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  1. dchogs

    ES Soccer Thread

    God bless those 96 souls that went out to watch some footie and didn’t come home. May they always be remembered.
  2. In separate, but related news: https://www.cnbc.com/2019/04/07/harvards-freshman-class-is-more-than-one-third-legacy.html 36% legacy is massive and massively unfair. Hoarding privilege.
  3. lower classes as in the 99%. or even the 99.9%. i've edited that to make it more clear what i meant. slumming it at hopkins is/was very tongue in cheek.
  4. I agree. but... what advantages do our kids have within the system? is it their fault? For example, who gets into ASF University? 1) Excellent student (3.9 GPA), strong recommendations, good athlete, solid SAT scores (1400), great extr -curriculars. 2) Good student (3.6GPA), solid recommendations, solid SAT scores (1300), average recs and extra curriculars oh, #2 can pay the full $60,000/yr tuition and #1 can only pay $10,000. The fact is that the average upper income american HS graduate (whom are primarily white) has an admission advantage over the average low income american HS graduate (whom are predominately minority). even if it is $20,000 vs $10,000 or $10,000 vs. $5,000, there is a substantial effect. FULL STOP Your son, and my kids, both benefit from an inherently classist (and therefore also racist) system. Students who's families can afford full tuition are more likely to be accepted to schools than those from lower income families. A kid in my son's class got into Harvard with SUBSTANTIALLY lower SAT, GPA, and extracurriculars. His family is full pay, we are not (he didn't apply to Harvard, but was denied at Yale and wait listed at Brown. He's currently slumming it at Hopkins). While Harvard is an exception, most colleges need tuition dollars to meet budget needs. Is this current outrage wrong? absolutely. but as long as colleges have to remain competitive and make budget, money will be a factor. It is an ugly truth, but it's one that regular folks should get used to.
  5. Interesting videos @BenningRoadSkin. I found this quote interesting: "The people with the most to lose from change cannot be put in charge of reforming the status quo." Man. That applies to so much in the US/world. Politics, health care, financial industry, education, etc. Maybe it's a function of Americans growing up with a national mythology that places wealth, power, and fame as the measures of success, but the rich have absolutely rigged the system so that they stay rich and stay in power. That being said, I don't think the American dream is unobtainable for the middle and lower classes. There just isn't any margin for error (or sickness, or financial disaster, or act of god, or...). The middle and lower classes can absolutely rise up, but if they push all in and lose, they're out. The rich can just buy another stake in the game and keep playing.
  6. dchogs

    Tax Bill

    getting crushed this year. while our AGI went up, our total tax WAY up.
  7. dchogs

    ES Soccer Thread

    Reds looking increasingly nervous, though it was a derby where tensions are elevated. Just didn't have that settled approach to possession or attack like was had vs. watford-- a side at a similar spot on the table as the Ev. Hopefully with 5 of 9 remaining at home and 7 of 9 against bottom 14 teams (with both of the remaining top 6 games at home), the nerves will calm a bit. Need that creative spark to break down the buses that will inevitably be parked. Far to pedestrian today... too content in the attacking third and too passive in the defending third (more the 2nd half). The Reds had their chances and were, by far, the more deserving team of a win, but just not clinical enough with the few chances they generated. Milner and Firmino did not look good during the time they had. Bobby's been off his game, and Milner shouldn't be more than a squad player in the midfield at this point. On you reds! 27 left to get!
  8. damn, that was an age ago, but you're absolutely correct. fun times! hope you're well, amigo!
  9. DH in the hizzy! Mr. Robot's first season was awesome. Haven't jumped into the 2nd season yet.
  10. dchogs

    ES Soccer Thread

    I've always wondered about the more common take about needing to score at home and/or drawing away. Homefield adv aside, it makes the most sense to score away and take that tactical advantage into a home game than to tie and then risk conceding at home. Or pushing too hard for a goal at home, conceding a counter, and then needing to win by 1+ on the road. it seems like the numbers would line up for bunkering at home, getting the draw, and then only needing to nick a goal away to get through. Am I missing something (again, other than the home atmosphere)?
  11. dchogs

    ES Soccer Thread

    could do without matip providing cover for milner on the right. a glaring opportunity for the cherries attack. need to get these injuries sorted asap.
  12. wasn't that stephen colbert's whole shtick? he just didn't go full r-word (that's republican).
  13. dchogs

    ES Soccer Thread

    oh, the energy and pace of the game was totally evident on tv-- probably not the same as in person, but it was awesome, just the same. i was bummed to have the reds lose, but not crushed or angry like some reds on twitter are. folks are acting like 'pool is looking up at city with an 8 pt gap. i guarantee that ANY of them would have been thrilled with liverpool being top of the table by 4 pts one game into the 2nd half of the season (with that game being against the main challengers). for the game itself, trent was really running hot or cold. some terrible touches and mistakes, but some sublime flank switches-- one to set up bobby's goal. he should get a second assist on that goal like in hockey. i thought the game fairly reffed (in that there were some bad calls both ways). terribly unlucky sequence at 20 min: 1) sadio hitting the post 2) stones clearing the ball by 1.1cm and 3) not having that clear bounce off a charging salah, who was all but in the goal himself (and was caught like a tuna in the nets after). a great save on salah's near miss in the 2nd half too. playing either of these teams is like juggling a powder keg... one slight mistake, misstep, or bad angle, and it can all blow up in your face. the sane, sterling, aguero combo is a dangerous one, and the only one in the league that could challenge mane, firminio, salah for potency. gonna be a fun back half of the season. let's go reds!
  14. dchogs

    Let's brag about our kids thread

    Family shot from last Thanksgiving. Son on pace to graduate a semester early as a double major at Hopkins (thank god!); hair is purple now and has been just about every color of the rainbow. Daughter accepted into 8/8 colleges so far and weighing her options (casting a wide net encompassing financial impact, major, location, opportunity to play sports... in that order for me, not her). Part luck, part consistent parenting, but we've got some ****ing awesome kids. Best part: empty nest soon, and off the payroll in 4 years. Love 'em but looking forward to them thriving in their own adventures. Short time!
  15. dchogs

    2018 Fantasy Football

    an embarrassment of riches in the RB department after weeks of picking up waiver wire targets to take them from the other teams. Who to play in the semi-finals (save the week 17 finals questions... not my call)-- 3 from the following: Gordon v Baltimore- great defense against the run, but a stud RB Carson v KC-- run heavy team vs. a traditionally run-weak team (though they stepped up last week) Cook @ Det-- team recommitted to the run vs. a team in free fall Mack v NYG-- hot RB vs an up and (largely) down defense Williams @ Sea-- sharing snaps potentially and vs. a solid defense Cooks (WR) @ ARI-- boom or bust, who has been largely bust lately at teams focus on limiting big plays with the LAR (Listed in order of my preference ATM) Save me Extremeskins. You're my only hope.