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  1. Chachie

    The Impeachment Thread

    I felt like the republicans, especially Gym Jordan, snuck in so many BS comments while questioning that a closing statement was totally necessary to counter their shenanigans.
  2. Chachie

    The Impeachment Thread

    Don't forget- He cheats.
  3. Chachie

    The Official Washington Wizards Thread: The JOHN WALL ERA

    This. The irony for me is that I love IT and I understand his legs are not what they were, but- playing strong defense has to start with the PG position. The on-court leader sets the tone. If he CAN'T play spot-on defense, who else (especially when we're so young) will follow suit? Still like watching these guys though.
  4. Chachie

    The Official "Marvel" Thread (Movies,Comics etc)

    Absolutely agree. That season of Jessica Jones was easily my fave season of all the Netflix Marvel shows. Then JJ season two came along and shat the bed. I never got past episode 3 of season 3.
  5. This entire country belongs in the ES Tailgate pwned thread.
  6. Chachie

    The Impeachment Thread

    This is the biggest revelation from today... and will be the most anticipated answer of his testimony. Will he deny the call ever happened? I think they actually did a good job TODAY of using smoke and mirrors to keep any republican citizen from changing their mind about this scandal and they succeeded in cementing the decision of any republican senator who might have changed their mind when the ball is in their court... but there's still a lot of testimony left.
  7. By then, the GOP senate will pass a "lifetime presidency" law or at the very least, Trump will get us into a hot war with Easter Island or find some other loophole extending his term limits. Joking/not joking.
  8. ...and the provisions set up to curtail the ability to get away with it are eroding at breakneck speed thanks to our republican Senate.
  9. Chachie

    Redskins Fan Revolt Thread

    I'm no longer passionate enough to revolt. Wake me when the team is sold. I'll be sleeping in the Tailgate.
  10. Chachie

    The Impeachment Thread

    At this point it's not alarming at all and that's on the House. Not a consequence to be found.
  11. I can blow off any single comment or even ignore a Trump rave for a few minutes but after repeatedly expressing that the discussion was going nowhere and still being hassled, I got angry. Not at the content of the conversation. I know he was batsh*t. It was the persistent effort to drag me into it. Srsly, F these people.
  12. It's a "Master Bait" shop, smarty-pants! I work at a video production studio in downtown DC. This guy is the house engineer. A crusty old ex-drug addict from rural WV but admittedly a smart dude who can get anything up and running. Great problem solver and usually a good person to be around. He actually flip-flops about Trump a lot but this was one of those days where he was on the Trump train and looking for people to piss off. Mission accomplished.
  13. Chachie

    The Impeachment Thread

    Of COURSE they'll pin it all on Rudy. One thing I have always repeated: If you get in bed with Trump on nefarious dealings, YOU are the only one going down in the long run- not Donnie T. Trump uses and discards those who are most willing to do his dirty work. He doesn't show loyalty for your loyalty. He doesn't follow you to court, he sends you to court. Why his allies have never woken up to this utterly repeated and transparent process is beyond all reason. They keep lining up to do his bidding and they keep paying direly for it. Dumbest bunch of cronies on the planet.
  14. One of my coworkers strolled into my office yesterday and out of nowhere just started singing Trump's praises to me. I had no idea why. He just began a conversation about all good things Trump. I pretended not to listen at first but when it reached about the 4 minute mark I simply replied, "There's no reason on Earth why you and I should have this conversation." It turned into a yelling match with me repeatedly saying that the discussion was a moot point and that neither of us would ever bend. I pleaded with him to stop the madness. He woke up with morning wood for Trump and brought it to me, knowing I'm not a supporter. It was basically a troll job because he must have been mad about something else and needed to transfer that anger to another person... an easy target. At some point he just kept repeating "but the economy and the coal jobs (he's from WV) and Obama was a liar and Ivanka is gorgeous she's a future president, etc etc." while I tried to ignore him until finally I had to physically get up and leave the room to avoid tackling this guy and pounding his face into the floor.