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  1. Unless Haskins gets hurt there's no way I bench him. This season should absolutely be about getting him every possession, every snap no matter how many games we lose. We finally have a coach that is willing to play it straight with us about a rebuild. No more propaganda about "We're going for Super Bowl or bust this year and every year." It was never a realistic scenario under a first or second year coaching staff and perhaps not even under any season with Gruden. Ron Rivera is basically telling us flat-out that this is a super young offense and we're not going to go far this season. Therefore
  2. Also- This "BLM is violence and hate speech" BS is absolutely a transparent ploy to express racism from a pretend position of victimhood. SO tired of people who have had the political/societal upper hand for the entire life of this country acting like they're victims of something. There have been obvious issues with police on people of color for decades (at least) and now that a movement like BLM has come about, the MAGA party has once again found a way to make this something they are "victims" of and it's disgusting.
  3. I thought he looked pretty darn good against Usman. He was going strike-for-strike with Kamaru and landing a lot of good shots. It was his stand up defense that failed him over time. I just hate his smug face and his MAGA BS.
  4. Dang. You're right. I was going by this ad I saw...
  5. So who you guys got this saturday? Adesanya showed me his true grit against Gastellum. I'm not sure Costa has shown me his yet. Israel gets him late in the 4th.
  6. I think we come back to Earth this week. Our defensive line will have more trouble wrangling Kyler than they did Carson. Our secondary will have more trouble wrangling Hopkins and Fitzgerald than they did the Eagles WRs. Our o-line will have more trouble with Cards defense than the banged-up Eagles defense. 24-13 Arizona. We have ONE elite talent on offense in McLaurin. Gotta keep that in mind against a healthy opponent.
  7. My notes from Game 1... 1. Our d-line is finally showing what we've been expecting from it for 3 seasons. 2. Dwayne Haskins is still raw as a mofo. This will be a frustrating season for the offense. 3. We no longer have a running back on the roster. 4. We do finally have a bona fide, legit coaching staff. The adjustments at half time were something we haven't seen since Gibbs 2.0. 5. Mid-way through the 2nd quarter, I had already called them the Redskins about 17 times so I just gave up and called them the Redskins for the rest of the game. I support the name c
  8. I see a 6-10 season where we go 2-6 our first eight games and 4-4 in the back stretch... assuming we stay healthy. My god, the injury bug over the past 5 seasons has been absolutely vicious in DC. Anyway, we are going to go through some serious growing pains early on. Were in a new scheme, were very young, and we are trying to overcome a ton of controversy. However, under a coach like Rivera we have a shot at making the league notice us in the 2nd half of the year. (IF we stay healthy.)
  9. No gear until a winning season is completed. No game tickets until a winning season is completed.
  10. Philthadelphia- 24 Washington- 16 We'll get one TD and 3 FGs. That TD might come from the defense. I should add that week one always brings some crazy upsets though, so we got that going for us.
  11. Mal- I do agree to some degree but personally would not use the phrase "giving up on that." IMHO, Rivera is doing exactly what needs to be done for the future. This means analyzing what we have, recognizing what we need, and taking the time to teach a young squad the effort and attributes that a consistent, balanced, effective team needs to be successful. There's nothing to give up on. there's something to build on. Every season the front office and coach blurts out that "Our mission is always playing for a Super Bowl. That's our goal." I heard it from Gruden and Alle
  12. I worked a gig shooting video of the stage and some crowd b-roll at the Howard University sneak preview of 21 Bridges. Pre-show and post-show Q&As with the producers, co-director, and Chadwick. The students were electric with inspiration and admiration. That theater was a special place that night. This man was already a legend.
  13. He's gotta beat Struve or I can't rank him.
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