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  1. I don't have an NYT subscription so I wasn't able to verify but I think I saw this family on one of those Investigation Discovery type shows.
  2. It's called "projection" and it's been Trump's most often used and most successful tactic all along. I believe he got it from reading about Nazi propaganda... https://journals.sagepub.com/doi/abs/10.1177/01461672012711010 "In his analysis of Nazi propaganda, Ellis Freeman identified an influence tactic based on projection: accusing another person of the negative traits and behaviors that one possesses and exhibits with the goal of deflecting blame away from one’s own misdeeds and toward the accused. Although the use of projection as an influence tactic is not limited to fascis
  3. The solemnity and sadness are because NOTHING WILL HAPPEN.
  4. Honest-to-God answer: Sunday nights are always my "HBO lineup" nights. "Mare of Easttown" ended the previous week and HBO had not started a new season of any of their sunday night shows. I panicked and bought the dang thing.
  5. How did those of you who watched May vs Paul "score" the bout? I have to be honest... I gave it to Logan Paul. Floyd rocked Logan and Logan never rocked Floyd. In the clinches, Mayweather landed good body shots and I gave him rounds 3-5. That's about it. Rounds 1,2,6,7, and 8 were Paul landing a stiff jab and using his size to keep Money wrapped up. Standing by for the "you're crazy" and the "you don't know boxing" replies but I don't care. I saw what I saw.
  6. It's one thing for Trump to misuse the military while he's president. It's entirely another to oppose a now Biden-controlled military. I welcome this "coup" because it will definitely erase the MAGA/Q problem in short and immaculate order.
  7. My first "negative" (for lack of a better word) reaction to the Eternals trailer is that i did not see any of the Jack Kirby style machinery or cosmic scenery. Kirby was the artist who first drew the comic and the visuals were AMAZING. Huge, grand depictions of futuristic ships, machines, planetary landscapes, etc. that dominated the background of every panel. The Eternals was easily the most eye-pleasing comic book of the 60s and 70s, despite never taking off and becoming a Marvel big seller. I'm aware that teaser trailers are only a teaspoon of what's to come in the m
  8. I've only seen the first 2 episodes. I expected funnier but I think "good" is an apt description. They may have given it a little too much heart though. I'll continue on with it.
  9. It appeared last night as if Indy had spent all their offense on Charlotte in their play-in game. I hope we didn't do the same last night. Can't wait for Sunday and I'm very interested to see how our 3-headed center deals with Joel and Dwight. I've always been a bit of a Simmons hater so I'd love to see Brodie and Beal take him down a few pegs. Expecting to lose this series in 5 but would feel really good about next season if we even take 2 games.
  10. We beat them 3 times this season but I suspect it's REALLY hard to beat a team 4 times in a row.
  11. I'll keep saying it... There may be charges brought against trump or his family or even his businesses, but there will never be a major conviction and certainly not an imprisonment of a current or former POTUS or his immediate family. Ever.
  12. Thank you! How long has the new cat been there?
  13. I need some advice, friends... I have a 1 year old cat named Razzle. I'm crazy about him. I spend a lot of time at work so I recently acquired a female kitten so that he could have a companion. The kitten's name is Magic. She is from the same mother as Razzle but a different litter. So... Razzle absolutely HATES Magic. I'm well aware that these things take time and that it is not abnormal at all for a cat to be very territorial. I'm just wondering if any of you guys have been through a similar situation and may have some tips for getting Razzle to acclimate to a new arr
  14. I'll never forget that KO Barbosa put on Burgos on Saturday night. Edson's got a few legendary finishes on his resume now. Unreal how delayed that reaction was. I also was so happy for Charles Oliveira. I have been rooting for that kid from the start of his career. PS- Tony Ferguson might be done, but how many of you guys (like me) knew as soon as that heel hook was in that Tony would not submit? I actually said it out loud. "Tony won't tap." Great card.
  15. I'm cool with every single one of them fleeing to Switzerland. Today.
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