be leaving the city. If the Redskins (name intact) left DC and moved out of the area... say, wilmington NC, i'd be done. i doubt i'd find a new team and would just be a fan for the local team geographically. that's how i do all of my other sports, save the Premier League. i was a padres fan in san diego, a phillies fan in philly, and a nats fan in the DMV. if another team moves into DC or the general area (like, say, the ravens), i ain't switching allegiance. that's just me, and i don't mind when others do things differently (though i do give my uncle a ton of crap for switching from the skins to the ravens... his only saving grace is that he was a colts fan and then transferred to the skins when the colts bolted).
  4. my bad. 2 decades instead of 3 (we've just sucked for almost 30 years). still plenty of time. ... and true. doesn't mean that it shouldn't have been happening and that if it had, we may be in a stronger position today. i would love to keep the Redskins name. people legitimately think it is a racist term-- i disagree, but i've been reading the research people here have uncovered over the last 20 years. instead of crafting the narrative that the Redskins org actually cares about native americans and leading efforts to help (not just with $$$ but with sweat equity, organizational priorities, etc), snyder has the rep (well earned) of being someone who only loves his money. so now, he could give billions to NA efforts and it would be seen as a self-serving action. all water under the bridge and theoretical, but maybe 2 decades of work within the NA community and the education of the general public would have had an effect. maybe not. i do agree that it's nice (and surprising, honestly) that danny has been quiet with his philanthropy. as it should be.
  5. that may or may not be true (i honestly don't know or don't remember), but with snyder supposedly being a marketing genius, he's totally screwed the pooch here. EVERYONE should know that the Redskins org is the leader on NA issues. There should be a massive tribute or something to NA culture/history at FedEx. He's had damned near 30 years to craft the team narrative such that this wouldn't be happening today. sadly, the narrative he's cultivated for the team has been quite different and negative (not towards NA's, but the bumbling billionaire that ruins all he touches).
  6. yes and no. history is written by the victors. i don't know how old you are, but i sure as hell grew up thinking that columbus landed to a big old welcome from the native americans. Now Cortez was a cold-hearted **** that murdered the Azetecs but Columbus was a kindly explorer. while history is history, the history that is told and taught isn't absolute truth and is very susceptible to the mores and attitudes of the authors. and if history IS absolute, then US/NA history is absolutely awful. and sure, we can honor native american traditions. as long as you think they're the cool traditions. i doubt native americans worry about being erased from pop culture... how could they possibly stand not seeing themselves in spaghetti westerns, caricatures selling cigars outside drug stores, chasing Bugs Bunny around the TV? Pop culture... popular culture... is largely that of those with societal power, and the more marginalized a group is (and you can't get much more marginalized in the US than native americans), the less their portrayal in pop culture will be accurate or meaningful. i'm sure that native american tribes would be much happier if they received more general support so that they could thrive and preserve the aspects of their heritage that they hold as most meaningful and sacred. just sayin. i'm out. no one is suddenly see their bias from reading stuff on a football message board (and i don't mean that as a snide comment about you specifically at all).
  7. the history of america and native americans ain't a good thing from the native POV. WE-- i.e. non-natives-- have romanticized the wild west. thinking that the native americans WANT or NEED us white folk to preserve their tradition for them is very patronizing.
  8. i think the fact that we have to have nuanced arguments and heavily researched etymology to defend the Redskins name says enough for me. I've been a name defender forever, but it's time for change. i do think it would be different if the team had been worth a crap for the last three decades; fighting to keep the name at this point is just a fight for nostalgia. i'm not proud to be a Redskins fan (if people ask, I say it with a shrug and a joke about it proving my loyalty), and if the name offends people (correctly or incorrectly), then all the more reason to change. if it's going to happen, let's fully correct this thing and NOT keep a connection to native name/imagery. i think 50% of the outrage is the name Redskins and the other 50% is cultural appropriation/native americans not wanting to be a mascot, no matter how nobly presented or revered. if we go warriors, go military.
  9. I thought that piece was well-written (i guess, not so surprisingly), and JK's position seems reasonable to me. Maybe there's something i'm missing? ... and cancel culture is what it is. you can share your opinion, but there can be consequences. I don't share much on social media that i'm not 100% on. if i get doxxed/fired/whatever for supporting gay rights, women's rights, BLM, so be it. i believe in that stuff enough to take any hits that happen.
  10. that pic and the other i've seen on social media just seemed too damned convenient.
  11. my family was going to see it in london at the end of the month. that trip, and show, ain't happening. bummer.
  12. i think the hitler/bible pics (this one and others i've seen) are photoshopped. i did a quick google search of "hitler bible photo" and came up empty. not that trump isn't acting like a fascist dictator.