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  1. Bump. I have a new car, a 2010 Honda Insight. I got an email from the dealership telling me that maintenance was due at 4000 miles, but the manual says maintenance isn't due until the light comes on. The Insight has a "Multi Information Display" that displays oil life and will light up when it reaches something like 15%. I believe it won't tell you to change the oil until 7500 miles. So which is it? I've always been in a car where the recommended oil change was every 3000-5000 miles. Every 7500mi seems high, but since this is a hybrid and a new car, maybe its a little different to what I
  2. So question... was "paloffs" coined here? by who and where? I searched the board and the earliest was "paloffs is now" thread from 2005. Is that all there is too it? really?
  3. I would love to see a predominately black jersey with burgundy/red numbers and gold accents. Would've been awesome if the skins came out in black this past sunday.
  4. It has been posted. Many times. But thanks for reminding us . and to answer your question: Gold helmets with the red scripted R
  5. My first thought was carbon monoxide... But I haven't read much about it. RIP Benoit family. I haven't watched this stuff for many years, but I remember this guy.
  6. OPTIMISM welfare check came in bye wal-mart, hello Target! things are looking good
  7. Oh, trust me. When I have no school, I usually call it a night around 3-4. If I don't have school for a LONG time, I end up staying up til 5 or so. However, I have to commute an hour to campus every day, so...its kinda nice to be able to be awake when operating that automobile thing.
  8. I need to sleep. I have a homework assignment due by Sunday night. Its halfway done, but I'll have to finish it tommorow. Freakin' programming course... I'm headed to Dayton, OH this weekend (friday & saturday...but leave thursday night to get to my ride in Pittsburgh, hence why I won't have time to take care of it til then.). I'll be seeing indoor marching percussion... a lot of stuff like this: http://youtube.com/watch?v=bXm5ZALFpOw&search=WGI%20X Goood stuff. check it out.
  9. recently? You're definitely a youngin'.
  10. i love me some signature action. yea...testing my sig. thats my random thought. Take that, rules!
  11. You still have those drums, jumbo?
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