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  1. The doc extensively covers the aftermath of Seth Rich's family, what they went through regarding how the right wing media tried to implicate him as a DNC leaker and not only covers Pizzagate (owner, employees, etc.) but shows the police video of the fruitcake getting arrested after going in with a rifle. It's an amazing film.
  2. Anybody else watch this? I just saw it yesterday. Wow...
  3. Great question. We may have lost too much ground already and it may even be the fault of our democrat govt leaders but... Take OUR flag to social media. Take it back by displaying it when promoting democratic values (or independent values.) Fly OUR flag at home. It may not even matter if you combine it with liberal talking points. Just fly it! If someone approaches you thinking you're a conservative, you tell them NO. I'm an american who thinks our president is a criminal. If you attend protests, bring the flag with you. Make sure people know you have values of compassion, civil rights, and PEACE and include the colors of OUR country. The time has come to make it known that WE'RE THE ACTUAL CONSTITUTIONAL AMERICANS.
  4. This is actually part of my point though. I'm sad and mad that the people you are hinting at are the ones who have basically adopted it for their own... and that people like you and I have allowed that to happen. They are the very LEAST among us who deserve to wave it and their enthusiasm for it have got people who truly believe in what it represents to subconsciously step away from it. I'm not for one second going to let that be the case for myself. I'm aware that some people have fallen under the impression that because many citizens of this nation now associate the flag with the ACTUAL America, which is indeed falling short of its ideals and this has always been the case. However, ideals are always sought, never fully achieved because of bad apples. We'll never, ever be able to live up to an ideal but I'll keep proudly displaying it and I hate the fact that those who stray farthest from it have essentially stolen the colors. I wish more democrats weren't asleep at the wheel on this topic... or even avoiding the flag as to not be associated with the people who falsely fly it for their own misguided, selfish purposes. It's OURS and I say take it back. Force THEM to walk away from it.
  5. He loves the president more than any president in my lifetime.
  6. ^^^^^^^ @LD0506 I love that photo because it touches on a slightly different topic for me. Liberals and the American flag. I was on a Zoom meeting for work and my coworkers (most of whom lean liberal) could see an American flag hanging in my house. They started asking me why I had it. They all had a semi-sarcastic tone while asking. It reminded me of how democrats have willingly allowed republicans to monopolize the concept of being a "patriot." I love my country, I served my country. I'm more of a political centrist than my posting history would lead many on this site to believe but I basically consider myself a liberal. Why do I have to explain my flag??? It's a crying shame that liberals would assume I'm a republican (or worse, a Trumper) because I proudly display OUR colors. It's even more of a crying shame that this flag now only seems to represent one party and as this country's divide deepens, it is beginning to only represent the most extreme and ignorant section of that party. End rant.
  7. Me either. I don't mind it over there and I obviously love my Redskins but honestly... what's to say over there until the team starts having some winning seasons? I spent the previous 15 years there hoping/pretending we had a chance every season. I finally figured out that winning simply wasn't going to happen with our front office/coaching staff. I still watch all the games and spend time on the "Comcast" shows but I stopped paying attention to the Stadium forum somewhere around 2018. I respect our other members' input but I guess I ran out of things to say and got a little tired of seeing the same threads every year about a team that wasn't going to deliver.
  9. I think I remember some danger she was in that changed her mind... but these seasons are so far apart I can't remember details from one season to the next.
  10. The last 2 seasons have been weak IMHO but in general I love the show. Jessica Lange forever.
  11. Chachie

    Anything MMA, except thumb wrestling

    Never! Always 10 min before the event.
  12. Chachie

    Anything MMA, except thumb wrestling

    And this MMA crackhead will fork up the money.
  13. And if it turns out to be Biden in 2020, republicans will shriek about the deficit, the 1% tax break, tariffs, and children in cages at the border.
  14. These press releases about Grisham are getting her job title completely wrong. She was the White House representative to FOX News. I never saw or heard from her anywhere else. Ever.
  15. Democratic voters abandoned Bernie Sanders and immediately we get a public health crisis that corporations and the 1% are exploiting. Wow.