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  1. Of course. Which is why I said, "not the PRIMARY factor..." The fall is going to look very different in schools. Teachers will be vaccinated. HS student will largely be vaccinated (if they want to be/are worried about it); heck, MS students too with the progress suspected by the CDC. We're learning more about how this spreads (or doesn't) in schools, and in three months, the atmosphere will be totally different. Granted a rogue Indian strain could make that "totally different" worse than what the trends now would predict, but looking ahead, I think we'll generally be full ste
  2. Plus, studies are showing that social distancing indoors is not the primary factor in preventing covid spread. https://www.washingtonpost.com/health/2021/04/27/mit-study-indoor-transmission-airborne/
  3. Yeah, we're waiting for the season to run. We can't do weekly episodes anymore. Hardest thing is keeping your head in the sand and not hearing/seeing spoilers.
  4. Yes, forgot that aspect. Absolutely.
  5. I'm far from an expert on this and the fan outrage. If were the annual top 3 (meaning they'd change each year), then it's not that much different than the current CL... only even LESS predictable than the current CL format. The owners of the breakaway club wanted to create a predictable annual winfall. The "Big6" owners in England don't like the chances that their team will be one of the two (or more) that miss out on the CL money. Businessmen want predictable and sustainable profits. Plus, this would have also given them a bigger slice of the pie. Why are fans ag
  6. Well, that went smoothly. Good on the fans, supporter unions, players, and coaches for getting the ESL thrown in the trash where it belongs. Gonna take a while (if ever) for the owners of those clubs to win back the fans. Especially, the LFC fans. FSG took a good thing and straight ****ed it all up for themselves. If Klopp is smart, he's banging the table for a massive transfer war chest. FSG almost has to say yes to try to distract the fans with new shiny players and (hopefully) hardware. Amazing really how they've ****ed this up. Went from "saving" the club fin
  7. Honest question: can the Democratic party afford to lose talent from congress? Is Dept of Labor a step up for Bernie?
  8. did they bounce bc of politics? i thought about making a bob seger appreciation thread to see if that drew preditco out...
  9. I've been nicely satisfied with Mr. Mercedes on Pea**** as a "side show." My wife and I LOVED Ted Lasso (Apple TV, but worth it... re-upped for seasons 2 and 3, so maybe wait for season 2? It's good, though, and totally worth the month's fee). We also got into Yellowstone... watched on Pea**** but it's on network TV I think. I'm in on The Boys and would recommend that. We're clipping through Schitt's Creek now... take's a bit to get to know the characters, but good after that (maybe 2-3 episodes). By the way, thank you to all of you that throw stuff onto this thread... it
  10. It is SO telling that the rest of the world is so happy for the US. I follow a fair amount of Brits bc of soccer, and a lot were watching and commenting on Joe's speech.
  11. Mayor Pete crushes Fox every time he's on. He's been Biden's best offensive player.
  12. that's bull crap that NBC is running it at the same time as the original debate was scheduled. let him have his town hall if he wants one, but NOT during a competing time slot.
  13. added: Irish team over 17 (W) Alabama 2nd half -10.5 (W) 6-3 for the day
  14. good drink planning, but what about the science experiment?
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