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  1. that's bull crap that NBC is running it at the same time as the original debate was scheduled. let him have his town hall if he wants one, but NOT during a competing time slot.
  2. just typing that must have been hard, @techboy...
  3. added: Irish team over 17 (W) Alabama 2nd half -10.5 (W) 6-3 for the day
  4. good drink planning, but what about the science experiment?
  5. what could go wrong? PB, please do this like most parents these days, and don't let your kid anywhere near the science fair project. let him watch from next door.
  6. this is a stupid exercise, but here's what i think the supreme court should look like: 10 justices: 5 nominated by R leadership, 5 nominated by D leadership (all confirmed by Senate as usual) 9 justices are "sitting" justices with one in reserve. Which ever party holds the Exec branch, the other party hold a 5-4 majority on the SC... with the "reserve" justice on the bench until a presidential election causes a party change in the White House. Appointments are still for life (or not... whatever), but the balance of the court pivots with elections to maintain appropr
  7. got the heat last night have this today: Texas ML (L) UNC -3 (W) Georgia Team Over 27.5 (W) Iowa St -10 (W) BC +6.5 (W) UMiami +15
  8. just got a trade offer: I'd get Connor (RB, Pitt) I'd give Kupp (WR, LAR) Seems like a no brainer to me. Again, standard scoring, non-ppr. I'd then maybe be able to package connor or singletary with another WR to get a top tier WR. Thoughts?
  9. maybe the fact that the economy apparently needs them to work in order to properly function is a sign that teachers aren't, in fact, overpaid for 10 months of work (mid-August to mid-June. also, $100k teachers aren't the norm; those would be teachers in wealthy districts at the end of their career and at the top of their pay scale. just sayin'
  10. I have kupp and parker in now with singletary in for rb/wr.
  11. Not sure what to do here... other than try to trade some of my players to upgrade. I have a logjam at WR that's tough to pick on a weekly basis. Here's the roster (12 team, non-ppr, standard scoring): QB: Ryan RB: Zeke, Carson, Singletary, M. Brown, N. Harris, WR: Godwin (inj), Kupp, D.Parker, W.Fuller, DJ Moore, B.Aiyuk TE: Henry Zeke and Carson are weekly locks. Godwin hadn't done much before getting hurt. so, basically, I need to pick three from: Singletary, Brown, Harris, Kupp, Parker, Fuller, Moore, Aiyuk and/or I
  12. ended up taking Lions -2.5, Colts -7.5, and Saints -3.5. Also took Chelsea -0.5 in tomorrow's game.
  13. what's a solid online book to use?
  14. i don't see it with ox, sadly. he was on a tear when he got hurt, but he hasn't been the same. keita has shown maddening flashes, but needs to stay healthy and be consistently great. minamino did look like he was starting to get more comfortable with what klopp is asking him to do. i agree, though, one more creative force in the midfield to help break down sides that are bunkering is needed, regardless if it comes from last year's bench stepping up or a signing. fun to have leeds back in the premier league. that's your team, right? or is that someone else?
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