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  1. dchogs

    Fantasy Football 2019

    12 team draft. non-PPR. 1QB, 2RB, 2WR, 1 RB/WR, 1 TE, D, K. QB: Newton RB: McCaffery, Carson, Murray, R.Jones WR: K.Allen, Cooks, Lockett, Jeffrey, Pettis, Wilson TE: Reed, Waller K; Tucker Philly Thoughts?
  2. Anyone watch Letterkenny on Hulu? Loved it. Took an episode to get on the "inside" of the jokes, but man it's funny. The dialogue can be fast... watched some episodes with subtitles.
  3. dchogs

    ES Soccer Thread

    what a ****ing day! not the prettiest of wins, but pretty don't count for anything. six time champions liverpool!!!
  4. it is one of my guilty pleasures, but i did have to adjust to the campiness for the first couple of episodes. season 4 is great, though it ends in such a way that it could work either as a series finale or just a season finale.
  5. dchogs

    ES Soccer Thread

    no stroke. forums don't do a great job of picking up mood. i'm more incredulously disappointed than frustrated or angry. it's amazing how things went down this season, but it's a bummer that liverpool ended up on the wrong side of the point difference. sure, a draw is closer to a loss than a win points-wise... never argued differently. but to cherry pick two draws-- in derby matches-- to judge, isn't quite fair. granted those were the only impactful roles everton or man united could have in this season against the top sides. the leicester and west ham games were much more winable, especially with leicester at anfield, given the more pedestrian emotions of those games. everton and man u are always going to play liverpool tough-- doesn't matter who's top of the league and who's mid-table/bottom. that, to me, argues against your statement that they "were there for the taking." also, timing-wise, that was still while ole was enjoying his run of good form. would maybe have been a different game if liverpool had played them at the end of the season like city. i threw man u's point totals in there because they've won the premier league more than any other team. it just underlines how crazy this season was that 97 points-- a total that would have won 25 out of 27 PL seasons. i also included them because you did... didn't make sense to include the ev, as they haven't won the league. anyway, carry on. i just didn't want you worried about me stroking out or crying in a corner.
  6. dchogs

    ES Soccer Thread

    what does that mean? do you think those two draws are a better representation of how close the race was? you think that's a better sign of how close the race was than a ball being 11mm away from drawing a game between the two front runners (that would have resulted in a 3 pt swing in liverpool's favor)? or did you just want to rub salt in the wound that liverpool drew against their two biggest rivals? okay, sure, have it your way. yes, if liverpool had won any one of our 7 draws this year, liverpool would have won. to me, drawing against leicester and west ham are less excusable than everton or united. if city hadn't lost to chelsea or leicester, it wouldn't have been as close a race either. doesn't change the fact that liverpool scored more points this past season than manchester united did in any of it's league winning seasons. that those efforts earned liverpool 2nd place is remarkable. i'd say it's unlucky and unfortunate as a liverpool fan, and you can say that points don't matter only winning, and we'd both be right. it was still a remarkable race that went to the wire, and i'm glad it was liverpool that was doing the pushing rather than any other team.
  7. dchogs

    ES Soccer Thread

    hell of a season. proud of the way liverpool fought and pushed city to the very last moments. tip of the hat to city. they had to go on a 14 game winning streak in the best and most balanced league in the world to score the second highest point total in premier league history to beat their challengers by a single point. that's tough sledding and a ton of pressure to be perfect. and perfect they were. that the january match at the etihad was 11mm away from being a tie is a perfect representation of how close this entire race was. it sure was fun to be a part of, and as much as i would have love to see the trophy in red, there will be tons of great memories to be had from the 18-19 season. on to madrid, boys! heads held high... there's a trophy to win!
  8. dchogs

    ES Soccer Thread

    Oh, to be in Liverpool tonight. What a game. What a night. What a team. YNWA
  9. dchogs

    Game of Thrones Season 8

    it can't be dragon eggs... it took her three dragons a long time to grow up. i bet there's some way that she can reanimate petrified/hibernating dragons that they find at Dragonstone or something. a bunch of baby dragons ain't helping without a crazy (even by GOT standards) unrealistic time warp.
  10. dchogs

    Tesla Model 3 Release

    wow. sweet... if i wasn't getting pummeled by college tuition, i would jump.
  11. dchogs

    Tesla Model 3 Release

    what's the wait time these days?
  12. dchogs

    ES Soccer Thread

    gotta tip your cap to both barca and liverpool. liverpool played a hell of a game, and the score doesn't tell the tale of the game, which was much closer. barca had two great goals (i just knew messi was going to hit that top left corner) and one lucky/unlucky bounce off the crossbar. sadio, milner, and salah all missed goals that they'd hit 9 times out of 10. just one of those nights on a soccer pitch. tough sledding for the tie at anfield, but i trust the supporters to have that ol' place rockin and the players to give their all. on to newcastle. an early red goal would do wonders for my blood pressure...
  13. dchogs

    ES Soccer Thread

    God bless those 96 souls that went out to watch some footie and didn’t come home. May they always be remembered.
  14. In separate, but related news: https://www.cnbc.com/2019/04/07/harvards-freshman-class-is-more-than-one-third-legacy.html 36% legacy is massive and massively unfair. Hoarding privilege.
  15. lower classes as in the 99%. or even the 99.9%. i've edited that to make it more clear what i meant. slumming it at hopkins is/was very tongue in cheek.