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  1. dchogs

    ES Soccer Thread

    something needs to be changed for sure. i'd also add in the reminder that the offsides should give advantage to be called. granted that adds in more grey areas, but some of these calls are howlers.
  2. this might be heresy, but Highlander was cheesy when it was running for real. Still fun. I think the sidekick died recently...
  3. dchogs

    ES Soccer Thread

    oof... matip, lovren, and fabino looked rusty as hell. needed a first team player to step up and lead the kids, but no one did. if divock wants to push for more PL playing time/starts, he needs to dominate a league 1 side. adrian saved liverpool's tournament today. some great saves. shewsbury deserved to win that.
  4. dchogs

    ES Soccer Thread

    wow... big match there. didn't watch and looking forward to the highlights
  5. 42/52... didn't know the internet people or the random politicians (I recognized some but didn't know names).
  6. dchogs

    Fantasy Football 2019

    just lost in the semi's to jared cook, phillip lindsay, and lamar. losing carson mid-game and another lockett no-show didn't help things. top 4 aint too bad though... gets me out of the entry fee for next year.
  7. dchogs

    ES Soccer Thread

    And now Milner? Doubling down on the good news... Milly's such an important utility player for the Reds.
  8. dchogs

    ES Soccer Thread

    Great news to wake up to! Klopp and LFC seem to be made for each other, and I’m beyond excited that he’s around through 2024.
  9. dchogs

    ES Soccer Thread

    was super bummed to not be able to watch yesterday, but couldn't believe my eyes as i kept updating the boxscore and had the score seemingly increase each time.
  10. dchogs

    Fantasy Football 2019

    alrighty... i'm in a weird spot with QB and need some advice. i drafted cam newton late and have been streaming QB as best as i can. i have phillip rivers providing uninspiring point totals, but he's the best of a bad bunch. i'm finally pulling the plug on cam (waited too long, i know) and am not enamored of brisset, esp if he's banged up. so, who do i want as QB2 (or really QB2b to rivers' QB2a): mayfield tannehill daniel jones rudolph k.allen trubisky none are a pretty option, but who's the best of the bunch to pair with rivers? mayfield has MIA on river's bye week and plays cincy twice and arizona once, so i was leaning his way, but the browns are a dumpster fire.
  11. dchogs

    The Impeachment Thread

    i want these ****ers out of office, and at the time, i wanted whatever the best thing was strategically to make that happen. if, for example, impeaching trump and having him leave office had pence running as the incumbent and someone more palatable to the republicans that are turning away from trump.
  12. Late to this thread... this is my first time in the Stadium in years. I'm here because the state of the team is such that I was thinking about things from a 30,000 ft level. This thread fits that bill. A brief, but related, departure. In the summer of 2012, I choose to start following the Premier League... English soccer for the uninitiated. Looking for a team, I wanted something similar to the Redskins: historically great, recently struggling, passionate fanbase, blue collar. With some research, Liverpool fit that bill. The winningest side, pre-Premier League era (read: TV money... similar to pre-free agency and the Skins), they hadn't won the league since 89-90 and had failed to reach top 4 in 3-4 years. They had just hired Brendan Rodgers, an affable and technical coach that was in over his head at the helm of such a global club with big aspirations. He was popular with the players, and almost caught lightning in a bottle in one crazy season that had them fall short of winning the league in the last games. He lasted another season and was then fired midway through the 2015 season. Meanwhile, the ownership group, the same that own the Boston Red Sox, were making structural changes to their organizational operations. Two key factors: 1) creating a clear operational structure that focuses on collaboration and 2) using a Moneyball/statistical approach to bringing in players. With the more recent run of bad form, Liverpool did not have the money to compete with the new big boys of the Premier League... they had to be smarter and more efficient in who they brought in. While there were years of tinkering to get the system "right," they finally landed in a sweet spot. They use a team of PhD's to analyze factors that make players fit into the system preferred by the coach, they use traditional "eyeball" information/metrics to support their statistical findings, they have a backroom that is in sync with what is best for the team, and they are unwilling to "make a splash" for the sake of making a splash. If a target is not available or too expensive for their valuations, they move on or wait until the timing is right. When Brandon Rodgers was fired, there was only one coach that captured the imagination of the club and it's fans... Jurgen Klopp. A player's coach with exceedingly high standards of character, discipline, and fitness, he struggled with the initial group of players brought in under Rodgers. The team finished 8th... middle of the road. The next two seasons... 4th. Better, not where Liverpool should be, but moving in the right direction with positive signs. Finally, 2.6 seasons after his hire, LIverpool fell just one point short of winning the league to a team that was historic in their own winning that season. Liverpool would have won any other Premier League season except two based on their point total. To salve any sting from coming so close, they did win the Champions League... the penultimate competition of soccer. What does that mean for the Redskins and how I would change things? 1. I would separate business and team operations. Fire Bruce Allen, who has mucked up both sides of the house, and hire intelligent, outside-the-box thinkers to be COO and GM. 2. Allow the GM to complete a comprehensive search for a new visionary head coach. This may be a two step process that requires an initial coach to bring the Redskins from laughing stock to average/respectable followed by a new coach to inspire the leap from good to great/generational. 3. Invest in back office support for the team. There's no salary cap here, so blow it out. Get a room full of quants that are measuring everything possible to find inefficiencies in the system so that the Redskins can find gems in free agency and the draft. These gems will not be gems for every team, but they fit what the Redskins' coaches need for their system. Invest in the best training staff (ugh, too many injuries over the last years), chefs, therapists, strength coaches, etc that money can buy. Invest in the best practice facilities, the highest quality recovery facilities, and the most state-of-the-art preparation practices imaginable. Make Redskins Park the most cutting edge football facility in the world, and hire a team of people to constantly be pushing the envelope with new ideas. 4. Create a culture of collaboration, support, and trust. This ain't 1980's Wallstreet where you pit your best employees against each other to bring out the best in them. Unite the moving pieces so that they are moving in unison towards a beautiful common goal. Getting everyone on the same page and supporting each other as you grow into the dynamic force you want to be is maybe the hardest step. You have to have a team of highly motivated, goal-driven, exacting, egoless leaders that get along and have a similar vision, such that they can compromise and move forward under the uniting direction of the TEAM. 5. Have patience. Let the stew simmer and embrace the complexities. At the same time, don't be afraid to make necessary changes when you have to or the opportunity arises to switch to a generational coach.
  13. dchogs

    Fantasy Football 2019

    12 team draft. non-PPR. 1QB, 2RB, 2WR, 1 RB/WR, 1 TE, D, K. QB: Newton RB: McCaffery, Carson, Murray, R.Jones WR: K.Allen, Cooks, Lockett, Jeffrey, Pettis, Wilson TE: Reed, Waller K; Tucker Philly Thoughts?
  14. Anyone watch Letterkenny on Hulu? Loved it. Took an episode to get on the "inside" of the jokes, but man it's funny. The dialogue can be fast... watched some episodes with subtitles.
  15. dchogs

    ES Soccer Thread

    what a ****ing day! not the prettiest of wins, but pretty don't count for anything. six time champions liverpool!!!