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  1. I think the easiest pick of the 3 title fights is Nunes but I can't shake this (probably foolish) notion that everybody loses at some point. Anderson has size and strength, which is something only Cyborg had going into her fight with Amanda. If... IF she shocks the universe by beating Nunes I think it would most likely come in the form of a decision via some good groundwork or maybe a submission. I'm obviously not "picking" Anderson here but jeez I just have to wonder if the ghost of Buster Douglas will somehow possess Megan Anderson on saturday night. Edit- Also, keep in mind tha
  2. I'm skeptical about the Eternals movie and I actually do NOT (yet) like the casting choices. I'm a hardcore traditionalist when it comes to my comics being turned into films and I plan to see it and make my decisions about it then, but leading up to the release I feel like they are already straying from canon. If any of you want to see how amazing the imagery was in this comic when it first came out , check out the Google search link below. Great stuff by artist Jack Kirby. https://www.google.com/search?q=jack+kirby+eternals&source=lnms&tbm=isch&sa=X
  3. You guys should check out the documentary After Truth. They focus a lot on these two guys.
  4. 5 weeks? Don't we have Jair Rosenstruik vs. Cyril Gane this saturday night?
  5. I browsed the article but did not see a distinction between actual intercourse and "sex with foreplay." I'm in my fifties now and if I don't achieve "the goal" within 10 minutes of intercourse, it's time to check whats on tv. However, foreplay can be a welcome longevity enhancer before the actual sex.
  6. Emotionally, I agree. Strategically though, the fighters are taught to keep fighting until the ref stops it. I was cringing as Derrick went in for those last punches though. It was obvious to all viewers that Curtis was dreaming for 1.5 seconds before he even fell.
  7. The republican senators are correct about one thing: This is a waste of time... because of republican senators.
  8. I can't even tell you how long it's been since I clicked on MTV. Has to be more than 20 years. Maybe 30+.
  9. Basically my sentiments. I want to add though, that they are nailing the style and presentation of these old shows and Ms. Olson is showing some serious acting chops.
  10. The GOP doesn't perceive itself in need of a fix. The wackier they get, the stronger they get. It's not about "do we make sense." It's about "Well the dems have all the compassionate, fiscally responsible, ecological votes. We have to amass everyone else." And it works.
  11. This also actually shows what a dim-witted sissy Ben is. He's equating zip ties with flex cuffs. Ben- Of COURSE (virtually) everyone owns zip ties. Wannabe Rambocops own flex cuffs.
  12. I voted for Jett. Also- My sister is the Animal Planet exec in charge of production of Puppy Bowl and Kitten Bowl. (Shameless bragging here.)
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